40 thoughts on “DO NOT VOTE!

  1. I would be ASHAMED to be seen standing in line with the voting idiots.

    You’re displaying to the world your ignorance by believing that your vote for one puppet or another will have any effect on your life, or this country whatsoever.

    Go ahead. Line up at your local polling place. It has nothing to do with how this country is run, but it will show us who the idiots are in any given community.

    “But he said he was going to do all kinds of fabulous things for America”…… and you hear the same nonsense every four years, and you keep falling for it like a moron.

    The best America can be is written in the Bill of Rights. Let’s see that it’s enforced as absolute law, and then you can pick which president is likely to make it stay that way.

  2. Pessimists say that voting never changed anything. They are wrong. How else did Ovomit get into office?

    The plain truth is that the act of NOT voting by hard assed pessimists is the real thing that effects the change they DON’T and CAN’T abide with.

    Henry, I thought you were more astute than that. I guess I was wrong, again.


      1. Where does it leave my voting ass?
        Two steps above the “O” in OODA.
        While most people continue to whine, while observing and orienting, I am past that. I plan on deciding before acting. It has always worked for me and many others.
        True, acting is next. But a trigger once pulled cannot be unpulled.
        That, my friend, is the basics.
        Acting while half cocked is rather final. And usually fatal.

        Amos 5:
        15 Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph.

        1. To cooperate is to cooperate, to resist is to resist.
          We resist occupation and this is occupation.
          You are not voting for the Bill of Rights, you are voting to decide who will violate it in a corrupt election.

          1. Henry, I mean no disrespect, either to you personally nor anyone else on this board.
            However there is no need to organize a fight for the Bill Of Rights. That is the point that is misunderstood.

            The Bill of Rights merely lists those gifts given to us beforetime by God.

            They are individual rights and they cannot be taken away, just as they cannot be forced on anyone. They have to be given up by each person.
            I am with you in that I will not give up even one. It’s an individual choice, and yes many have given them up. Many have suffered death because of their beliefs either way.

            The problem with that is that one can not effect a forced change after that death. Even the flesh death of Jesus Christ did not do it. It is still an individual choice, and will be until the end. The best a person can hope for
            is to leave the mark of rebellion.

            But, remember it is God who gave those rights, along with the free will that comes with them. To force one to accept one’s belief under threat of harm is called slavery. Yes, we are there.

            Fortunately, slavery is still a free will choice at the present time. Most do not care, because of the offered lucre for accepting it.

            One should spend sufficient time in the “OOD” before choosing the “A”.

            Such as, WHAT WILL REPLACE what we have.

            If you say..”The Bill Of Rights” consider that it has been tried since the time of Moses, and has not worked yet.

            No, until the people choose in their hearts and minds to accept the individual rule of personal rights (ie, God) it will never work, Guns, Spears, Sharp sticks notwithstanding.

            We ain’t there yet.

          2. Watchman,
            The Bill of Rights isn’t just a good idea or a notion of something given by God. It is absolute written law and whether the rights of one or a hundred million are violated, the violation of the law is absolute. The Bill of Rights is the common law guaranteed to we the people through the constitutional contract. That contract is usurped and I do not have to tolerate those who cooperate with a usurpation. It is treason to cooperate with an insurgency. That is international law recognized around the world. I do not have my rights because others acquiesce to treason and that is what it is, treason, to cooperate with an insurgency into any country.
            If you happen to be the population being invaded and occupied, cooperation to any degree with this insurgency is no different than the French whores who slept with the Germans who were occupying their country. There is no twist of words that is going to change this and I promise you, that in a common law court of law of which there can be no other in this country for we the people, I can prosecute the crime of treason using the aforementioned facts.
            Don’t mince words with me. To cooperate with invaders into your country overthrowing your f#@king law, is the definition of treason. And that Bill of Rights ain’t just a good idea or an individual notion, it is absolute f#@king law, which is what every traitor is going to find out when we take this country back.

    2. Thanks for demonstrating your ignorance and giving Henry an opportunity to respond. Get ready for the hard cold facts of reality Watchman, and may you receive them with humility.

    3. Hi Watchman,


      Voting is irrelevant,…. the act of voting is just simple acquiesce to the fraud.

      We The People,… do NOT choose any of our “leaders”,… they are hand picked by the ruling occupation force of Zionist-jew-communists,… bar none.

      How Barry Sotoro got installed as the illegal usurper that he is,… was done by the CIA, The Federal Reserve,… and the International Communists,.. to serve them,.. and them alone.

      Whether everybody votes,… or nobody votes is irrelevant to the process or who is placed into occupation office,… nobody voting would just make the fraud obvious.

      JD – US Marines – There is NO Constitutional Republic right now,…. we are a nation under enemy occupation,…. Zionist-jew-communist occupation to be precise.


    4. If the vote were legit, you would be correct. As it is not legit, in fact it is a fraud, that makes you a fool, as the reason this tyranny continues is because of the acquiescence and consent of fools.
      This is a communist occupation. Anyone who votes in an occupational election is a traitor.

    5. “How else did Ovomit get into office?”

      Uh… TOTAL FRAUD??? DUH!!!!!

      You need a few good whacks with Henry’s (or JD’s) Board of Wisdom.

  3. Of course voting helps. The powers that be would no doubt leave it up to the american people to decide their own fate and affairs and would not try to interfere or impede in any way would they? I mean, why would they do that? (Sarc)

  4. You could not pay me enough to vote, which would be selling out my fellow Americans.
    While watching last nights RNC while keeping in mind our LAW, the B of R’s and common law, I could never vote for THEIR enforcement of THEIR law.
    Once the rose colored glasses come off, then the ability to compare what is said by these “leaders” to the foundations this country was built upon, causes one to realize this truly is a circus.
    Trump emphasized many times that on day one when he becomes pres./CEO of the corp. he WILL implement LAW AND ORDER.
    Each time he said it I saw the IRON FIST in my face, very creepy.

