Elijah Cummings’ Plan for a Police State Run by a Federal Czar

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IRS targeting-advocate, Rep. Elijah Cummings, pictured below, and his Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members, sent a letter Monday to President Obama demanding a police czar and national regulations that would in effect nationalize local police forces.

“The administration must quickly establish a national commission to review existing police policies and practices,” the letter reads. “And identify the best policies and practices that can prevent more Fergusons and vastly improve policing in communities across the nation.”  

The letter calls for the appointment of a federal czar within the Justice Department to monitor and oversee local police departments that receive federal funding.

They will end up bullying and abusing local police.

The CBC claims they want to stop the militarization of police while they are actually demanding nationalization of the police in all states, a move that would ensure the U.S. would one day be a police state.

The letter claims “systemic racial bias”, using the Ferguson case as an example and while also acknowledging the facts in the Brown case are unclear. They want control over hiring and firing in the local police organizations by implementing national standards. The czar would constantly oversee  local law enforcement and new rules and regulations would be passed non-stop. It would be another uncontrollable and overly-large and powerful executive branch agency.

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste. It sounds like a new pen and phone action by Obama is coming our way.

If you were worried about the U.S. becoming a police state, you should be terrified now. Central control over our police organizations will lead to exactly that.

The people who want this said it would be meant to “prevent more Fergusons.” These are the same people who would readily hang Officer Wilson without evidence and without a trial.

The DOJ is doing that now. Instead of prosecuting real criminals, Holder is involving himself, at the behest of Obama, in the local police affairs of Ferguson without cause. There is absolutely no evidence that the St. Louis police won’t thoroughly and effectively investigate the case of Officer Darren Wilson.

Holder has no business being involved in the case and now the CBC wants it to be done consistently.

There will be no state’s rights if they have their way.



7 thoughts on “Elijah Cummings’ Plan for a Police State Run by a Federal Czar

  1. A police Czar? Isn’t that what the DHS is? Don’t they already have a DHS liaison officer in every precinct around the country? So what’s the point of this? More useless spending and centralized control?

    By the way, how can you “Nationalize” a “Local” police force? Isn’t that like an oxymoron or something?

    That’s like saying, I’m going to “Formalize” my “Informality”. WTF??? 😯

    This is just like them turning the “National” Guard into the “International” Guard by sending them to the Middle East to guard the countries.

    This is all so the elites can create or centralize their NWO Global police. Pretty soon, if we don’t stop it, they will probably have a global police force in every local area around the world that will be headquartered in Switzerland or something. It would be insane.

    Where will it end, people?

  2. First of all, the “Congressional Black Caucus” is a racist organization, and because they’ve banded together by race for some unknown reason, their loyalty to their constituents must be compromised by their racist agenda.

    The fact that he’s asking for a national police force only proves he’s either an idiot, or somehow profiting by supporting the encroaching tyranny.

  3. Those laws are already on the book and the courts have upheld them. But the police do not like the law and want nothing to do with the law in America. This is what leads to people being shot beat and harased in America is the police ignoring the law they are to live under. To the point they no longer know how to park a car let alone drive one. Or how to even make a police stop in a legal way. It would not take but 200 real police officers to go undercover. Drive into towns, look around get stopped and rate the local police to end this. There town does not meet standards. All Federal funds are cut to it for police and all Federal goods are returned they have from it. The town is off the freebey list till it comes up to standards Same for State and County police. With luck those who fail the test might with luck have those few officers return in 5 to 10 years and retest there town. Give them something to work foreward to.

  4. These are Cheka Commissars. Communist butchers is another word. They are NOT Czar.

    Lets be clear on who the Czar was. He was a Christian king of Russia. His family were devoutly Christian. Hated by our enemies.

    they plan to kill us all. You know? Patriots. Make no mistake. Russians are now looking what is happening to a country they looked to as an example for justice, honor and freedom, and hearing the reports from their American Cousins in horror. They see America going SOVIET.

  5. Hey people, better take a look at old Alabama. This game is 100 yrs in the making. And will someone snap an ammonia capsule under NC nose to wake that person up. This is as real that it can get, about 30 states are looking at this, or they have it in law. Crap, the sheriff in my county, has now, put in no notice terrorist drills in our schools. Why? It must have been the look the farmer had, looking over the fence, wanting to cut and bale the grass on the ball field.

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