Edward Snowden and Counter Insurgency

Whatever one believes about Edward Snowden, it would seem that the communist propaganda machine is operating at its limits in a last ditch attempt to completely alter our perception of reality.

Those of us in the patriot movement were in no way surprised by the information Snowden brought forth as we have been talking about the reality of the total surveillance apparatus since its inception back in the early days of Echelon.  When we asserted that every telephone call, fax, tweet, and email, literally every stroke on the keyboard is being recorded, we were told we were getting too much sun and our tinfoil hats were overheating our brains.   

It is odd indeed, considering the existence of the common knowledge that our government is deceitful to the point of treason, that when someone working for that treasonous apparatus confirms the treason, only then are too many of us able to accept the obvious truth.

Let’s just say Snowden is on the up and up.  We must then realize that the so called press is making every effort to turn this government espionage against the people into a crime against the government, claiming damage to our so called national security.  If our national security is dependent upon government deception on the level of open treason being committed against we the people, then how can it be said that this government is of, for, and by we the people?

To put this in the most basic perspective:  A neighbor sees someone peeping through your window then calls you to let you know about the peeping tom violating your rights and privacy, and absolutely breaking the law in spying on you.  When the peeping tom is confronted, it is revealed that he or she is in the employ of the government, you know, the government charged with the oath of absolute zero infringement upon our Bill of Rights.  And then the neighbor is arrested for informing you of the crime being committed against you because, in the act of informing you, he has hampered the ability of the peeping tom to look through your window and spy on you with impunity and in violation of the highest law in this country.

Edward Snowden is irrelevant to the fact that crimes have been committed against we the people by what is at this point an illegitimate government.  No matter who Snowden is or what he is, if he has committed espionage, it is not against we the people as the revealing would have to be considered an act of patriotism, which tells the rest of the story, as we see more and more acts of patriotism and advocacy thereof treated as crimes.

So will Edward Snowden be the first American openly executed for espionage against the international socialist insurgency into the United States, or will it be Bradley Manning?  What I see here is an effort to establish punishment for patriotism and a labeling of all patriots as enemy combatants.

Do not forget, in the big scheme of things, spying networks are a part of any combat force as information is a weapon.  Food for thought.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

16 thoughts on “Edward Snowden and Counter Insurgency

  1. I still say that Snowden is either COINTELPRO or being used as a patsie.

    Most of us are not the slightest bit surprised by this information. In fact very little, if any, genuinely new information has come out.

    Compare the MSM coverage of Snowden, to Sibel Edmonds truly gigantic revelations about 911, the sale of nuclear secrets by Denny Hastert, etc….

    I believe this is all about sending a message, loud and clear, to journalists and whistle blowers. Just ask Michael Hastings….oh that’s right. That journalist/whistle blower was murdered last week…

    Something smells real bad. I don’t buy it. The MSM would Never cover it this way unless they were TOLD to, by the PTB.

  2. Like you Henry,
    I am still unconvinced that Snowden is legit. But if he does prove to be legit I would thank him for confirming what we HAVE been talking about for so long. In that sense Snowden is a hero. (To the awakening sheep!)

    The treason committed is by the Powers That Be! Not Eddie Snowball! It really does not matter though. A drone will take him out as soon as they get a fix on him, Patsy or Legit.

    1. Yea, no doubt rhumstruck. It seems that they know where Snowden is all the time and where he is going to go but he is still out there. I hope that he is legit too but something tells me that it is all a big scandle and that he is being protected by the govt.

  3. Aw Henry, when/if they catch up with that Snowden they will probobly hang him and Manning together from the same tree at the same time just to send a message.

  4. I think Snowden’s legit, but even if he isn’t, he’s helped shine a light on a very dark corner.

    About time for another False Flag, which can then be blamed on Snowden leaking sensitive details about our security that ‘al CIA Duh’ used to their advantage.

  5. My main concern is that THEY can access all our mail, phone calls etc and while everyone is saying this is an interference in my privacy or more common among Americans ‘we need this in order to feel protected against the terrorists’ they only focus partially on the problem.

    The real problem lies with the fact that THEY can plant false information on any of us and FEMA or worse awaits as we have no redress. This is deadly serious as all of us are on file. THEY can plant false files tied to treason, pedophile, incriminate loved ones on any politician or judge anywhere and then blackmail.

