District officials: Pearland HS band members sent home after being sprayed by plane


PEARLAND, Texas —A pilot’s mistake caused more than 350 members of the Pearland High school marching band to be doused with pesticide.

According to the Pearland ISD, the band students were outside around 8 a.m. Thursday when the Brazoria County Mosquito Control District airplane flew over the school and sprayed the practice lot with pesticide.

The school called EMS and sent the students home. They were told to shower for 25 minutes, change clothes and wash all instruments.   

“It was pretty much right over us,” said Pearland band member Karleigh Fletcher. “I was just surprised, if it was really pesticide, why would they be doing it over 300 kids?”While there were no serious injuries, some students reported coughing, sneezing and rashes.

The Brazoria County Mosquito Control District says the pilot did not see the students.

The district claims the substance sprayed from the plane was a “low level” pesticide and isn’t harmful if washed off.

They say the pesticide can drift in the air for up to a half a mile.

Brazoria mosquito control plans to continue spraying Friday morning; Pearland High will move band practice inside.

“It was a freak accident,” said the school’s principal, Larry Berger. “They didn’t know we were here and we didn’t know they were coming.”


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