Do Israeli Zionists Think The West Bank Is Already A Part Of ‘Sovereign Israel’?

Lataan – by Damian Lataan

According to a report in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald, Israeli Housing Minister, Yuri Ariel of the extreme right-wing Jewish Home Party, was quoted as saying with regards to the possibility of a settlement freeze during bilateral talks with Palestinians, ‘that he did not want to consider even a limited freeze’ adding: “It’s inappropriate for the Jewish people, for the land of Israel and for a sovereign state. We are in favour of building as much as possible.”  

Although he didn’t actually say it, Ariel got as close as one can to saying that the West Bank is a part of Israel without saying so explicitly.

Israel Katz, Israel’s Transport Minister and Likud Party member, also got close to saying it as well: “It would be immoral, un-Jewish and inhuman to freeze the lives of people and their children,” he told an Israeli radio audience.

It also seems Netanyahu himself let go a Freudian slip. He was reported by Greg Sheridan in The Australian as saying that the goals of the talks are about “Preventing a bi-national state . . . that would endanger the future of the Jewish state, and preventing the establishment of another Iranian-sponsored terrorist state within our borders.”

Within our borders? Whose borders?

3 thoughts on “Do Israeli Zionists Think The West Bank Is Already A Part Of ‘Sovereign Israel’?

  1. Israel uses West Bank water and is dependent on it. For me the whole peace talk charade is a joke because Israel is not going to give up one drop of the resources acquired and in fact hungers for more land from Lebanon and Syria. Israel has no established borders and doesn’t want to make a commitment to any line in the sand. So forget the best land, water, borders, or end of settlements. What exactly do they have to negotiate?

  2. The West Bank is just for starters. Those greedy, thieving Zionist scumbag pigs won’t be satisfied till they control every acre of land on the entire planet.

    ‘Glass ashtray’ is the best solution I’ve heard anyone come up with so far concerning Israhell.

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