EPA Tries to Swindle Indians Affected by Gold King Mine Debacle


At least the P.C. liberals who run the EPA are nice to Indians, right? Wrong:

The EPA is trying to cheat Navajo Indians by getting them to sign away their rights to future claims from the agency’s Gold King Mine disaster, tribal officials charged Wednesday, adding more to the administration’s public relations problems over the spill that threatens critical Southwest waterways.

Environmental Protection Agency officials were going door to door asking Navajos, some of whom don’t speak English as their primary language, to sign a form that offers to pay damages incurred so far from the spill, but waiving the right to come back and ask for more if their costs escalate or if they discover bigger problems, Navajo President Russell Begaye told The Washington Times.

If any private company behaved like this, Beltway bureauweenies would punish it most righteously, and none with more sanctimonious malice than those infesting the EPA.

The spill has dumped millions of gallons of polluted wastewater into the Animas River, which feeds the San Juan River and eventually the Colorado River, which provide water for grazing and crops in much of the Four Corners area, the quadripoint of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The Navajo Nation covers much of that territory.

No worries, the EPA will make up for it by destroying the coal industry, which provides us with half of our electricity, thereby saving the world from global warming — if you believe in that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, back in the world of factual reality, toxic heavy metals continue to pour into the river from the EPA’s mess. The Tang-colored poisoned water already stretches for 100 miles.

Before and after the EPA arrived to protect the environment.

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3 thoughts on “EPA Tries to Swindle Indians Affected by Gold King Mine Debacle

  1. You can’t win playing their game!

    The joos haven’t taken everything, YET.

    They’re still working at it…

    1. Wouldn’t the old method of distributing smallpox infested blankets be quicker and more humane?

      – Homeland Security –
      defending the homeland since 1492

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