Doctors walk out of national Obamacare implementation meeting

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According to live tweets and images sent from ophthalmologist Dr. Kris Held, nearly all doctors had walked out in protest and disgust of Obamacare implementation talks at a prominent national health care meeting. Typically, The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Government Relations session is a well attended, formal business conference where brilliant minds in medicine convene. This year was a different story. With talks of Obamacare implementation and compliance underway, doctors left and right had left the auditorium.  

Dr. Kris Held tweeted during the meeting, “Doctors are literally walking out of this talk on implementing, complying with Obamacare. We are men and women of the mind not mindless drones.”

“In the past our government relations session was well attended. Government minion is droning on, as virtually all doctors have walked out.”

“I’m staying to the bitter end to make comment and ask how government plans to do all this with no doctors?”

The Obamacare penalty

Starting in 2014, consumers will be forced to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Naysayer’s noncompliance will be punished with an IRS tax penalty. The tax penalty in 2014 begins at the rate of $95 per individual or one percent of household income, whichever is greater.

When 2016 rolls around, the penalty grows to $695 per person or 2.5 percent of annual household income, whichever is greater.

Even worse, a new HealthPocket consumer survey is showing that most uninsured people will remain uninsured. Nearly two-thirds of consumers said that the $95 penalty wouldn’t motivate them to obtain health insurance. The reality is that the penalty isn’t going to motivate very many people to buy insurance in October of 2013. That being said, the Obamacare mandate is going to serve as just another tax increase, a large one at that, which will squeeze more life from the economy, driving away innovation.

Some people are completely uninformed or apathetic toward the new penalty. In the HealthPocket survey, nearly 30 percent said they were “not certain” whether the penalty will motivate them to buy health insurance. According to Kev Coleman, head of Research & Data at HealthPocket, “That uncertainty may stem from a lack of awareness that a tax penalty under Obamacare exists, or a lack of understanding of how that penalty amount will compare to the cost of a new Obamacare health plan.”

What doctors are saying about Obamacare

After practicing medicine for twenty-five years Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser left her dermatology practice in 2011. “I have interrupted practicing medicine because of Obamacare,” said Dr. Rosenwasser. “I’ve read the bill. I was conversant with what had already happened with Medicaid, and I didn’t want to go down that road with Obamacare.”

Dr. Richard Armstrong, a Michigan-based surgeon and chief operating officer of Docs 4 Patient Care says, “Every single day, people are talking about retiring early, getting out of clinical medicine, or going into hospital administration, where you don’t have to think about patient care anymore.”

Still yet, some believe government managed health care will work, even though Medicaid is a good example of how government managed care bloats cost, herds ideas, stifles innovation, and is unsustainable for future generations.

“Some physicians are all for Obamacare,” said Dr. Rosenwasser, who had practices in Florida and Indiana. “They’ve been brought up in the government system. This is what they know.”

Most doctors are just waiting to see what happens. “About 90 percent of doctors are completely uninformed about what the government’s doing,” Dr. Armstrong said. “A lot of them are in this free-floating anxiety mode.”

The anxiety mounts

• Will doctors comply or will they walk out on this monstrous government managed system?

• Will consumers comply or will they find alternative answers?

• Will states comply or will they develop a new competitive model?

• Will naturopathic doctors be shut out of the new government controlled market place or will they rise to the occasion?

• What might the medical system look like in the United States in five years?

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8 thoughts on “Doctors walk out of national Obamacare implementation meeting

  1. But the doctors of the US, and their masters in the Pharma and Insurance industries are even more crooked than Wall Street, their disgust is not necessarily a bad thing for the average Joe.

    Unless you are a mindless drone who has no problem with them charging thousands or tens of thousands for a service that cost them less than $100 to render, which people are only willing pay because they’ll die if they don’t. Nice people, those American medical industry types (not).

  2. Brilliant minds?

    Allopathic, conventional medicine’s protocols kill so many people because of profit, any good they do is overshadowed by their greed and blind eye to the truth. Conventional medicine is killing people.

    They are killing millions with their chemicals, radiation and ignorance. If they can create plausible deniability, they will remove an organ, claiming you didn’t need it anyway, they will experiment to see what the new drug does what..they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to the internal workings of the body, only how to prescribe a pill or rip something out.

    Stay away from hospitals and doctors if you can…you’ll live longer, especially when it comes to cancer. The ‘cutting-edge’ of mainstream cancer ‘treatment’ is to poison the victim and hope that you kill the cancer cells before you have killed enough healthy cells to kill the patient.

    The Rockefeller Foundation is the prime sponsor of public relations for the United Nations’ drastic depopulation program. This same organization was also responsible for writing our medical protocols today. They are culling the herd with our ignorance of how the body works. Avoid vaccinations, the start of many health complications. VAccines don’t work…145, 000 children have died in the last 20 years from the adverse reaction.

    Doctors are trained, not educated. They have no idea how to treat patients anymore without a lab test. They treat symptoms not causes. They put a piece of tape over the check engine light on your car and send you off until the next thing breaks down…and the piece of tape stays there until you’re in the grave.

    When we are in fear mode or when the body lives in anxiety or stress, the melatonin is suppressed. Melatonin is a key element in the protection against cancer.
    They know this, they specialize in creating fear in the populace.

    The Hippocratic oath says…do no harm. Right.
    Cancer is now 1 out of 3. I would say they are failing.
    Screw Obamacare…and their conventional medicine.

    Seek out a naturopath, avoid processed food, vaccinations and doctors.

  3. I will NOT pay this TAX.
    Let the chips fall where they may.

    I will fire upon ANYONE who tries to steal my property…

  4. I spend 2k / year on vitamins, minerals, supplements (@ bulk rate).
    Is this fascist govt. gonna pay for REAL health?


    I don’t subscribe to this sickly disease-for-profit model.
    It’s not health care.
    It’s not science.

    It’s financial rape.

    Live Free Or Die

  5. A doctor I know personnally is going to leave his practice early because of Obamacare. He says he will not allow bureauctats to tell him how to treat people. How many other docs feel the same way?

    1. Tell you doctor friend to become a naturopath….at least then he will be actually helping people and won’t have to deal with Obamacare.

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