El Paso Walmart shooting witnesses saw ‘three to four armed men running in… dressed in all black… shooting’

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas, August 3, 2019

Twenty people were killed at a Walmart in El Paso Texas on Saturday reportedly by the hands of a single suspected gunman who was identified by various news sources as Patrick Crusius, 21, of Allen, Texas. However, information received by Intellihub may tell a different story.

Remarkably, several eyewitnesses to the shooting, a mother and her daughter, were captured on video recounting how three men dressed in all black entered through the front doors of the store as the shooting started. 

“That’s when my mom is like ‘no it is actually shooting’ and she saw three men went in and they were all dressed in black,” a young girl named Britney explained. “…that’s when my mom said ‘drop down, go down to the floor.’”

Britney admits that neither she nor her mom actually saw anyone shot or wounded but said the three men were, in fact, holding guns and acknowledged the men were shooting.

Britney’s mother Adriana was near the checkout area at the front of the store with both her children when the shooting started and claims to have seen three or four male shooters dressed in black enter through the front doors.

“As we were waiting to pay, I saw men run in shooting,” she said. “There was at least three or four people… they were dressed in black.”

“I did not see their faces,” she explained. “I saw them dressed in all black… and they were the ones shooting because I could see their weapons and the bullets firing.”

Additionally, it is important to point out that El Paso Mayor Dee Margo originally told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer early on after the shooting that three suspects were taken into custody.

Not to mention, an image taken from security camera footage reveals a shooter who entered the store may have been wearing different pants than the suspect apprehended by police who was pictured in handcuffs.

A Tweet by Twitter user @DeepStateExpose reads:

Walmart surveillance footage shows shooter with ‘cargo pants’.

Person arrested – cargo pants, NEGATIVE.

A third eyewitness to the shooting, a Hispanic man, told a reporter that the shooter he saw inside the store was wearing all black and was also wearing a mask.

“The guy with the gun I saw him twice,” the man said. He looked “German-Anglo… about 6 foot… he had an AK-47.”

He was dressed in “all black… he had a mask,” the eyewitness explained. “That was about it.”


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