Ebola scare in Frisco: CareNow patient transported

Frisco patientWFAA 8 News

FRISCO — Crews are transporting a patient exhibiting “signs and symptoms of Ebola” from a Frisco CareNow to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

WFAA has confirmed a vehicle roped off outside the clinic is registered to a deputy who accompanied county officials into the apartment where Duncan stayed in Dallas. The deputy was very vocal about not wearing protective gear during the visit.  

The CareNow is located in the 300 block of Main Street. Patients are currently being held inside the clinic as crews at the scene examine staff and others inside the building.

“The patient claims to have had contact with the Dallas ‘patient zero,'” according to a statement from Dana Baird-Hanks, a spokeswoman with the city of Frisco.

According to a statement from the clinic, the patient answered “yes” on a form “regarding travel to West Africa.”

“We are being very cautious and are in contact with the health department to ensure we follow proper protocol,” said Vicki Johns, with CareNow. “Our concern is for the safety and well being of everyone in our clinic.”

News 8’s Jason Whitely spoke to Chuck Moreno, who had gone into the CareNow facility with his 15-year-old son to get a flu shot Wednesday. Moreno told News 8 he saw a patient, whose skin was flushed and was hunched over but walking, enter the clinic with his wife.

Within minutes, police and fire units surrounded the facility, taped off a gray SUV, and isolated other patients at the facility.

Moreno asked a CareNow employee if it was related to Ebola, and he said the employee nodded her head “yes.”

Moreno said he and his son quarantined themselves into an examination room, put on surgical masks they found in the room, and sprayed disinfectant on themselves. Moreno said staff told them he and his son could not leave CareNow and would be transferred to a major medical center, but he was unsure which one at the time.

Outside the building, people in hazardous material suits readied an ambulance for transport of the patient.

Officials say a conference will be held at 3:30 p.m.

A patient exhibiting "signs and symptoms of Ebola"


11 thoughts on “Ebola scare in Frisco: CareNow patient transported

  1. WOW! This is less than 10 minutes away from my apartment and I was just eating at a restaurant last night on that same road just blocks away.

    I’m going to that area now to check it out and see if I can take some pictures. I’m not buying this crap.

      1. Sent article in. Hopefully Henry will post it soon, if not by tomorrow morning. It’s not really much, but I guess it’s something.

  2. I thought the incubation period was supposed to be 21 days. It has been only 14 days since “patient zero” first developed symptoms (reported as being September 24). And September 26 was the day he tried to go to the hospital and was sent home. And September 28 was the day he finally was admitted. And dead by October 8. And supposedly a person infected with Ebola but not yet exhibiting symptoms (during the incubation period) is not infectious.

    So what is the truth here?

  3. I just went to a fast food restaurant to grab something to eat in my area and of course they had Fox News on their TV doing their “Ebola Alert” reporting on the Frisco patient. I was standing beside this one old paramedics guy who was also checking it out and said, “Does anyone even believe this crap anymore? I mean really, you have the police without any protective gear on, walking around like nothing and this thing is supposed to be highly contagious.” He just looked at me and laughed and said, “They said they had the Ebola guy from Liberia isolated from everybody, so how in the heck could anyone else have gotten it? This is just so the Dallas Judge (Clay Jenkins) can get more money for himself.”

    No one in the area believes the mainstream media and this Ebola crap anymore. It’s like a big joke. The only people that take it seriously are the assholes reporting it in the mainstream media. At first it got people like myself worried, but now everyone just makes fun of it like it’s the Roswell of Texas. There’s no aliens here (or in this case Ebola). It’s just a tourist attraction.

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