Ed Davis, Boston Police Commish, Was On Phone With Joe Biden At Time Of Bombing Discussing Gun Control.

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You just can’t make this stuff up.

Shortly before 3 p.m. on Patriots’ Day, Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis was on a conference call with Vice President Joseph Biden. They, and other police chiefs from several major U.S. cities, were discussing strategy on the gun-control bill wending its way through Congress.  

Read more: http://www.lowellsun.com/news/ci_23037654/bostons-top-cop-recalls-phone-call-then-carnage#ixzz2S2qzdHDc

Davis appears to be basking in his newfound fame.

LOWELL (AP) — Ed Davis, the Boston police commissioner who became a national figure in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, has been selected to deliver the commencement address at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

The 57-year-old Davis is also expected to receive an honorary doctor of humane letters at the May 18 ceremony at which nearly 3,200 students are expected to earn degrees.


Where do they get these people. “Thanks Ed, for locking down our city, shutting businesses, pulling people from their homes at gunpoint, to find a 19 yr old kid, that they say dropped a bomb off and they have video to prove it, yet no one, (except for the FBI) has actually seen the video.

You see, Ed Davis used to run the Lowell PD dept. Yes the same Lowell PD I have been writing about.


Lowell PD, from what I have found is a cesspool of corrupt cops

As investigators continue the probe into the Lowell Police Department’s use of confidential informants, which has already led to the dismissal of eight criminal cases, a cocaine distribution case may now be in jeopardy.

In Lowell District Court last week, attorneys representing Estabin Lugo, Dennis M. Rivera and Abigail M. Rivera, argued this case may be linked to Lowell Police Detective Thomas Lafferty’s use of a controversial confidential informant and should be dismissed.
Defense attorney Robert Normandin said he and he other attorneys in the case are expecting an answer “shortly” as to whether this case is linked to the probe.

Lugo and the Riveras have pleaded not guilty to distribution of a class B drug with intent to distribute (two counts) and conspiracy to violate the drug law. They are all on the street.

A May 17 hearing is scheduled to a status on the case.

The Sun reported April 4 that the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office decided to dismiss seven superior court criminal cases that were developed, at least in part, on information one informant gave to a top Lowell police detective Thomas Lafferty.

State Police spoke to the informant, who made statements that incriminated himself and established him immediately as an “unreliable” informant. The source told The Sun the informant told the state police that he was good at “planting stuff.” Police have since severed ties with the informant.



. Let me say, not everyone, but there is a lot there being overlooked. Check this out.


It’s a discussion involving current and previous Lowell cops patting each other on the back. There is 11 pages of comment, and anyone who wants an inside look to any police dept in the US should read the whole thing. It’s really quite creepy. One civilian, who obviously is not a cop lover, chimes in.

This is a public servant speaking to a civilian. These guys really don’t know their place, do they? They work for us, and should never speak to a civilian like that, threatening to shoot him in the forehead. But it gets better.

And then there is this little nugget.

But this next one, takes the cake in my opinion.

Are these cowboys, or cops. I can’t tell the difference. Scary insight into their mindset.

If you read the whole thing, you will see cops who are child molesters, drug dealers and downright convicts.

One guy, named Steve Oneill, is particularly disturbing, because he is still on the force. Apparently, he is quite the scumbag, and that’s other cops and people who know him personally talking.

Anyway, this one is posted for all the people who are sick of cops getting away with murder, and breaking the very laws they enforce, which is the ultimate hypocrisy, and God despises hipocrites.


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    1. Too easy.

      They haven’t found a bigger @sshole to replace him.

      But rest assured Mark, they will.

      Assuming they have time to before they’re hung, that is.

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