Didn’t Get Much Sleep last Night – Another Death Of Another Hero

Spike Timmons was one of those guys that was incredibly easy to like. Once he got to know you, you were his friend, something that’s hard to find these days. The Trenches World Report was like a second home to Spike, he had many friends here, he loved every damn one of us, and he made that clear on a daily basis.

Spike was very lucky to find his Elizabeth, he loved her dearly. They made their home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Elizabeth put a huge smile on Spike’s face daily, these two made each other. I saw it firsthand as I was fortunate enough to meet them, and enjoy their awesome company a couple of times. They would pick me up at the truck stop and we would go to dinner. I really had a great time conversing with them and their family. I wish we could have met more.  

Spike was always proud of talking about how he met Mark Koernke, visiting him at his home and picnicking with Mark’s family, no doubt learning about the militia movement, I’m sure taking in every word as undoubtedly Mark was a father figure to Spike. The entire Koernke family was extremely close to Spike, especially Edward, I’m sure Ed Koernke is taking this death hard, as are all of us.

Henry and Laura, words cannot do justice, as I know what you’re going through right now, this was family. When you lose one as close as Spike, all we can do is grieve, which we all do differently in our own way. I know what you’re going through. Sometimes life is not fair, especially when you lose a brother such as Spike Timmons.

I just thought some words in Spike’s honor were in order, something with that I’m sure all here could agree. Now we have the next step, to honor Spike’s passing with our blessings and contributions to Spike’s family. From the bottom of all of our hearts, we say farewell my good friend and brother, it’s been an honor.

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  1. Thank you Mark for your heartfelt words. I listened to militia townhall meeting last night. They carried on magnificently through their grief. One of the things they spoke about was carrying on indianafreedomtalkradio. Ed stated he is currently in Michigan and had planned to make a surprise visit to Spike on his way back to Texas. So sad as we know that was not to be. I too did not get a restful sleep last night. So many thoughts about Liz, Spike’s sons, Henry and Laura and all of the trencher family that so loved Spike and thought of him as brother. I take some comfort in knowing Spike was loved by his Liz. Too many people slip through this life without that blessing. I am so glad you were able to meet Spike and Liz. Meeting Spike and Liz as well as Henry and Laura was/is a goal of mine. I have thoughts of all of us at the trenches holding a week long victory celebration after we kill/kick the commies out of here. It will be bittersweet but our fallen brothers will be with us in memoriam. Thanks again Mark. Love to all

    1. Hi Mary,

      Wasn’t easy sitting in Denny’s writing this, a couple tears rolling down. Was thinking about Spike last night as 80 MPH winds and snow were buffeting (I was parked) my rig, almost as though Spike was still fighting from above, it was a wild night.

    2. mary, Liz came up on quarter masters corner, last broadcast of the day. She also did a great job speaking, even though it was through tears and shaky voice. She sounds like a super nice woman. I admire her courage to have come up to speak with the people about her “best friend” of whom she lost.

  2. Hey Mark. Thank you for posting this. I didn’t know him well. You have filled in a couple of blanks.

  3. I personally wanted to meet him. Learn first hand about how he opperates. Come back home and hit the drown running much better than I am now. It is not going to happen it really hurts. Many of my closing statements end with stay safe. Please don’t take it lightly stay safe be alert and don’t take needless risk. Every passing day the risk out side are getting worse we need you alive. God bless you all.



  5. Very nice words Mark. I didn’t listen to Spike as often as I’d like to have, but when I did, he was always spot on and with the dogs, Liz and the vape smoking sounds he was real…!

    My fear is I will pass before we see this battle that’s coming start, I have very little expectations that I’ll survive the initial aspects of the beginning of it, but I pray lord allow us some retribution against the tyranny in our midst…!

    God bless all the real freedom lovers, past, present and future…and we pray for Spike and his family, I’ll contribute what I can as soon as the links are put up.


  6. Thank you, Mark, and thank you, Spike. The loss of good soldiers like this only adds heat to the fire that tempers our will and our steel.

  7. What a nice heartfelt tribute Mark, thank you and am sure it meant a lot to the readers and the family. God Bless and be safe. 🙂

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