Emirates go around (1) BHX 5 Dec 2013

Published on Dec 5, 2013 by David Goodship

Emirates 777 go around at Birmingham Airport due to high winds – Thursday 5 December. This aircraft tried a second approach at BHX but wasn’t successful so diverted to London Gatwick.

Video of second approach and go around herehttp://youtu.be/AeyBxDUK0zc

This is the original video as seen on BBC, ITV, Sky, CNN, C5,

Other videos taken on the same day
Emirates 777 — First approach and go around http://youtu.be/-CTFESsA28Q
Emirates 777 — Second approach and go aroundhttp://youtu.be/AeyBxDUK0zc
Brussels Airlines Dash 8 — First approach and go aroundhttp://youtu.be/YzMefHazV4o
Brussels Airlines Dash 8 — Second approach and successful landing http://youtu.be/TOfZFxZZqHM

8 thoughts on “Emirates go around (1) BHX 5 Dec 2013

  1. I guess the skill difference depends on the years of experience and circumstances the pilot encounters.

    Perhaps in the first video the pilot hadn’t experienced that particular circumstance as of yet and exercised his maneuver on the side of caution.
    . . .

    1. Yep,

      That was kai Tak airport in Japan. One of the most dangerous airports in the world. Needless to say, it isn’t around anymore, they built a new airport on a man made island.

      On a windy day, pilots had to be on their game, that’s for damn sure. This guy was a real pro, he made it look easy.

      The Emirates pilot was, well lets just say, a coward!! LOL……..

      BTW, these guys train for these cross wind landings. I had to. I’ve been flying since 16 years old. I’m a commercial, instrument, multi-engine rated pilot. Believe me, these landings aren’t that big of a deal.

        1. Your dad is my hero……. I bet he has some stories to tell, damn……… In those days, navigation was an art. Not like today were all you have to do is push a button and follow the lines on the screen. GPS has made things ridiculously easy. Too easy some say.

          See below:


          1. Nice! Would love to learn to fly this baby!

            My dad was awesome! He’s no longer with us unfortunately. Passed on in 2005 at age 82. To this day I have a mental block with simple math only because in elementary school he was so good in every aspect of math, I felt intimidated.

            I hated having him help me with my math homework. He’d pound the table at the frustration of me not being able to grasp simple math equations. LOL! Example: I eventually took general math twice. Dammit!! Felt I let him down. 🙁
            . . .

  2. As I am not a pilot, I can assure you, I am a professional seat cotton sucker in these type landings. Also being in the air force for twelve years and having to endure their flights, there are a lot of seats with a plume of cotton coming out of them.

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