Federal Court Strikes Down Magazine Limit but Upholds NY Assault Weapons Ban

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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- New York’s rights infringing ban on assault weapons is constitutional, but it cannot limit a gun magazine to seven bullets, a federal court judge ruled today.

The ruling by Chief U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny in Buffalo found that New York’s gun-control law, called the SAFE Act, that restricts assault weapons doesn’t infringe on Second Amendment rights. But the judge tossed a provision that limits a magazine that can hold 10 rounds to just seven bullets.  

“This Court finds that the challenged provisions of the SAFE Act — including the act’s definition and regulation of assault weapons and its ban on large-capacity magazines — further the state’s important interest in public safety, and do not impermissibly infringe on Plaintiffs’ Second Amendment rights,” Skretny ruled.

“But, the seven-round limit fails the relevant test because the purported link between the ban and the state’s interest is tenuous, strained, and unsupported in the record.”

The NY State Rifle & Pistol Association and other gun-rights groups filed court papers in March to challenge the SAFE-Act soon after it was passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who championed the law as a response to the Newtown school shootings a year ago.

The court ruling is likely to the first round in a protracted legal battle over the law, which has been widely protested by gun-rights activists.

The lawsuit claimed that the law infringed on “fundamental constitutional rights to lawfully possess, keep, bear and use firearms for self-defense and other lawful purposes.”

The law enacted tougher restrictions on gun sales, required added registration of gun possession and dropped the number of bullets allowed in a magazine from 10 to 7.

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New York Safe Act Court Ruling

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6 thoughts on “Federal Court Strikes Down Magazine Limit but Upholds NY Assault Weapons Ban

  1. Can’t enforce either , due to the fact it’s constitutionally against our rights
    Everyone needs to just ignore these pukes and tell them if they want them Molon Labe

  2. It is obvious that these idiots are to stupid to understand “Shall not be infringed”! How much longer will the ameriKan public allow these traitor with getting away with wiping their ass’s with the Constitution and the Amendments? Law enforcement in this country and the Governors should all hang their complicit heads in shame,

  3. So what they are saying is we have a 2nd Amendment but we don’t have a 2nd Amendment. As long as they think they can keep the 2nd Amendment in an amorphous, ghostlike shadow realm, the people can’t or won’t know which way is up or down and they can keep enslaving the people incrementally….little bits at a time.
    The Contract has already been broken…We the People need no longer abide by it.

  4. I remember this nonsensical skit. It’s called, “Yes, we have no bananas.”


    to make it even more clear, “Yes, I don’t think so, it is.”

    Happy New Year! lol

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