Drug-free job applicants denied positions over urine that is too healthy

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If you are a drug-free, healthy person applying for a job that requires a drug test, you may still fail the drug test – honest and outright. Sounds insane, but it’s all very real for some Americans. Some Americans are being denied jobs altogether or fired, because they have healthy, clean urine that contains no drugs whatsoever. What is going on here?

According to hospitals and employers, clean urine is too dilute. They think healthy urine is always the result of a person trying to flush drugs out of their system. This means that you can pass a drug test with flying colors and then be practically accused of trying to hide something.  

Basically, a healthy, well-hydrated person who drinks the recommended eight glasses of water a day is subject to termination from a company or may be denied a job altogether, all based on ridiculous, guilt-mongering suspicions.

After all, what American actually pees white? You are not normal if you drink only water and your kidneys are functioning well. You’ve got to be drinking soda somewhere in your day-to-day activities.

Poison yourself or lose your job

The reality is that there are people who don’t do drugs, who drink only water and who pee white. No one should be accused for being this way. No one should have to prove they are drug-free after they have passed a drug test! They should be praised as a model of success in a country so poisoned by toxic chemicals. Healthy, white pee is a sign of good hydration, and everyone should aspire to that.

But instead, health professionals instruct healthy job applicants to poison themselves with phosphoric acid and caramel coloring to pass the drug test. What great advice! Dehydrate yourself so you can pass your drug test! Drink lots of sugar, throw in some aspartame and indulge in the gateway caffeine drug – all to pass the drug test! It’s all outright insanity, and it’s affecting more people now than ever.

Drug testing is a divisive, control mechanism shrouded in hypocrisy

Drug tests aren’t about helping people. They don’t make workforces stronger. They are a waste of time and money. The whole idea of drug testing people, stereotyping them and firing them is based on divisive control. Innocent people’s lives are completely disrupted. All the while, the actual dangerous drugs are the ones being carried into the hospital and peddled by pharmaceutical representatives. So, as patients wait to take their forced drug test, here come the real drugs, in the doctor’s hands, ushered in with all their welcome side effects.

Drug tests that target marijuana will become a thing of the past

Drug tests are social control mechanisms. When it comes down to it, does it really matter what a person does on their own time, especially when it doesn’t harm others or affect their job performance?

Furthermore, why do drug tests target the natural Cannabis sativa plant like it’s evil? Does marijuana threaten the very livelihood of the pharmaceutical industry itself? As hemp farming returns to America, as the prohibition of marijuana ends little by little, drug tests that target the plant will become a thing of the past. Many are realizing that their demonization of this plant was rooted in ignorance and that many people now enjoy the natural medicinal benefits of marijuana to treat themselves.

Drug testing is hypocrisy at its best. We are taught that it’s okay to consume prescription drugs with horrendous side effects, yet people are sent to jail when caught using a plant that’s much safer and more useful?

Drug testing is delusional. Belief in this system is now responsible for denying perfectly healthy, drug-free people their jobs. One should not lose their job over having healthy, clean, suspicious urine. It’s sad to see healthy, honest, drug-free people denied their jobs and ostracized.

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