Erie-based Magpul begins making ammunition magazines outside Colorado

Daily Camera – by John Aguilar

ERIE — Magpul Industries, the Erie-based ammunition magazine maker that pledged to leave Colorado after gun-control legislation was signed into law in March, is for the first time manufacturing its weapons accessories out of the state.

The company revealed the news in a Facebook reply late Monday night to a customer who expressed frustration with the lack of information about where Magpul planned to move its operations.  

“You have lots of people interested in this, might as well satisfy the masses and come out with it already,” Daniel Wooldridge wrote.

On Tuesday morning, the company provided a little more detail about what it was doing in a second reply to Wooldridge’s query. It specifically referenced the manufacture of its sights and PMAG ammunition magazines, which, according to its website, can hold 10 to 30 rounds.

“We have started making PMAGs outside CO for the first time ever,” the posting reads. “The sights are made outside CO. We are actively moving forward with moving other items out.”

Things appeared calm Tuesday at the company’s Erie headquarters, 400 Young Court, where the parking lot was mostly full. There were also vehicles parked behind the building.

At the front door, Magpul has placed copies of a note reading: “We apologize but we are unable to sell product at this location.” The note provides a web address where customers can order items.

Magpul said on its Facebook page that it would reveal more about its operations, which could include information about a new headquarters location, after the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting and exhibition in Houston this weekend.

The company didn’t return an emailed request for comment Tuesday afternoon.

Magpul made headlines earlier this year when it said it would pull out of Colorado if a bill banning the sale of magazines with 15 rounds or more in the state became law. Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the bill, along with two other gun-control measures, into law March 20.

The company said at the time it would start moving out of its headquarters in Erie and begin manufacturing magazines again within 30 days. Magpul had planned an announcement about its future a couple of weeks ago but wrote on its Facebook page that the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings “make this a poor time for that.”

Magpul employs more than 200 people.

Fans of the company continue to inundate Magpul’s Facebook page with requests for the company to relocate where they live. On Tuesday alone, several Texans, a Kansan and a man from Indiana implored Magpul to put down stakes in their states.

“We’re holding a place for you in Texas,” one man wrote.

Several other visitors to the Magpul Facebook page referred to the Centennial State as the People’s Republic of Colorado and commended the company for following through on its pledge to depart the state.

Magpul is one of several Colorado firearms-related firms that have said they would pack up and leave the state in the wake of gun-control legislation.

Denver-based Lawrence Tool & Molding announced in February that it would take jobs and machinery out of the state if Magpul relocates. And early last month, HiViz Shooting Systems said it would relocate operations outside of Colorado due to the gun-control measures passed by state lawmakers.

The company, based in Fort Collins, makes gun sights and recoil pads.


3 thoughts on “Erie-based Magpul begins making ammunition magazines outside Colorado

  1. I believe it does not need to be a firearms related company to leave Colorado Any companies whos owners are pro gun pack up regardless of your product or service and go to Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, or Arizona, all states that are sufficiently pro gun!!

  2. Although I don’t blame Magpul and other such companies for leaving the state of Colorado to make a statement, I wonder the effect. As NAFTA and other free trade agreements put the big whammy on Made in the USA years ago, I doubt that the crooks in power care. Jobs leaving the state, the country, etc., may not have the intended effect. More people need to get active and put the heat on their representatives to uphold the Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution or get out of office. The key question? Do we stand and fight or run away?

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