Do, Do, Do, Looking Out My Windshield


Made it to Seattle:


It just keeps getting better.  Maybe there are too many people. 🙂


Acres and acres of assholes.


Do you think I can squeeze through?



You guys didn’t really think I was going to spend my time in the city, did you?


Found the country on the other side of the city, and oh yes, there’s whiskey in the jaro. 🙂


43 thoughts on “Do, Do, Do, Looking Out My Windshield

  1. Is that Oregon Henry. It seems like it always rains in Ore. at least once a day doesn`t it?
    Yea, we are haveing thunderstorms right now here in Wi . too 😉

        1. I emailed it directly from, rather than a link. Maybe that’s why.
          No worries.
          Take a well deserved Break. 🙂

      1. Thanks for trying anyway Angel 😉 . Yep, it just now – it even stopped raining – got real quiet and still and kind of dark. Oh yea, ya can feel the pressure for sure.

          1. Enjoy the time brother. You have earned some R&R. We are doing the same thing next weekend. Dry camping in the woods with no cell service and no electricity. Can’t wait. I may try out my life straw.

          2. Beginning to think I should have hammered the jaro before I got into this traffic, like in the good ole days.

      1. Oh boy. I can about hear ya now. That kind of traffic always used to get me going.
        Be safe Brother eh.

  2. Gee…and I thought you were taking a Serene, RELAXING Vacation. LOL
    Looks like you’re headed into our next Tornado Warning area. Be careful out there. Try to relax and have some FUN. Y’all DESERVE it!

    1. This is relaxing compared to the daily grind. Got the stereo cranked and the insurance is paid up. LOL

      1. Hi Henry,

        Hope your relaxing a little.

        Hmmm,… if THAT is what you call “relaxing”!,.. you should move out here by New York,… you would be “RELAXED” ALL THE TIME!!!! (Hahahaha,….. enjoy brother!)

        Laura,… don’t let Henry get to loose on us,.. we’re going to need him back next week!

        Enjoy these moments when you can snatch a few,.. just never know when we are going to go from full tilt radio jocks,.. to full tilt fighting Americans! (Oh-Rah!)

        Your Brother and Fellow Patriot – John D,.. somewhere in Nazi-Jersey!

  3. That’s not very cheerful looking. 🙁

    Hope things improve soon for you and Laura, Henry. 🙂

  4. I wonder, I wonder??
    Do you suppose Henry pulled that(the image) for his
    ‘afternoon delight’
    upon especially,
    Well, Now….
    ‘what’s be doing around here’

  5. Hey Henry its raining here too. love to listen to the rain. You be a good boy while your gone. Well maybe part time good. love to you and yours brother. be well. 🙂

  6. actually Henry and Laura….
    have escaped to Hawaii….for some time on the beach….
    a decent place in a condo….and may be gone for
    more than a week….
    tis the latest I get!

  7. I am in northwest Oregon…got the rain also…but come Sunday we have ten days if not longer of great weather…I tell ya, I like change of seasons, but starting April and May I start going a bit crazy…Its like “I like the change of seasons but stop the rain now! “…Hurry up and change to summer! 🙂

  8. Doesn’t it rain 310 days out of the year in Seattle? I’d go crazy. Well, if you get lost, you can always ask Sean for directions. lol

    “Acres and acres of assholes”

    Bet you’re missing that small town feeling, right about now, eh Henry? 😉

    1. I don’t know, NC, if I step back and look at it, I guess I am one of them assholes. LOL

      1. The mark of you henry and laura is in the contemplative. On your part! Not in the mark of measurements via the moment of where the lance stands today….

    2. I lived near Seattle for a couple of years back in the 90’s. The locals said your weren’t a true local unless moss grew between yer toes. Needless to say I moved back to New England. 🙂

  9. lotsa rain in the northwest, but things are beautiful and green, and we dont have to be concerned about water, which is, as you know, important to sustain life.
    And, I sometimes wonder if they chemtrail in places that are very cloudy or raining? I dont know. Interesting thought tho. I will stick with northwest Oregon.
    Altho, I probably would not go another inch further north. This is enough.

  10. “Acres and acres of assholes.”

    What a bumper sticker!

    Ride a bear Henry. Enjoy.

  11. Glad to see you are getting some time off for yourselves. You deserve it! Send some of that rain down here to CA … we can use it. Be safe and enjoy your vacation.
    . . .

  12. This is great — I’m glad you got the hell out of Dodge for a while, Henry.

    Kick back, enjoy the great outdoors with a nice big bottle of Jack, and forget all about politics for a while. (it’ll still be here when you get back)

    Do your best to forget about the government, and enjoy your R&R.

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