Do You Think You can Stop the Ron Paul Revolution? Dream On

In 2008 Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro ran for president saying that the Republicans had to be taken out of office because they had destroyed our economy and caused us to lose millions of jobs.  Three years later the only difference is that things are worse.  Now the Republicans are saying that our only goal is to get Barack Obama out of office because he is destroying our economy and costing us millions of jobs.

Both sides of the false left-right paradigm at this point in the ball game have quit caring whether it is a Democrat or a Republican who takes the White House in 2012, as it has become their consolidated goal to preserve the status quo at any cost.  Have no doubt, if it came down to Barack Obama vs. Ron Paul, every neo-con Nazi would join with their soviet brothers and sisters in voting for Barack Obama.

Many cannot fully appreciate what a Ron Paul presidency is going to mean.  Crimes have been committed, both nationally and internationally, crimes that could send presidents past and present to the gallows for international crimes against humanity.

Make no mistake, the genocide committed by the United States in Iraq is, was, and has always been a war crime.  And the only thing protecting George Bush Jr. is our military might, now being controlled by the status quo.

Barack Obama committed national and international crimes in the invasion of Libya.  We still do not know how many thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of Libyans were killed as a result of that illegal action.

How all these things can just be pushed under the carpet along with the 32 trillion stolen dollars is beyond me.  One would have to be blind not to see what is happening here today.  In one week, as if by magic, we have an energy crisis.  Yeah, that’s it; we’ll make the election about gas prices.

The fact is US consumption of gasoline is at an all time low.  There are no shortages.  There are just higher prices.  And how did this occur?  Well a bunch of filthy rich elitists all gave each other the nod and they started buying oil futures at the same time, and viola, fortunes are being made by a group of investors acting in unison.  As they buy more stock, the price of the stock goes up.  And where does this wealth come from?  That’s right, out of the pocket of the US consumer.

So they get a phony energy crisis to divert attention away from our economy, which is failing due to their continued theft and they make billions doing so.  And who is this “they”?  You know who they are, the status quo.

By the time we get up to November and the elections, everyone will be expected to forget about the ongoing treachery and theft.  It will be just like before the 2010 midterms.  Everyone will be chanting “Jobs, jobs, jobs, that is what this election is about.”  Then after the election “jobs, jobs, jobs,” will fade into obscurity and whoever the status quo has put into office can get on an airplane and start flying around the world to find new locations to move the last of our industry.

As more of the middle class are losing their jobs, jobs, jobs, their homes, homes, homes, and their retirements, retirements, retirements, there will be the collective hand slapping on the collective head, accompanying a collective voice saying, “Oh God what have we done?  We knew what these guys were and we let them right back in.”

Anyway, this is their dream, now for their nightmare.

Ron Paul is elected.  Upon taking office, he is forced to realize that our government has been so infiltrated with insurgents that he has to order the military to come to Washington DC and conduct mass arrests on the floors of Congress and in the Department of Justice.

Then to everyone’s amazement the corrupt Justices of the Supreme Court are taken out in handcuffs under military arrest for high treason.

Then, having taken back control of the federal government, the arrests spread from state to state with whole 5th columns being taken into custody.

Then under enhanced interrogation, these once public officials start naming their co-conspirators, which instigate further mass arrests of corporate elitists and foreign insurgents within our borders, posing as citizens yet acting as agents of foreign governments.

What is that there tied up to the pier?  Oh my God, it is a deportation barge!  And what is in that truck parked on the pier?  NO!  It is a semi-truck loaded down with barbecue sauce and hemp rope!

No matter how the elitist traitors squirm, they can’t wake up because it is not a dream, it is reality and there is no escape.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Do You Think You can Stop the Ron Paul Revolution? Dream On

  1. The Ron Paul revolution will roll on whether Ron Paul is elected or not,as long as information is allowed to flow freely.As long as people have desire to be aware of the world they live in and why it is as it is.Could you imagine a world where parents actually understood what was going on so that they could teach their children well?Goodbye,state schools.Hello,locally funded schools,staffed by teachers well educated in the creation of money,the horrors of interest on that money,fractional lending,war,tyranny,and the importance of nations,cultures and free societies who trade tangible goods with each other for the benefit of humanity?Not to detract from Ron Paul,whom I greatly admire,but he has developed his ideas from those who have come before and desires no Paulbots but those who will join him in a quest for individual liberty.Time after time he has plainly stated that the answer is for people to take it upon themselves to become aware and never what he is going to do for you.This is the beauty of Ron Paul.The same beauty that is inside of all of us,worldwide.Can the Rothschilds’ stop the “Ron Paul revolution”?No,but how much more damage they will inflict upon the world before they are finally beaten into the dust is a scary thought ,for dust may be all that is left.Bad for humans and good for cockroaches .I fully support freeedom over tyranny and humans over cockroaches.Ron Paul 2012.And what about that sopa and pipa thing?What’s that all about?Ha!(I say ha because I’m too damned old and stubborn to use LOL)

  2. It would be nice to have a honest government and to be truely free. I would like to see these tyrants get a taste of what they are trying to dish out.

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