FBI Admits Supplying The Dummy-Bomb To ‘Domestic Terrorist’: Man Arrested For Bureau of Land Management Bomb Plot Admittedly Set Up By Multiple Undercover FBI Employees

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An update on our story from ten days ago. In case you haven’t heard the details, the FBI admits in their own felony complaint that multiple undercover FBI agents infiltrated Bill Keebler’s ‘Patriot Defense Force’ in Utah, encouraged Keebler to use explosives, volunteered to make them, and then supplied the inert explosive device for Keebler to plant at an abandoned Arizona Bureau of Land Management facility. [See our previous article here: FBI Arrests Utah Man Who Has “An Extreme Hatred For The Federal Government,” Charged With Bomb Plot On BLM June 23, 2016]

FBI Special Agent Steven Daniels swore to and signed this felony complaint on June 22, 2016. It was signed by Utah Magistrate Judge Dustin B. Pead. (Here is a bio on Judge Pead.)  

Keebler is currently being held without bail, and is charged with violating 18 U.S.C Secton 844(f), Attempted Damage to Federal Property by Means of Fire or Explosive.”. Also note the part in bold where agent Daniels swears, on June 22, 2016, that “KEEBLER had conducted reconnaissance on the BLM facility in Arizona in October, 2015, with Lavoy Finicum. A PDF (Patriots Defense Force) member/UCE (Under Cover FBI Employee) who was accompanying KEEBLER at the time took pictures of the BLM facility at Mount Trumbull.”

However, at the June 29, 2016 hearing, prosecutors changed their story and corrected that lie, backtracking and admitting that Lavoy Finicum was not there. This didn’t stop FBI agent Steven Daniels to swearing to it as truth on June 22.

This begs the question, what else is Daniels lying about or exaggerating in the felony complaint against Bill Keebler?

Here are excerpts from the felony complaint.

2. For several months, FBI undercover employees (UCEs) have been members of the PDF (Patriots Defense Force). The UCEs have had face-to-face interactions with KEEBLER as well as cellular telephone conversations and communications. The UCEs have participated in “field training exercises” (FTXes) organized by KEEBLER in which the PDF members practice shooting at targets and receive instruction from KEEBLER regarding firearms and military and survival tactics. KEEBLER has continued to recruit, organize, and prepare the PDF for the day when they can take part in an anti-government action with other militia groups similar to the event in Bunkerville, Nevada. On May 15, 2015, KEEBLER talked to PDF members/UCEs about putting teams together and “going on the offensive.”

3. On February 21, 2016, KEEBLER met with members of his militia group. During this meeting the group talked about gathering intelligence on potential targets. KEEBLER determined that the group would conduct reconnaissance on a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) office in Salt Lake. After the group had conducted reconnaissance and driven by the BLM office near the Gateway Mall in Salk Lake City, KEEBLER determined this was a poor target due to high commercial and homeless activity in the immediate area. KEEBLER liked the idea of targeting a facility with less visibility.

4. On March 19, 2016, KEEBLER organized and led an FTX for the PDF militia group. KEEBLER described the direction the PDF was going to focus on. KEEBLER said that the government had been allowed to harass people, but the repercussions were going to start. KEEBLER had previously said the BLM was overreaching their authority to implement grazing restrictions on ranchers. KEEBLER had opined the land belongs to “the people” and could be used responsibly at the American people’s discretion. KEEBLER said the PDF would sneak in and severely damage vehicles or buildings. KEEBLER requested a PDF member/UCE who has explosive materials expertise, to build an explosive device that could disable a BLM vehicle or damage a building. KEEBLER made it clear he didn’t plan on blowing people up for now, but he wanted his group to be prepared to escalate things, and take out people if necessary.

5. On April 8, 2016, the PDF militia member/UCE tasked with building KEEBLER an explosive device showed KEEBLER a video of a 6-inch pipe bomb blowing up some abandoned office furniture in the mountains of southern Utah. KEEBLER seemed impressed and wanted to know the member’s ability to make more explosive devices. The PDF member/UCE stated that he could provide KEEBLER with more explosive devices. KEEBLER stated he had a target in mind; the BLM building located at Mount Trumbull in Arizona. KEEBLER had conducted reconnaissance on the BLM facility in Arizona in October, 2015, with Lavoy Finicum. A PDF member/UCE who was accompanying KEEBLER at the time took pictures of the BLM facility at Mount Trumbull.

6. At a subsequent FTX on may 14, 2016, KEEBLER stated the main target for explosives was going to be the BLM facility at Mount Trumbill, Arizona. KEEBLER stated he wanted two bombs, both twice the size of the one he had seen on the video on April 8, 2016. One of the bombs was to be a remote control device capable of being detonated by a walkie-talkie. The other bomb was to be ignited by a time fuse. The first bomb was going to be placed near one of the cabins at the Mount Trumbull BLM facility. The second bomb was to be used against law enforcement if they got stopped while driving to or from Mount Trumbull. The PDF determined they would drive down to Arizona on June 20, 2016 and detonate the explosive device against one of the BLM cabins on the night/morning of June 21, 2016. KEEBLER stated they should drive directly back to Salt Lake City to put as much distance as possible between them and the damage they caused at the BLM facility. The weekend of June 20, 2016 was chosen as a good day because a militia group in Washington State would be conducting a gathering that weekend. The PDF thought they could get someone attending the Washington State gathering to create an alibi for them if needed.

7. On June 20, 2016, KEEBLER departed Stockton, Utah and began traveling to the target location in Mount Trumbull, Arizona in order to carry out the planned attack targeting the United States owned property managed by the United States Bureau of Land Management. KEEBLER arrived at Mount Trumbull later this day and conducted reconnaissance on the facility at Mount Trumbull with militia members/UCEs.

8. In the late evening hours of June 21, 2016, an inert explosive device was placed against the door of one f the BLM cabins in Mount Trumbull. After the device was placed against the floor, KEEBLER was handed a remote detonation device. KEEBLER then pushed the detonator button multiple times in order to remotely detonate the inert explosive. After the remote detonation, KEEBLER departed Mount Trumbull and returned to Utah. KEEBLER was later arrested on the morning of June 22, 2016 in Nephi, Utah by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

LINK to felony complaint PDF document.

The Salt Lake Tribune recently corrected their earlier story:

“In April, the militia member showed him a video of a 6-inch pipe bomb blowing up office furniture in the mountains of southern Utah. Keebler asked the militia member to make more of those bombs, saying he hoped to target a BLM cabin in Mount Trumbull, Ariz., that he had visited for reconnaissance in October 2015. (Editor’s note: He was a guest of Finicum’s, prosecutors later clarified at a later detention hearing, but Finicum did not accompany Keebler on the alleged scouting mission, as the charging documents state.)”


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  2. No “news” here. We still haven’t had a terrorist attack or mass shooting that the FBI wasn’t involved in up to their elbows.

    Think of how nice life might be without these lunatics lording over us.

  3. The FBI, (F’N Bumbling Idiots) will create the problem and provide the heroic conclusion portraying themselves as invaluable.

    “Yes, we at the FBI, are brave, heroic, worthy of adulation, deserving of Congressional Medals of Honor, will continue to pull off these false-flag attacks, giving guns and bombs to the perpetrators who, if they light the fuse, we’ll be standing there ready to sweep up afterwards.

    Yep, we’re the same guys that we’re 4 hours away from our Twin Cities office when Paul Wellstone’s plane went down. It’s a good thing we were there, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. See how good we are at being “Johnny on the Spot”.

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