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  1. What is most disturbing about this video is the statement by the cop who was asked to speak to this law school professor’s class. He states in the video that it is okay for police to lie during interviews to people that they have arrested, and that the video and audio recorder are ALWAYS rolling and recording EVERYTHING in order that it can be used against the accused later in a court of ‘law’. He even laughs about using a tape recorder as a prop to make the interviewee think that the recording has stopped and it is okay to speak to the policeman ‘off the record’. It is TRUE DECEPTIVE PRACTICE and ENTRAPMENT.

    1. If the criminal thinks he is off the record, and confesses in the crime, what’s wrong here?

      Deception had been every detective’s best weapon for centuries.

  2. In multiple court decisions, judges have found that police are under no legal obligation whatsoever to safeguard the body, possessions, or well-being of any citizen. So if not to ‘protect and serve’, what is their role in society anyway? A clue lies in the word ‘police’, which is a derivative of ‘policy’. They are policy officers; whose duty it is to find policy (statute) violators and punish them. They are the “first responders” in a long and lucrative business of investigation, indictment, trial, and incarceration. And like any publicly-held corporation, their primary motive is revenue growth. This is why we have mandatory minimum sentencing, “enhanced interrogations” to elicit confessions, and thousands upon thousands of new laws to criminalize normal human activity which causes no injury or loss to person or property (the original definition of crime). It is why we lead the world in percentage and number of citizens behind bars. Under statute law, you are guilty until proven innocent, period. In this sickly twisted form of “justice”, the Constitution is as relevant and tangible as the Easter Bunny.

    1. I agree with the part about police being the enforcers of the statute, but I disagree that the primary motive is profit. New laws are created not in pursuit of profit, but reflecting the wishes of increasingly spoiled population, for whom “safety” and comfort have gradually become priority #1 (such as, about a decade ago we wished each other happy new year; today, it has been replaced by safe new year. The examples are myriad.) In the democracy, lawmakers can’t ignore the hysteria, which is further inflamed by the media, so they react by new laws. The virtue of being “tough on crime” is #1 expectation from the elected officials by large part of this public. Today’s post-Sandy Hook atmosphere is perfect example – everybody knows for sure that this tragedy only happened because we did not have the right law in the books, so as soon as we create it, it’s guaranteed to never repeat. Is it absurd? it sure is. Any doubt that new laws will be created? no doubt. As long as there’s popular demand, these trends will be only progressing.

  3. My brothers are cops. They will tell you the same thing. Do not talk to the police. Ever. And if you do, tell them “I want to speak to my lawyer”. That is all. You would be amazed at how stupid most criminals are. Most do not need to be lied to admit to just about everything.

  4. I appreciate this info very much. What I wonder is can a person really just walk away from the police after saying they won’t talk to them on a traffic stop for example? In Calif- they drag you into jail if you won’t talk. Seems like not talking pisses the PD off in my experience.

    1. I agree. I have similar run-ins with the police and all that did was have them say, “Well we can either have this conversation here or we can have it back at the station. What’s it gonna be?”. Keeping your mouth shut only pisses them off even more and makes them stomp on your head with their foot over and over again like George Orwell, author of “1984”, often said.

      1. remember to only ask for a lawyer and then they better have a reason for arresting you – that has probobly changed now though with that indefinate detention they got now though, was the nd 2021, nd2022 the new law?, something like that anyway. Never ever talk to the cops for any reason cause if your going to jail they are going to throw you in jail anyway. Hey NC did anything ever come out of your tazer incident last year?

        1. yea the officer was exonerated, yet was put on two day leave and written up on his permanent record. The original video footage that I requested that they give to me of the incident, was a joke as they showed the footage but edited half of the important parts of the conversation as it was inaudible “to protect the police officers privacy and rights” as they so put it. What a joke. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DEFEND MYSELF IN THE COURT OF LAW IF I DON’T HAVE THE ORIGINAL FOOTAGE!!!???

          Also, the officers officials statements that I acquired on paper, didn’t really align with each other, meaning they LIED!

          I talked to Internal Affairs and although he agreed with me (like a member of management would do for customer service), there was nothing he could do and no lawyer wanted to touch the case.

          I am still debating whether to post the footage online.

          In addition, when asking for all documents and video footage, they refused tell me whether or not I would be charged for it and the lawyer representing the city decided to send me a letter in the mail with the footage stating they wanted me to pay for copies of the footage AFTER I had received them. UNBELIEVABLE!!! They wanted me to pay for them to show me how they tasered me. Their insanity never ceases to amaze me. Also, how come my tax dollars aren’t paying for it? I still to this day have not paid for it and have received no correspondence from them since then as I know they are trying to extort money out of me ILLEGALLY, even if it was for only $13.00. Pathetic scum!

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