Discover your 3 day WARNING before the Declaration of Martial Law | This MAY save your LIFE!

Published on Oct 5, 2013 by John Doe

Watch this Video to find out about the Declaration of Martial Law 3 days EARLIER.

If you or anyone you Love, have Homes in MAJOR cities ( New-York, Bostson, LA )

you MUST share this Video with them.

The City will be THE MOST dangerous place to be upon the declaration of Martial Law.

Once Martial LAW is declared, it will be too late for them to leave the cities.


OKAY, EVERYONE. Please understand the Title….

The Title says… “Your 3 day Warning”

….. however,

it DOES NOT SAY… “THIS is your 3 day Warning”

The Video explains that WHEN YOU SEE THE THINGS HAPPEN,

then the DAY that you see them, will be the day that you have THREE DAYS to prepare for the coming MARTIAL LAW.

I apologize for those of you who misunderstood the Title.

Please stop assuming that this Video was incorrect due to your misinterpretation.


9 thoughts on “Discover your 3 day WARNING before the Declaration of Martial Law | This MAY save your LIFE!

  1. “Please stop assuming that this Video was incorrect due to your misinterpretation.”

    What ‘misinterpretation’?

    You state that “Watch this Video to find out about the Declaration of Martial Law 3 days EARLIER.”

    Three days earlier mean that an event or this event happened 3 days prior, so who’s doing the ‘misinterpretation’?

    The Youtube site–posted below–that is hosting this video, with the name of ‘John Doe,’ is heavy into Christian mysticism, so are you an actual Christian, who believes in loving thy neighbor, feeding the hungry, tending to the sick and sheltering the homeless or do you just try and scare the hell out of people?

    I don’t consider myself a ‘Christian,’ but I do try and help people in need thru various ways. And I’ve read the Bible several times and don’t recall Christ scaring the hell out of people looking for help, or did I miss that Bible verse?

  2. I question Posel’s work.

    SGT states that Susanne Posel is moving mountains and everyone is picking up Susanne’s material. Yet her stuff is copyrighted and cannot be shared.

    I’m asking these questions, where is she getting the information she reports when no one else has it? And how did she become so popular so rapidly, who set her up on the internet and who is feeding her the information for everyone else to pick up?

    What is her real job?
    . . .

  3. When asked to clarify she says: “uh, um I, I-I, I just think that it’s possible that a scenario like this; I’m not saying this will happen…”

    Sooo informative. :/

    Interesting she brings up the Gold Dinar having been long since swept under the proverbial rug. The Gov will not let the Dollar crash until they desire it to crash. It will be no accident and there will be no limit on the bloodshed deemed acceptable to further it’s existence for a limited few.

    The interviewer saying we have a republic, lol!

    Excellent insight from people now long dead:

  4. Here is a link explaining one common sense method for eliminating the bankers stranglehold over the US & wiping out the national debt. Obviously this will never happen as Congress are merely pawns of the bankers (banking cartel or by any other name) which will never reduce the power of the bankers.

    This is a solid website unsuitable for viewing by close minded and or morons.
    This page is about the
    The Two Step Plan to National Economic Reform and Recovery

    1. Until the illegal and immoral FED is shut down and all the monies stolen by the private Rothschild banksters ‘clawed’ back and used to help he USA and Amercans, nothing will change.

      There’s no sane reason why Americans should be forced to pay those blood-suckers close to 450 BILLION a year in interest to borrow our OWN money.

      I’ve sent ‘Letters to the Editor’ to several national newspaper laying out this proposition in simple, non-threatening language a number of times, and those letters NEVER get printed.

      Gosh, I wonder why? 😉

  5. If Susanne Poseur has anything to do with this, then I ain’t holding my breath.

    I NEVER trust alt. media kings or queens who “suddenly” become popular and suddenly have loads of information. Someone is funding these folks…

  6. I only sent this to Henry because it made sense that this could be a possible scenario. It is good information to have in case this were to happen. Everyone has an oppinion of what will bring on martial law and this is a very possible scenario. No one is claiming this is going to happen. It is only another thing to watch for. We are watchmenn. 🙂

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