18 thoughts on “Expert On Weather Weapon Technology: Hurricane Irma 100% Man-Made

      1. I hate people , so i guess i have the technology part covered , eh?

        lately the human race is such a quagmire of evil , i cant even get past DC

    1. This stuff kills as if it’s a huge world war, it just takes a little longer and is hidden by the fact the sheeple can’t wrap their heads around it. Elderly neglect, diseases, starvation, dehydration all these things come on SLOWLY, doesn’t happen overnight.

      So what if they turned the power on really quick, doesn’t mean a damn thing, death and mayhem is the first goal here. The obvious economic thing is the icing on top of the yamaka.

      1. Killing 100 people per hurricane is most certainly on a scale of World War casualty levels.

        You betcha.

        Why, at that rate, they’ll acheive they’re goal of population reduction to 500 million by…oh wait…they’ll NEVER get there this way.

        1. Hell of a lot more than 100 you schill bastard, you believe everything you read? Pull your tongue out of Rothschilds asscrack. Why are you on this site? Get the fk out of here commie Jew mother fkr.

        2. I think they have other motives, like contracts for billions.
          The communists must really be getting desperate. Never have I seen so many agents trying to slime their way in, if just for a comment or two.
          Bye, traitor.

  1. Whoever is driving hurricane Jose must be drunk. Or they are going to be in a whole lot of trouble cause it’s not kill anyone in the US.
    Imagine it, an engineered hurricane that isn’t going to kill any old people?


  2. Has this story been verified by credible second-sources & third sources? Perhaps Russian scientists and/or UN personnel and/or ex-pentagon types?

    Seems like this would be a good subject to throw in the faces of individual congressmen and demand answers on camera — and broadcast it to the world.

    1. “Seems like this would be a good subject to throw in the faces of individual congressmen and demand answers on camera…”

      To what end?

      All you’d get would be lies, lies & more lies.

      1. If you had rock-solid second/third sources, and the ability to show video to these politicians, it just might get their attention for more than 5 seconds.

        If even one of them had the necessary courage and fortitude to run with it — it could break story wide open. I won’t hold my breath but who knows ….

        1. suggest you research prof. mccanney……pretty qualified to speak ….I mean no offense to you but judging by your comments you strike me as quite naïve if you think there is a ‘politician’ that is going to expose the organized crime that is our ‘government’ and to which ‘politicians’ are members

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