Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker From Canada Brings a Shocking Revelation

9 thoughts on “Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker From Canada Brings a Shocking Revelation

  1. It’s hard to believe that revelations like this one have been out there for about 2 years and yet they don’t seem to be getting to the mass of people who took the untested, gene-altering shot. There were just a few reports of folks sayin’, “With what I know now, I never would have taken it.” So the information is out there and yet, I keep runnin’ into those who are so proud that they are up on all their boosters. So very proud and feeling “secure” that they’ve done the best thing for themselves and for others. Perhaps in their lives this is a matter of t.v. trumping truth, and fear trumping intelligence.


    1. some people need to be told when to go to lunch.. when the jooz call us soulless animals.. they aren’t too far off! I saw a guy last week driving through home depot parking lot.. windows up mask on by himself. there is NO reaching him. he’s done and has no clue. it seems like no one who does what they’re told ever gets in trouble. it’s the ‘just following orders’ syndrome. as long as they can pass the buck then they’re not responsible.. “it’s not my fault!” I was told to blablabla.. THAT is a soulless animal. it’s gruellingly depressing.. trying to save someone from drowning and they fight you all the way because they’re waiting on.. First Responders!! hope I didn’t ramble and wander too much. hope you get my point..

    2. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful condition. Someone who I have known most of my life worked as a public health nurse with my mom. My mom took the shot and passed away on Dec. 2. My friend is so deeply indoctrinated in epidemiology that whenever we have a conversation about covid (doesn’t exist) as soon as I come up with a fact, the conversation ends and she changes the subject. She had an inverse reaction to the injection which caused her to have a fender bender on her way home from the hospital after her heart beat went crazy and she thought she was going to die. I always wonder if I will never get through to her, even now, as she watches her closest vaccinated friends suffer from problems similar to what Alan Shoemaker is describing here. What kind of psychology does it take for us to get through to them?

      1. “What kind of psychology does it take for us to get through to them?”

        Unfortunately none. These are the percentage of the population for whom the saying “they won’t see it until it’s right between their eyes (and even then…)” was made. Mike Perry’s right – once the soul has been destroyed or separated from the body or replaced (whichever theory you aspire to) there’s no bringing it back. They are the “walking dead” that have been known & written about since ancient times & as far as I’m aware full reanimation is still a thing of fiction. I can tell you from years of experience (I’m sure others here can too) that spending your time & energy on trying to “educate” the walking dead is pretty much a complete waste. That valuable commodity is way better spent on sure things that will improve the immediate & future situation for yourself & those close to you.

        Yes, there are also those in the middle & this is the grey area. The ones that galen mentions are the ones who felt they had to take the shot to keep jobs etc but now regret it. I have close family members like this but I had to draw the line with them. My main argument point to them? I personally never wore a mask, obeyed the “rules” during “lockdown” or got the toxic poison injected into my body BECAUSE I told them the whole thing was BS right from the start (even way before with “vaccinations” in general) – I never even got a sniffle despite exposing myself to any BS “virus” that was supposed to be out there while “all these people were dying of covid” supposedly all around me. Due to my lifestyle I don’t generally get colds or flus per se anyway. And then I add – all those people that “died of covid” make up the same exact number that normally die of flu while at the time of those deaths flu death numbers went to almost zero. Inside you’re constantly saying “Hey dum dums do you get it yet?” Indoctrination to obey authority since birth is a VERY HARD thing to break & in my experience only a relatively small number can actually do it. Most importantly the will to do it has to come from themselves. If they don’t have that will then anyone else’s efforts to help are futile. An even smaller number are born with a natural lifelong immunity to it & for most of them “waking up” is like taking a wet off a raincoat after a shower, shaking the raindrops off & putting it back on dry. I know there’s many raincoat wearers who visit these pages & many more out there who haven’t (yet) 😉

        1. “…“waking up” is like taking a wet off a raincoat after a shower…”

          Such good English lol! EDIT: “…“waking up” is like taking off a raincoat after a shower…”

          To add… Again from personal experience, even when these grey area people finally “wake up” to the fact that “authority” and their world in general isn’t what they thought it was don’t expect them to “get it” to any great degree too soon, if at all. The saying “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing” is VERY apt here. It’s obviously an overwhelming experience especially for someone older rather than younger. Someone older can have a very strong reaction to these new realizations & are more often in a better place all round to take some form of action against those who they feel have wronged them. This is basically why gatekeepers in all forms exist. It’s also why you have to be mindful about what you choose to expose them to at whatever particular stage, or even form, of “awakening” they are at. I’m saying all this because I’m mostly referring to dealing with family members who you care about. For example, coming to the final conclusion after years & years of experience, study & research about WHO is actually at the bottom (literally) of all this “stuff” can be almost a lifelong thing for some. Telling someone who has just “awaken” to the truth WHO it is right off the bat might not necessarily be your best move considering THAT particular part of the lifelong programming if you get my drift! Obviously it’s different strokes for different folks but I have actually seen people “wake up” only to see them go straight back to an even deeper “slumber” after they heard someone say “IT”S THE jews!”!!! Not that they shouldn’t know the most important part but it’s all about timing right? If you feel the need to help the waking souls rather than the walking dead then obviously feel free – these are just my thoughts 😉

        2. Ally, I will never forget the first time you came up on the broadcast. I loved every word you said then, and every word since, including everything you have been posting here. It’s like you are able to articulate everything that I would like to say, you articulate a lot of what I am working through in my mind, and you understand on multiple levels! You nailed it AGAIN! Thank you!

          1. Thank you Diana. I am just a person like everyone else here & mostly I just type what I think in a somewhat cathartic way so I really appreciate that 🙂

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