5 thoughts on “Executive Orders

  1. EO applies to the executive office, it does not apply to the other two branch s of government or to the people. As long as congress let the president, past and current, get away with it, it will keep going on.

  2. The “executive” can give orders to his secretary, but he’s not telling me what to do, and he can’t tell you what to do either.

    As the poster states, the president cannot write laws, and he can therefore place no restrictions on your behavior, nor tell you what to do.

  3. All true, but since the Constitution is generally ignored anyway, what difference does it make? If Congress, and the States do nothing about it, its left up to the people to enforce.To repeat once again the quote of Michael Collins…”our best weapon is our refusal..” to obey or follow any unconstitutional laws or oders.

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