6 thoughts on “Eric Holder: Obama decides who’s ‘entitled’ to 2nd Amendment rights

  1. Holder wants to talk all this sh*t. Well I am a fellon for having some pot back in the 60`s. I have never been violent. All my freinds were hunters and gun fanatics – just like I am – but now because I was sent away for some pot I am a F`N FELON. Give me a chance with this POS ERIC HOLDER and I will make it right that I shouildn`t have a gun in my possession cause it is people like holder that is what is wrong with our great country here. Yea those like this Holder bastard and the Obama types are what is pushing those like me over the edge and it might just go ape sh* t one of these days on those like these unholy scumbags. Most people do not even know that I am felon and think that there is something wrong when I say that I cannot go to target practice or go hunting with them. Pisses me off that they got to use the threat of prison so that I cannot possesses a firearm, Yea I will go to prison for a damn long time decause I was a non violent pot head back in the 60`s and still am to this day. Hell I wasn`t even a F`n thief.

    1. DD- Have you had your Civil Rights restored? Most states have an appeals process to make his happen, and generally you can do it yourself without a lawyer.

      Holder is under a Contempt of Congress- a felony, and subsequent civil suits regarding compliance in the Fast & Furious debacle yet he is still he nation’s Chief LEO. Go figure.

      1. Yea I know what you are sayin` but for me to go crawling on my knees to them bastards begging for my rights back is worse than not having any rights. I was told by a few people in power that I should do that and I told them that I would do that if they would give the names addresses reletives DA`s, judges and all of the under cover govt. agents names and everything else that was on record involving what I experienced when I was a kid being sent to prison. Ya know what – they said that I was being unreasonable with my requests. I took matters into my own hands and – yea I got some of them pig bastards sent to prison and one of the F`ers got his damned back broke in 2 places and now sells American Homes to – wouldn`t ya know it – cop lovin` bastards. Yea they ruined my life and turned all of my holy rollin` evangelical family against me. In fact the last thing that my mom said to me before she died was ” why am I so evil to smoke that weed”. That was 14 years ago. There is nothing that will make me beg for a pardon from them co*ksuckers after they ruined my life . I was only 13 yrs old. Went to a military/christian reformitory and then to prison. F them bastards. Yea, they have absolutly no sympathy or respect from me. What they took from me when I was a kid can never be restored no matter what they offer me. I want them to pay with their freedom and blood . This is why I say that they don`t even know retalition. Pay backs are a bitch. I when I know that they cannot sleep at night or that they might not be safe because I do remember and I do not forget and I will be seeking vengence before I die. They did me wrong and they went out of their way to do it to me. They are the ones to pay the price now. talk about being pushed over the edge – they do not even know where the edge is. they owe me!!! With interest. By the way there is even a county sherrif that does agree with me and said to me personaly that there would be half the PD that would be brought down if I did this – he knew me as a kid and said to me that I was set up big time. He advised that I leave town and that is what I did. At least now I am still alive as they have made a lot of threats against me and others that I know. One of my buddies is serving a multi life sentence in fedral prison because of these despicable pigs. Cops stay away from me and I stay away from them. I know the true form of hate and they know that I know it.

        1. Since our republic went off the tracks many many years ago–with very few aware of it–millions of lives have been ruined, brutalized, snuffed out, put into slavery, sexually preyed upon, and caged. We still have our rights and as soon as enough of us realize that we DO have our rights and just what they are, we can begin to MAKE things right. So many like you have been unlawfully stripped of his in/unalienable rights by liars, thieves, murderers, and criminals of all kinds.

          For some time now, I’ve found it absolutely abhorrent having to be ANY part of the charade that has become our illegitimate government AT ALL LEVELS. If you haven’t already and are able, I’d be educating myself in all aspects of self-reliance and being in the company of like-minded folks. There are a lot of good people around and more and more are awakening to a monstrous nightmare which, at its best, is a matrix that we’ve bought into. It’s a house of cards that is ready to blow away in a puff of righteous recognition by those of us with integrity, honesty, real education, and absolute insistence on NO MORE BS.

          I wish you well and trust that you will be one of those who participates in making things right. MOLON LABE.

  2. I agree with Atty Generalisimo Holder – the US needs to be running guns into Mexico. However, the recipients should be the non-governmental, non-gang, non-police population. A campaign of establishing a Mexican 2nd Amendment would go a long way to reversing the hellhole Mexico has become and the population would be less likely to move to El Norte.

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