    1. “You could not pay me enough to vote, which would be selling out my fellow Americans”. YA GOT THAT RIGHT…………………..

  5. You could not pay me enough to watch either convention, vote, or otherwise support that evil cabal of idiocracy. My gut tells me that even if we managed to reach half of the voters, the MSM would still report on the amount of votes as if everyone was participating. The fix has been in for a very long time. Killary is going to be the next president, and ain’t nobody gonna change that!
    Ever so sorry to say, but that is how I connect the dots.
    Love to all, even the idiots.

  6. 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Bible
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    My faith lies in the Lord, he has not left the bldg, everyone else has left him.

  7. We are going to get either Trump or Clinton. Which one would you prefer. Not voting is willingly placing shackles around your wrists and ankles and stepping on the auction block. In four years, gun ownership will be illegal under Hilary. I don’t like everything Trump says or his endorsing Israel, but he is still better than Hilary. Those are the choices God gave us. He is in control of all things.

    1. If it’s to be one or the other, then I’d prefer Hillary. Why? Because if she is president, all the “law-abiding” NRA types will be more likely to wake up, pull their heads out of their asses, and finally see just how screwed this country is. Maybe then they’ll quit waving their flags and decide to do something to fix our problems. Most gun owners will be much less tolerant of a police state imposed by Democrats than one imposed by Republicans.

      If gun ownership becomes illegal, then so be it. That will separate the men from the boys.

      I don’t agree that God gave us the choice between Hillary and Trump. The corrupt US political system gave us the choice between those two evil psychopaths, and it’s no choice at all as far as I’m concerned.

    2. Pioneer, don’t blame God for the choices available in this election.
      He takes the bad rap way to often and is completely innocent.
      You say He’s in control of all things which does away with mans freedom of will. If this were true, this world would be a much better place as He could very easily rid the world of evil IF He were in control.

    3. “Not voting is willingly placing shackles around your wrists and ankles and stepping on the auction block.”

      Uh… in case you haven’t noticed… WE’RE ALREADY SHACKLED, FOOL!!!

      “Those are the choices God gave us.”

      Then you’re calling God a liar?

      God gave us free will. Those would be Satan’s choices.

      “I don’t like everything Trump says or his endorsing Israel, but he is still better than Hilary.”

      That’s right, slave. Acquiesce to the LESSER OF TWO EVILS.


  8. I haven’t voted in many years, though it probably couldn’t hurt for people to cast protest votes for an alternative candidate or someone like Ed Snowden. It won’t change anything, but it might send a message.

    The bottom line is that there’s no voting our way out of the mess we’re in.

  9. The stage is set with the actors and killary is preparing to be coronated. donald is a unicorn for those who want any excuse whatsoever for not accepting what needs to be done. It’s selection, not election, and how anyone believes a venue for the People is in place to depose those who have constructed such an occupying govt is beyond belief. You’re probably better on the receiving end if you’re that gullible. You’ll be easily turned against any real opposition to these tyrants by being fooled into believing real patriots are the enemy. YOU work for THEM. Remember that.

  10. I have only ever voted once, that was right after I got out of highschool, never did it again and have no intention of ever voting, if I vote, it will be one cartridge at a time.

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    Joseph Stalin

    It does not help matter that the only two choices you are permitted were decided on long ago by the NWO and you will be screwed either way.

    Only a mental retard will go vote when the whole WORLD is rigged to start with.


  12. I’m PROUD to admit that I have NEVER voted in my life.

    The fools go out and cast their vote, but it means nothing. The electoral college decides the vote no? That’s a small cast of characters that have lots of money who decide whom to place into office. Actually, the person who gets in was selected long ago. The only reason for elections is to make the plebes feel like they have a say about who rules over them. If elections really reflected the people’s will, it would be abolished in a second. Everything on the idiot box about conventions is a distraction. Bread and circus show to entertain the plebes. I can’t believe people still fall for it.

  13. From party to party, candidate to candidate in our lifetime what has really changed but the guards of the Zionist system because of voting? To those who believe a vote really counts in our time, by all means go ahead and vote. Make yourself feel like you’re doing something, like you’re “thinking before acting”. How long will you keep thinking about it? Every 4 years I assume. Consider that voting machines and counts have been PROVEN to be rigged. Stated even by trump himself. So even if it weren’t a selection process how would your vote count anyway? Go ahead and come up with all the excuses and explanations you can. These are very simple and well known facts whether you choose to believe or not.

  14. “DO NOT VOTE!”

    But, but, but… HOW IS CHUMP GONNA SAVE US IF WE DON’T ‘VOTE’ HIM IN????? 🙄

  15. To Mr. Henry, To be clear, is it any vote during an occupation ? Or for example is a write in vote for XYZ equally treasonous? Is there any manner or mechanism within a corrupted/ usurped system short of the bullet for the citizen to employ as means to reinstate validity (in this case a republic ) to that system?


  17. I’m voting for . .
    Bill Hicks for president.
    Sam Kinison for VP.
    George Carlin for secretary of state.
    Hey… I can still dream can’t I ?
    I guess if you’re gonna fk up the country.
    You should at least get a good punchline.

  18. You will receive a letter from the Australian Electoral Commission if according to our records you did not vote at a federal election. If you did vote, you should respond to the letter before the due date.

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