    This is extremely dangerous as they can false flag involving anyone who speaks the truth against the NWO as their logical next step to total tyranny.

    1. Dave2 — I think a lot of the things you’re worried about require man-hours, and there are simply too many of us for that to be a big worry for most. The spying that’s being done is all the work of computer programs, so it’s cheap.

      1. Not only that Jolly Roger but the PTB/NWO realy don`t give a rip about what the little people like us all think. They will spy on us and wire tap our phones and internet and all because that is what gets them off. That is how they entertain themselves. The PTB realy don`t care `cause they have gotten away with what they have been doing for so long and we all have let them get away with it.

  6. The nexus between Snowden and Wikileaks can tell us a lot. Wikileaks is pretty much proven at this point to be an Israeli psyop. This is best shown by Wikileak’s adamant refusal to go anywhere near 9/11 Truth; if they were legit they would be all over it.

    Henry is right that whether Snowden is on the level or is a plant is irrelevant. My best guess is that the Ruling elites decided that if instilling fear in the population to shut down dissent was the purpose of the all-pervasive spying, they weren’t getting their money’s worth because not enough people knew about it. Now you have to be in a coma to not know about it — mission accomplished.

    As for Snowden going to China and then Russia, remember that Lee Harvey Oswald was sent to Russia as a plant to feed them information about the U-2 spyplane’s flight profile so they could shoot one down. The purpose of the shoot-down was to scuttle upcoming talks between the US and the USSR that would have reduced tensions in the Cold War, something that was going to cost the Military-Industrial complex a lot of money. The shoot-down worked, the talks were canceled. If Snowden has been sent on a mission like Oswald’s we have no way of knowing yet what he has been tasked with feeding them. Stay tuned.

  7. Snowden is a double agent used to get close to Putin and to get intel on Russia for their upcoming war. The whole “out to get him” thing is a media/propaganda distraction. The government can easily find and kill this guy. Especially when he literally stated in his interview that the US Embassy with CIA was right down the road from his hotel in Hong Kong.

    HELLO!!!!! Why don’t you just put a sign out there. Not very bright coming from an ex-intel guy. That only sets up big RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE!

    He’s probably reporting back to a member of the shadow government through some kind of hidden network, while making it look like he is being chased by our media and puppet government.

    I’m telling ya, Putin better do the smart thing and leave the guy alone, if he knows what’s good for him. I don’t think Putin is that naive to not see that Snowden is a double agent used to infiltrate him.

    1. Yep NC, that is kind of what I`m thinkin` too. I think that he is working for the govt. Like they say ” sometimes the most obvious is the most hidden”. 🙂

  8. Snowden may be legit, but I don’t think there’s any way of knowing for sure right now.
    The biggest indicator for me that it’s all being staged is the fact that it’s all over the news. If he were legit, I think the Zio-press would be trying to keep the story buried.
    They’re also helping the Zio-news regain some of their lost credibility by attacking them.

  9. The same ZIONIST scum under the guise of communism/socialist lie which in reality is the jew scam of all wealth transferred to the few (meaning them) and both poverty or extinction for the rest of society. They ZIONISTS killed 66 million and sent 19 million to labor camps in their Bolshevik revolution against the common man. The common man like the NIA spying thinks the revolution was for the protection of the common man – the LIE is that big. The TRUTH was otherwise.

    What ever gives the idea that they would hesitate to incriminate a long list of people including those here in their USSocialists of America revolution? Tyranny is deadly or as Madeline Albright put it ‘we think the price was worth it’ in reference to 500,000 children killed or orphaned in Iraq.

    They do and will plant incriminating evidence on millions, equally is that they manipulate the CONgress, the SCOTUS and the POTUS which affects us all adversely. They enslave through debt owed to them, they have hijacked our schools and indoctrinate our youth.

    No one can say they will not be singled out, you are already singled out and that is what this site is about. These are dangerous psychopaths and the DHS has billions of rounds of ammunition for one reason and one reason only and that is to use them.

  10. Snowden is just another banana in the tailpipe, as far as I’m concerned. The timing was too excellent in the face of the IRS/Benghazi scandals. The so-called ‘government’ needed a serious revelation to take the public’s focus off of those PR nightmares.

    More smoke & mirrors for the masses.

    1. Yep #1, I think that you nailed it on that one. Snowden is just another govt. paid patsy. I think that he is bending over for the govt. and that is why he is not dead yet.

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