Embarrassing Photo Compares Obama’s Berlin Crowds

Breitbart – by John Nolte

Courtesy of Fox News, here is a photo comparing the crowd size at Obama’s 2008 speech in Berlin, and the crowd size at his speech today.

In 2008, then-Senator Obama had no record and our corrupt media had no interest in vetting him. Therefore, he was a cipher; a thing upon which the world could gaze and pour their hopes and dreams into. With his empty prose and sketchy rhetoric about hope and change, Obama positioned himself to be whatever you wanted him to be.

And our compliant, biased, irresponsible, and dangerous media willfully aided and abetted that deception.

In 2008, The Cipher brought in a crowd estimated at 200,000.

Wednesday, The Reality pulled in only around 4,500.

One excuse for this is that Wednesday’s Obama event was invite-only. But we all know that’s a fig-leaf from an administration worried about how many would show up. Unless, of course, you want to believe a narcissist like Obama “chose” not to be celebrated before a big crowd.

What a difference a failed presidency makes


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2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Photo Compares Obama’s Berlin Crowds

  1. Quick, get in the tight angle close-up shots! Make it look larger than life! Whoops! Too late.

    And since he feels his life is in danger everywhere he goes (hence the invite, security and bringing everything with him but the kitchen sink), one can only wonder why he only has 4,500 people. Just sayin.

    I mean for a guy who pretends to be such a strong figure of freedom around the world, he sure is scared shitless these days. I mean we all know it’s because the other countries hate our freedoms. Whoops! Did I just say that? Excuse me while I puke…< BBLLLAAHHH!!!!

  2. Puke, then look up the 29 protocols & puke again….Obama is a teleprompter Goyim, he just doesn’t believe it yet—-Fight on for Freedom & Liberty

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