Effort Launched To Mobilize Hillary Clinton Campus Armies

Secretary_Clinton_Says_Farewell_8435836823-660x438Pat Dollard

Excerpted from The College Fix: When Hillary Clinton visited Yale University last fall to accept an award, 100 students signed up for a campus group dedicated to supporting her likely 2016 presidential election bid.

It’s one example of how a grassroots movement to get the first female president elected is taking hold on college campuses nationwide. Her mobilizers are already actively rallying support there, determined not to let a key voting bloc slip through her grasp this time.  

In 2008, one of the critical sectors Clinton lost to Barack Obama in the Democratic nomination primaries was that of college-aged Millennials. This time, Clinton has Ready for Hillary behind her, a super-PAC dedicated to garner as much campus support as possible.

This isn’t her official initiative. She is yet to indicate if she is running, and whether she is behind the scenes pushing this effort remains unclear.

The super-PAC Ready for Hillary is working with 270 Strategies, a consulting firm started by Obama supporters, to employ the “snowflake model” on campuses across the country, reports the National Review. This model allows campus groups that calls themselves “Students for Hillary” to receive guidance from the super-PAC, but to adopt their own campaigning strategies.

Ready for Hillary’s youth vote coordinator, Rachel Schneider, has been traveling the nation to recruit students to serve on Students for Hillary groups on their campuses, according to a lengthy feature in Mother Jones.

Every week, Schneider holds video conference calls to teach groups the basics of campus organizing and campaigning. The super-PAC hopes to build strong student leadership in its Students for Hillary chapters by the fall, so that upperclassmen can aggressively recruit freshman classes and other students for votes, the article details.

There are now dozens of “Students for Hillary” chapters nationwide, which operate on campuses like Yale, the University of Iowa, the University of Miami, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, according to Schneider.

Many of these groups are in their infancy, but the groundwork is being laid. Some are more ahead of the game.

At the University of Missouri, students have already plastered Clinton stickers to their backpacks and cars, due to its chapter’s extremely active work – its members have been tabling at a popular spot on campus in an effort to recruit 400 to 500 students by the end of the semester, the Mother Jones article states. Keep reading

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3 thoughts on “Effort Launched To Mobilize Hillary Clinton Campus Armies

  1. I think Yale is the only place that even likes Hitlery anymore since it’s actually one of the last few places where she can get any kind of support these days. After all, it’s even the home of the Skull and Bones. Enough said. So in other words, this whole gathering really means nothing when you think about it. It’s a joke and shows desperation on the part of Hitlery’s political survival.

  2. “…100 students signed up for a campus group dedicated to supporting her likely 2016 presidential election bid.”


    The election’s in the bag.

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