Distinguishing Parody From Reality Regarding Bloomberg’s Latest Jihad Against Gun Rights

BloomingIdiotPosterMoonbattery- by Dave Blount

Liberal authoritarianism has reached the point where it is no longer possible to distinguish between satire and reality. Take this graphic, ostensibly from a $50 million Michael Bloomberg campaign to deprive us of our natural right of self-defense:  


Are anti-gun weenies really so clueless as to think the entire cartridge comes out the end of the barrel? Nah, it must be a parody:

Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” roll-out has been a colossal failure, from the egotistical Bloomberg’s arrogant (and theologically-challenged) claim that he’s “earned” his way into Heaven for attempting to oppose the basic human right to self defense, to his social media director’s failure to secure the applicable Facebook pages, leading to dozens of obvious — and sometimes delightfully subtle — parody clones.

One of these mocking Facebook pages so successfully parodied the general ignorance of all things gun-related that they convinced a number of gun sites —Bearing Arms included — that the parody image above was real.

Then again, maybe the image is on the level:

Update: There is now speculation from some that the Everytown page that posted the image in question may be real, considering the content of the other posts on the page.

Anyone who thinks that liberals throwing tens of $millions around to suppress our right to own guns would have even a schoolboy’s understanding of how guns work hasn’t seen single-issue anti–Second Amendment congresscretin Carolyn McCarthy discussing the need to ban firearms that feature a “shoulder thing that goes up” or California State Senator Kevin de Leon raving about 30-magazine clips.

One thing I’m fairly sure of — this isn’t a legitimate Everytown graphic:



10 thoughts on “Distinguishing Parody From Reality Regarding Bloomberg’s Latest Jihad Against Gun Rights

    1. no — That’s a shotgun. He loads the entire rifle cartridge into a shot shell and then fires it out the barrel.

  1. wow — I guess a “30 magazine clip” would let me shoot 900 rounds, if I could lift the thing, and a “shoulder thing that goes up” would let me absorb the recoil with my chin, or forehead.

    Why aren’t these ingenious senators working for the gun industry?

  2. maybe thats how their definition of an “assault rifle” works..

    Fed gov, so hard to soar like an eagle when surrounded by pigeons

  3. Now the first that came to mind when this was “common core”. The reason was that since people like to hang out with others who are of the same general mindset this shows clearly the mindset behind those like to feed at the trough of taxpayer money. They are incapable of thought, maybe educated but not wise or informed, cowardly, treasonous, nosy, whining, control freaks with other less than savory attributes.
    But it shows they are clearly all in the same camp and think on the same level pre-k.

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