Employee for Federal Whistleblower Program Fired for Blowing the Whistle

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

Earlier this year, Darrel Whitman decided to sound the alarm over the dysfunction he had seen while working for OSHA. He was employed with the Whistleblower Protection Program within OSHA, and investigated claims of illegal activity and safety issues among workers. But after revealing that his department managers closed complaints to alleviate backlogs, altered reports, and failed to protect workers who complained, he was fired. In other words, a worker for a department dedicated to protecting whistleblowers, has been fired for blowing the whistle.  

Whitman told NBC news that “They got rid of the squeaky wheel” before adding “I was going to report what I thought to be violations of law and policy…they were going to have to answer to those reports and they didn’t like that.” In fact, Whitman was featured on the Daily Show with John Stewart several months ago, and admitted that he was going to be fired if the interview was ever aired. OSHA cited 6 different reasons for his termination, including “lack of candor during an investigatory meeting” and releasing government documents without permission (i.e. exactly the sort of thing a whistleblower has to do).

Whitman has since issued a complaint against OSHA to another whistleblower protection agency known as the Office of Special Counsel, and may receive a settlement for his termination. However, one must wonder if that whistleblower agency is just as screwed up as the department he was fired from.

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One thought on “Employee for Federal Whistleblower Program Fired for Blowing the Whistle

  1. Of course.

    Any “Whistle blower Protection Program” created by the crooks who masquerade as our “government” can only be an attempt to kill off, or otherwise silence whistle blowers.

    The Center for Disease Control is in the business of spreading disease. The World Health Organization is devoted to destroying the health of various populations around the world. The Bank of International Settlements governs international theft, and settling populations into poverty. The Food and Drug Administration exists to promote poisonous food and drugs. The Drug Enforcement Agency is a gang of drug dealers.

    See a pattern? Everyone who’s claiming to be “protecting you” has only taken the position that makes it easiest for them to rob you, or kill you.

    We’ve reached a point of “total corruption”, in which any act of decency is punished, and evil bastards reign supreme. The only route to success in our society now involves a “pact with the devil”, because the Satan worshipers are commanding the helm.

    We’re about to embark on an epic battle between good and evil, and every adult should be expected to know the difference between the two. I don’t want to sound religious, but even an atheist like myself can’t ignore the “Biblical” nature of the struggle we’re in. Good or Evil? Pick a side and get on it. We’ll see whose God wins this one.

    The Jews tend to believe that man is inherently evil, and since their religion marks no definite line between good and evil, they can walk both sides of the line at will, but walking both sides is something that people of a Christian society like ours, see as deceit (or more evil). Their religion allows them to commit any act of evil, as long as they can justify it with a “greater good” (ie. it’s perfectly okay to blow up skyscrapers and murder 3000 people in a day, if it hastens the “Jew World Order” that they all work toward).

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