Eyewitness Claims Oregon Occupier Blaine Cooper’s Testimony for Government is False

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

Malheur Wildlife Reserve occupier Blaine Cooper has become the first witness for the government against four men who are facing multiple charges in the occupation of the reserve in 2016. However, at least one eyewitness of event claims that Cooper’s testimony is false based on the fact that she saw him.

First, Oregon Live reports on what Cooper testified:  

Ammon Bundy called a clandestine meeting around the dining room of their host’s home in Burns on Dec. 29, 2015, and directed the six other men there to leave their cellphones and laptops behind in a separate room.

Bundy then discussed his idea of taking over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, said occupier Blaine Cooper, called as a government witness on the fifth day of the second Oregon standoff trial.

Cooper’s testimony about the dining-room sit-down marked the first time anyone in court has referenced a late December meeting between Bundy and the other men about seizing the refuge before the Jan. 2, 2016, occupation.

During his three hours and forty minutes on the stand, Cooper also became the first cooperating witness to testify against fellow refuge occupiers.

Of course, the defense demonstrated the Cooper was not telling the truth by citing one of his many conversations during jail phone calls.  One of those conversations was to his wife on April 5, 2016, in which he said, “I didn’t know they were going in there.”

Guerilla Media Network reporter and co-host of The Pete Santilli Show Deb Jordan took to Facebook to explain how she knows that Cooper’s testimony is false, and she didn’t point to jail phone calls.

“It was December 28th 2015 and Pete and I were about 3 hours out of Boise Idaho when Ammon Bundy called,” Jordan wrote.  “He asked us what our location was .. We told him close to Boise .. it was then we found out he had moved from Arizona to Emmet! We didn’t even know he had moved.”

“He offered us to stop at his place for the night and Pete thanked him but said we had a hotel reservation and didn’t want to lose our room,” she added.  “Ammon Bundy was home on the night of the 28th approx. 10:00 PM, and said he would be in Burns in a couple of days.  We did not see him until after the rally began.”

Jordan then proceeds to what took place the following day.

“Pete and I arrived in Burns at approx. 7:00 am on the 29th give or take a few,” she wrote.  “We checked in .. got our things unloaded and got some sleep.  We met with Blaine .. Jon R .. Jason Patrick .. and Ryan Payne early that evening for our first live streamed community meeting out of Burns that took place at the Fairgrounds.  Ammon Bundy was not present.”

She then emphasized that Ammon Bundy was not there the following evening.

“The next evening we attended another public meeting that took place in the same fairground building,” she wrote.  “Ammon was not there.  After the meeting, we all met in a small bar in Burns and had some very tasty pizza and watched Blaine Cooper get drunk and hang all over a local Gal.  When I say drunk, I mean obliterated.”

“Ammon did not enjoy the tasty pizza with us because he was not there,” she continued.  “I never once saw Ammon Bundy on the 29th or 30th.”

“The next day was New Years Eve,” Jordan added.  “We were invited over to get some interviews and talk with a few of the guys who were staying in a garage right outside town  It was freezing cold in the garage, but they had a wood burner going.  There were several guys there.  Ammon Bundy was not one of them.  I used the bathroom in the house and did not see him in there either.”

She then wrote, “When I asked about Blaine I was told he had a severe hangover and had been in bed all day. Blaine came out for a short time but was so sick he could not stay.”

She then concluded, “Unless Ammon was hiding under a bed he was not anywhere near that house or that garage.”

Now, why doesn’t the defense also call Ms. Jordan to testify in order to rebut the testimony of Blaine Cooper?  Second, since it is clear, even without her testimony that Cooper is not being truthful to either his wife or the court, why has there been no charges of perjury?  He’s obviously lying to someone about what happened.

Jason Patrick, 43, of Bonaire, Georgia, Duane Ehmer, 46, of Irrigon, Darryl Thorn, 32, of Marysville, Washington, and Jake Ryan, 28, of Plains, Montana are on trial, charged with conspiring to impede federal employees from carrying out their work at the federal refuge through intimidation, threat or force.

Cooper, 37, has entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to impede federal workers in the Oregon case and guilty pleas in Nevada to conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States and assault on a federal officer.  Cooper is a convicted felon who hopes to have his sentence reduced by six years for cooperating with the government and testifying against other occupiers.

If you would like to help the men on trial, you can find their names in the list here and donate or write them.  It will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. A government witness lie? Who’d a thunk it? Anyone connected with government is a serial liar and a POS, including, but not limited to, the FBI, BLM and U.S. Attorneys office. The government is worried about this trial and will pull out all stops, including manufacturing evidence, perjury, fabricating testimony and offering deals to their witnesses. Real sick SOB’s.

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