FDA Assaulting Ebola Nano Silver Dr. Rima Responds

Published on Oct 6, 2014 by NextNewsNetwork

The Ebola outbreak is reaching new levels. It’s already the deadliest Ebola outbreak in world history. Now, months after health workers and even US military forces have set up shop in West Africa, the virus is still spreading like wildfire. We just learned that Sierra Leone buried over 120 people in just one day to Ebola, one of their deadliest days yet.

But as she reported HERE on WHDT last month, Dr Rima Laibow says the United States government reported on a potential cure for Ebola five years ago. Since that interview, Dr Laibow says the FDA and the FTC have both contacted her, telling her essentially to stop telling people about the product.

So today, we revisit with Dr Laibow to find out the latest developments. Dr Laibow, thanks for joining us.

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