Donald Trump’s NYC restaurant turns away anti-vaxxers for refusing to show proof of Covid vaccination

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DONALD Trump’s NYC restaurant turned away a group of anti-vaxxers on Thursday for refusing to show proof of vaccination.

The diners tried entering Trump Grill, located within the former president’s Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, according to video from the scene.

“We came to Trump Tower because we thought Donald Trump was supposed to be for America, he said he’s against vaccine mandates,” one unmasked protester said.

“I thought as a man, who’s for America, he would stand up, pay a $1,000 fine, and let us eat freely – you know the man’s a billionaire, he can afford a $1,000 fine.

“It would make him look good. But instead, he’s had his people not serve us and it just exposed him as a fraud,” the anti-vaxxer said. “All talk but no action.”

In New York City, anyone who is five years or older and wants to dine indoors, see a performance, or go to the gym needs to show proof that they’ve had at least one Covid vaccine dose.

But the group outside of Trump Tower this week wasn’t having it – even as a police officer explained the rules to them.

“Prove to us that we are a threat,” one protester said to the cop, while another said: “The burden of proof is on them because they are assuming that we are a threat because we don’t have a vaccine. Well, prove to me that we are a threat.”

The cop explained that Trump Grill didn’t have to prove anything to the protesters.

“You can make 10 reservations, that doesn’t guarantee [anything.] It’s not a constitutional right,” the officer said of dining at a restaurant.


Days ago, during a live interview with Bill O’Reilly, Trump revealed he had received his Covid booster shot – and was booed by the crowd.

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” Trump told the crowd, waving off their reaction with his hand.

While Trump has expressed opposition to vaccine mandates, he has long taken credit for the vaccines developed during his presidency.

The Big Apple has launched some of the most aggressive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

About 5.9million adults have gotten at least a first dose, out of seven million people age 18 and up – roughly 84 percent – while 5.8million New Yorkers of all ages are fully vaccinated.


Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio said of possible business closures because of the recent Omicron variant surge: “Adamantly I feel this: No more shutdowns.

“We’ve been through them. They were devastating. We can’t go through it again.”

On Thursday, it was announced the city’s annual Times Square celebration would be scaled back from what would usually accommodate about 58,000 people to about 15,000.

Everyone there must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask.

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  1. Don’t eat his food, anyway. Some say his food is sprinkled with a powder made from the freeze-dried semen of Jeffrey Epstein.


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