8 thoughts on “Even The Military Is Questioning Why They Aren’t Doing Anything

  1. If would be far more beneficial if people like this guy would be more specific instead of spouting off vague ideas. Reinstatement of the Common Law Courts and the enforcement of the Bill of Rights is what should be stated clearly. Also, it’s not your “job” it is the DUTY of every American National.

    1. That was my thought, too. Some might not even know what he’s referring to. Hope we’ll hear more from him on the fight ahead.


    2. Don’t use TikTok or any of these kinds of platforms using videos (I’m a writer, not a videographer)…if a Trencher uses this platform perhaps this person could refer him to FTTWR so he can know what has to be done, by all of us!

  2. well, as I see it..He’s not the military.. he’s probably just 1 part of it , and the way shit goes for those is ..”follow orders ”
    so they must not have been told what to think yet, or how to act about it …and likely wont be told this information

    and that’s what following orders gets you …..shit like this , especially when you see who the shit is that’s supposed to be giving the “orders”

  3. I speak almost daily with an ex-SEAL buddy, telling him I’ve approached a few in the ex-Spec Ops community, who’ve made it clear to me that they don’t seem to feel there is a problem within the country. My buddy told me I was wasting my time. ”The military will not stand up, and the ex-Mil is too worried about pensions and benefits.”

    And, as another ex-SEAL told me;

    “It’s just a mask, dude”, as he also seemed to feel there just wasn’t anything to get all het’ up about.

    Of course, what would one expect from a group that aids and abets ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria?

  4. Yes, we need the Victims (Current serving members of all branches of this corporate fictions mercenary arm) to wake the fk up and realize what they are part of and an oath to this thing called the Con-stitution is irrelevant if the Bill of rights is removed (which it has been, as we can’t peacefully enforce it with the peoples courts)

    He is there, he is close, but I see this in most areas of these conservative trump types, who still believe there is a functioning American Government, they are holding to this abstract Constitution (A mechanism/document meant to enslave a free people) yet still do know about the bill of rights, but seem not to understand the vast power and chains that the BORs provides over the Colonial Con-papers.

    Though somehow, it was effectively removed by this globalist, corporate coup all without a shot being fired.

    But, ok yeah, boy be right, it is your duty, it is all of our duty to remove these ticks and leeches from our lands and they ain’t going without a fight or a dead man trigger on the whole! SO, again, yeah, would be nice if a cadre of active duty at several levels would implement an engagement of the sword, of course our sitting, waiting, calculating Tory militias will be looking to pounce on the opportunity to usurp such a thing.

    It is simple people, they only understand and respect one thing, bullets and ordnance…they (the Tory’s too) fear the free American nationals who know exactly what the BORs means and provides, freedom for everyone and a 99% peaceful solution to the majority of problems and ills that plague our society these days.

    DTTNWO eternal and all who support and serve it, especially the brain trusts of the propaganda media both electronic & Paper, special ropes await all of you mthrfkrs, pretty talking heads, execs and all the spooks that direct you…Sick, vial maggots all.

    1. great comment Norm
      ‘but seem not to understand the vast power and chains that the BORs provides over the Colonial Con-papers.’……….agree, way too many do not know the Supreme Law

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