Drudge: Republicans Should Be Sued For Obamacare Repeal & Tax Cut Fraud

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WEB Notes: How on earth can anyone who has been around politics for any length of time be surprised? We have been talking about these subjects for years now. Year after year, election after election you are promised everything you want to hear by your favorite politician and every single time they lie to you and do not do what they promised and you want to act surprised? This is why we did not vote in the election, because we did not have a choice to begin with, only pre-selected candidates and they were not selected by the people.

But hey, this time will be different. Everyone thinks that, every single election cycle. The problem is people do not have a back bone these days and they like to believe in fairy tales and sweet nothings that make them feel good. They accept faux laws by politicians because they sound good instead of demanding the Constitution be followed. If my words sting that is good, maybe some truth is finally starting to seep in.

Well, like most of us, Matt Drudge is furious with the GOP establishment in that they are failing to deliver what they have promised and that is tax relief and the repeal of Obamacare.  Drudge had enough this week when he tweeted out that they should be sued for fraud over the issue.

Drudge sent out a barrage of Tweets on Wednesday as he said they should be “sued for fraud” for not putting the priority on the repeal of Obamacare and tax cuts.

Source: Drudge: Republicans Should be Sued for Obamacare Repeal & Tax Cut Fraud – Freedom Outpost

World Events and the Bible

One thought on “Drudge: Republicans Should Be Sued For Obamacare Repeal & Tax Cut Fraud

  1. I am sure ol’ joo drudge is shocked! Shocked I say!

    Or he’s just doing his part in fueling the fire while adding credibility to his zio rag by telling one truth about the liars he works for.

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