Experts Sound Alarm: We Must Protect Our Food Supply

Jan 26, 2021
he US continues to shovel grains out the door even as Argentina, Ukraine, and Russia impose export limits. Experts are now warming that they are concerned (on a scale of 1-10…12) and that we MUST stop China from buying out all of our food, or our livestock — and ultimately we! — will suffer the consequences.

2 thoughts on “Experts Sound Alarm: We Must Protect Our Food Supply

  1. The soy producers need to be looked at for illegal activity by collusion with the Chinese scum bags.

    Something doesn’t smell right, why are we not interviewing the soy producers???

    These producers know about hemp rope, and its stretching capabilities?

    Bill Gates ownes the farming land, frag this bitch…

  2. Excellent video, and thanks for posting, Mary! I’ve been watching a lot of videos lately on YouTube and others about Bush craft (the craft of the Bushmen, supposedly the first humans, hunter-gatherers) and living in the wild. And about how cyclical history is (reset after reset), thinking in order to survive we’re all going to have to learn Bush craft and hunter-gathering (but at least we won’t have to click-speak! Bwahahahahahah!)

    And yes, let’s put these factory farms outta business…their treatment of animals is an abomination (and after seeing how they treat calves, I stopped eating veal).

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