Draft America’s Daughters Act will require millions of women to sign up for draft

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Be careful what you wish for.

Feminists agitate for gender “equality”. And so, heeding their call, the Obama administration decided to open all U.S. military combat roles to women, including the elite Navy SEALS and Army Rangers.  

Last December 3, Defense Secretary Ash Carter made that announcement, effective in the new year, which means 2016. To that end, Carter ordered the Marines and Army, along with the other service branches, to open about 225,000 combat jobs to women candidates – the last remaining occupational specialties that had barred female troops.

In so doing, Carter had rejected a request from the Marine Corps for a partial exception so as to keep the infantry, machine gunner, and fire support reconnaissance men-only. Carter said no: “We are a joint force, and I have decided to make a decision which applies to the entire force.” (See “Obama opening combat to women means they will need to register for Selective Service“)

Since Carter’s announcement, U.S. military services have been submitting plans for incorporating women into all of their ranks, a process that could take months or years.

Now, the expected consequence of Obama’s decision is here.

Yesterday, a bill was introduced in Congress which would require women to register for the draft.

Army intelligence analyst Spc Brittany Gordon, 24, was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan in Oct. 2012

Army intelligence analyst Spc Brittany Gordon, 24, was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan in Oct. 2012

Travis J. Tritten reports for Stars and Stripes, Feb. 4, 2016, that two House Republicans introduced a bill Thursday requiring eligible women in the United States to sign up for the military draft.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., a Marine veteran, and Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Minn., a retired Navy SEAL, filed the Draft American’s Daughters Act to stoke debate over the military’s historic move to fully integrate female troops into all combat roles. If the bill is passed, women from 18-26 years old would for the first time have to join men in registering with the Selective Service program and potentially be forced to fight in future wars.

“This is a very important issue that touches the heart of every family in America, and I believe we need to have an open and honest discussion about it,” Zinke said.

Hunter and Zinke maintain that the Obama administration made the policy change despite research and reservations from the Marine Corps and special operations community, and without adequate debate among lawmakers. 

Obama as king

Hunter said in a statement: “If this administration wants to send 18, 20-year-old women into combat, to serve and fight on the front lines, then the American people deserve to have this discussion through their elected representatives.” For his part, Zinke said in a statement: “My daughter is a damn good Navy diver. I know women play an invaluable role in war. Many times women can gain access to strategic sites that men never could. However, this administration’s plan to force all front-line combat and Special Forces to integrate women into their units is reckless and dangerous.”

Two days before the bill was introduced, on Feb. 2, Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley had testified to the Senate that they believe there no longer should be an exemption in the draft for half of the country’s population now that the military is all inclusive.

The Marines completed a study last summer that found women get injured more often and perform below males in combat. During an oversight hearing in the Senate on Tuesday, lawmakers repeatedly referenced the study and said they are worried the military could lower standards to accommodate more women in combat occupational specialties.

Zinke said the decision now means the country must contemplate changes to the draft. The Draft America’s Daughters Act will require millions of women to register beginning 90 days after it is signed into law. 

Men, who historically filled combat roles, are required to register with Selective Service when they turn 18 years old in case a draft is again needed. Women have been excluded from the Selective Service System, a decision that was upheld by a 1981 Supreme Court ruling that said as long as women weren’t allowed in combat units, they shouldn’t be subjected to it.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Rep. Duncan Hunter said in an interview that the change in policy “is a change to over 200 years of warfare in the United States.” Hunter urges his fellow lawmakers to ask themselves: “Do I think we have come far enough that my daughter should be drafted?”

Hunter said he will try to bring his bill to the floor so all members of Congress will have to vote on the issue because “This should involve every member of Congress. This isn’t a military thing, it’s a family thing, it’s a cultural thing.”

Advocates for women in combat roles dismiss the bill, saying that requiring women to register wouldn’t have much practical effect, as a draft hasn’t been used since the Vietnam War.

The issue of registration for women could become a campaign issue, depending how far the bill progresses.

On Wednesday at a townhall meeting, Hillary Clinton expressed her concern that the policy change could change the definition of an all-volunteer force. She said she wasn’t sure all women should register for the draft on the grounds that “I have a hard time imagining the kind of national emergency that would require the use of the Selective Service System.”


11 thoughts on “Draft America’s Daughters Act will require millions of women to sign up for draft

  1. there is no draft, and there wont BE any draft

    and there is no way to force anyone to sign up for the Selective Service either

    constitutionally they can kiss my kids a$$!

    1. Unfortunately, because we have the so-called “privilege to drive” and NOT the “right to travel” as it should be but thanks to the Act of 1871 and other color of law and defacto law crapola, you “need” a drivers license (commercial vehicle or not…folks I went to jail over this!), and the only way an 18 to 26 year old male (and soon to be female) can get one is to register for selective service…my son had to do this when he got his first drivers license. My 23 year old daughter has one already, but will she need to register when she renews?

      She’s going to be a school teacher, and if the criminal psychopaths institute this crap, I will suggest to her she teaches English overseas…my daughter will NOT be cannon fodder for psychopaths!!!

  2. An opportunity for all the feminists to be shipped somewhere fighting the bankers wars.

    For goodness sake, go fight your own stinkin wars!

  3. The Selective Service System is authorized by the Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution which says Congress “shall have Power To … raise and support Armies [and] To provide and maintain a Navy;”

    The Selective Service Act was the law which established the Selective Service System under these provisions. The article section that authorizes the Selective Service System doesn’t explicitly state “conscription” or “draft” though, and “raise” means to create, not conscript

    Still, the act has been challenged in light of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution which prohibits “involuntary servitude”. These challenges, however, have not been supported by the courts; as the Supreme Court stated in Butler v. Perry (1916):

    The amendment was adopted with reference to conditions existing since the foundation of our government, and the term ‘involuntary servitude’ was intended to cover those forms of compulsory labor akin to African slavery which, in practical operation, would tend to produce like undesirable results. It introduced no novel doctrine with respect of services always treated as exceptional, and certainly was not intended to interdict enforcement of those duties which individuals owe to the state, such as services in the army, militia, on the jury, etc.

    Later, during the Vietnam War, a lower appellate court also concluded that the draft was constitutional in Holmes v. United States (1968)

    so in other words F you, I aint gonna be your SLAVE


    1. Conscripts are slaves. Under the Constitution the only legal slavery is that of fellons. Though, I would disagree with that stance as well. The Constitution is not the be all end all of morality, nor right. The courage of an armed Freeman to resist is.

  4. The NWO crowd (who of course will find ways to exempt their daughters from selective service!) will try to force this through, first of all to bring about the draft, which would cause many women to go into combat for the psycho elites and die, reducing the “surplus population.” And yes, Congress–as psycho as ever–will pass this provided their daughters don’t have to sign up!

  5. Registering for the draft was mandatory when I was a teen. Even back then I instinctively knew they didn’t have that authority over me. I never gave it to them.

    I did the only sensible thing I could at the time. I failed to acquiesce to their unlawful demand.

  6. Hey…. does that mean somebody else has to pay for her smartphone bill ?
    Hmmmm…. I dunno.. sounds pretty tempting to me.

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