7 thoughts on “Dr Simone Gold “The truth about the CV 19 vaccine

  1. I was watching this then my battery died so had to restart, now it’s saying, “Aw shucks” there was an error.
    Anyone else having a problem?

    1. The first two times I went to it, within minutes of each other, it would not load.
      The last three times I have went to it, again within a few minutes, it came right up. I had Laura try it on her computer and it came right up also.
      So keep trying.

  2. I didn’t have time to watch all of this. As a retired physician, I am embarrassed to admit that to anyone. 40 years ago. Most of my fellow classmates genuinely wanted to help people. They weren’t money hungry psychopaths. I view the rona vaccine as a proxy for an IQ test. Just my considered opinion. I have learned a few helpful hints over the past ~20 years. Never trust anyone who names themselves after money or valuables. Gold, Silver, JEWelry, Diamond, Green, etc. Rosen goes without saying, I hope. There are other, more subtle, clues. That’s for another day.

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