One thought on “Eric Sprott on CNBC today: Finding Value In a Zero Interest Rate World

  1. Sprott went for constitutional money for all the right reasons in 2000 and is telling everyone to do the same to protect and prosper against the ongoing zionist fiat debt implosion that is rapidly growing in pace.

    Anyone who has an interest in Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Mean that are beautiful common geometric patterns to all of nature and the universe will be interested to know that by applying these truths gold is on course to rise to $3,495 by January 2013 and $31,672 by January 2015. Silver should equal this proportionally. In a likely economic collapse whether deliberately done by the zionists or not then those who can do so by holding silver coins and some gold will have a much greater opportunity.

    For those not fortunate enough to have spare dollars and even those who do the best advice would be to develop new skills, grow some food and be prepared.

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