Exposing the Fake Silver & Gold Bullion Coming Out Of China

Published on May 18, 2015 by Elite NWO Agenda


FAKE GOLD & SILVER – Exposing the Fake Silver & Gold Bullion Coming Out Of China

Tungsten is an amazing metal: hard and dense, with the highest melting point of all elements, tungsten is used in many industrial and military applications where high temperatures or radiation are an issue. Alas, with a density very close to that of gold, it has also become the material of choice for many in the business of faking gold coins or bars. Professional sellers like Kitco will use a combination of markings (micro-tags, holograms, DNA tags etc.) and buyers use multiple tests (dimension / weight ratio, XRF, conductivity etc.) together with plausibility checks to determine if an item is real. As a collector or private investor, how do you protect yourself from falling victim to forgeries, tungsten or otherwise?

It has recently come to the industry’s attention that a Chinese manufacturer has produced counterfeit silver bars from a number of prestigious mints including Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, Sunshine and, unfortunately, a small number of those we mint as well.

These counterfeit bars are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. There are several techniques to spotting a fake bar, primary of which is related to the characteristics of silver itself. Because of its density, nothing else weighing one troy ounce can have the dimensions of our bars and still be pure silver. Most likely the bar will be silver-plated (though the criminals selling them may claim they are solid silver measurements to the ones we publish. In March, certain corners of the Internet exploded when a one-kilo gold bar was allegedly found to have been “salted” with Tungsten

In other words, a gold bar was filled with a much cheaper metal to defraud buyers. An ounce of gold is worth $1,766, while an ounce of Tungsten is worth about $360. ZeroHedge conspiracy theorists into a frenzy: 3 tungsten based counterfeit gold coins, a Krugerrand, an American Eagle and a Maple Leaf. All are 1oz Ringer test

A gold dealer in Manhattan’s Diamond District on 47th Street discovered last week that an evidently certified gold bar was in fact more than 75 percent Tungsten desity

2 thoughts on “Exposing the Fake Silver & Gold Bullion Coming Out Of China

  1. Be VERY careful if you intend to purchase any gold/silver bullion…

    Understand what the proper weights/sizes are for the specific bullion you intend to purchase. Get yourself a decent digital scale and set of calipers, which should cost you less than $50. If it turns out someone is obviously attempting to deceive you, as opposed to a fool selling in his own ignorance, please do us all a favor and remove remove the evil creature from our midst.

    I will vote to acquit you.

  2. The United States tried to palm off tungsten / gold coated bars over 4 years ago… and was caught red-handed….. the govt. tried their best to hush up the story.
    So, now there is a rumor started that it is CHINA that is putting out tungsten bars?

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