FEMA, the Big Rain Storm Irene, and Ron Paul

Well the true intent of the propaganda blitz behind Big Rain Storm Irene is becoming increasingly clear.  This is nothing short of a full blown ad campaign for the federal government in general and FEMA in specific.  Though the elitists have been trying with all their might to deny it, it has become an irrefutable fact that the majority of the American people of the American race despise this overbearing, treasonous, bloated government and are solidly behind Ron Paul in his determination to cut it down to size and restore it to constitutional legitimacy.

Did you see what a fantastic job FEMA and the local, state, and federal governments did in taking care of the people of the east coast during the devastating emergency?  What a joke.  They were actually trying to compare the Big Rain Storm Irene with Hurricane Katrina.  Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 that caused 1,386 deaths and when the levies broke in New Orleans, well we all know what happened then.

The Big Rain Storm Irene was a Category 1 hurricane that was reduced to a tropical storm before it made it halfway up the eastern seaboard.  The islands lying off of the coast were heavily flooded because they are islands.  But we are supposed to buy into the theory that as FEMA and our gluttonous government handled this non-crisis so efficiently, they have redeemed themselves for their total failure during Katrina.  No sale.

I swear this whole thing had to have been put together by a big ad agency.  The propagandists were harping on the 35 killed by the Big Rain Storm Irene like it was the end of the world.  I believe 159 people were killed May 22, 2011 when a tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri.

So what is all this hype really about?  Well I will tell you.  The incompetent, fraudulent, and oh yes treasonous, unconstitutional government agency known as FEMA, is running out of money.  I guess they couldn’t get anything back on those acres of brand new travel trailers purchased for the victims of Katrina that had to be destroyed because they were made with poisonous materials.  And don’t forget about the billions paid out to contractors who delivered nothing.  And of course all the checks sent to the good friends of FEMA who were not even in the hurricane zone.

Also do not forget the weapons confiscations and the innocent people mudered by the US Gestapo under FEMA’s direction.  These slime balls are no different than the ATF.  When their funding is threatened they will spare no expense, including human life, to coerce another allocation of funds.

Think about this.  We can land a space craft on Mars and send a rover out to study the surface.  If you believe that the powers that be did not know what Irene was, or better yet was not, I’ve got a mountain peak in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans I’d like to sell you.

Now considering they knew exactly what was coming, consider the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted to put on this show as nothing but a big commercial to sell we the people on giving these gluttonous bastards more money, when 20 million of our people are jobless and doing without clothes and food, and living in our streets.

Which brings us to the best part.  The Big Rain Storm Irene ruined a lot of people’s homes and cars who were living on these outlying islands.  Now we the American people et. al. are supposed to jump forth and offer these people whatever they need to get back on their feet, rebuilding their homes, and replacing their vehicles.  17 million other American citizens have lost their homes, their cars, and their jobs, but we are supposed to look at them totally different and tell them, “Tough luck, Life’s hard, Deal with it, By the way you are lazy because you won’t go work one of those jobs that does not exist.”

Oh, I know what you are going to say, those poor people living on those islands were the victims of a natural disaster and had no control over what happened to them.  I say what happened to us is worse because it was a calculated disaster and someone actually profited and is still profiting from the hell we are going through.

No, big scum government, no sale.  And your attacks on Ron Paul are only going to encourage us because we see your fear.  And as for you FEMA, you are not getting another goddamn dollar if we the American people of the American race have anything to say about it.

Before I end this article I have to address Michele Bachmann’s statement that God made the earthquake and the Big Rain Storm to tell the government to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and give that money to the filthy rich.  Michele Bachmann, you are a mush minded waste of molecules and it will be a cold day in hell when any thinking American casts a vote for your idiocy.

Another day, another article, I’m going to puke now.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “FEMA, the Big Rain Storm Irene, and Ron Paul

  1. Henry:
    Great article. The folks in Katrinaville are still hanging out in tin sheds.If you want a tornado to hit just put a tin shed up. The media hiped Irene, and folks went out and bought food, water, etc. which they spent there utility funds. Folks haven’t figured it out. No point in having food if you need electric. Buy canned products you can warm up on the grill or camp stove to survive.

    Minnesota does the same shit in a snow storm. The media: “OH MY GOD WERE GOING TO HAVE A SNOW STORM FOR FOUR DAY’S. ” Stupid people run to the grocery store and spend money they don’t have for nothing. The G–d damn storm fizzles. If you have the basics to last for four days! You don’t need anything else. The f—ing retailer’s love this shit!

    The Prez. and I use that term loosely is due in this morning to speak to the American Legion folks about jobs for Veterans.

    Minnesota nice doesn’t exist anymore. In ten years or less these people here who have jobs
    will be where I and 30 million others are. Homeless, or on the brink of it.

  2. I actually think there exists an even bigger conspiracy. That ” Irene ” was a storm engineered by the government.

  3. I have not had a job in over 2 years and look everyday. I have sold everything i own except for my guns and ammo,which i have alot of.. I wish this country would just go completely to shit,back to growing your own food,hunting for food and takin care of your own… I am willing and capable to do so.. Lets see these rich bastards who stole our money,try to make it! So sick and tired of the government bullshit and it”s f’n incompetent f__ks that run it…. Henry, I read your posts everyday and have been for a very long time.. Keep up the great work!!!!!

    1. “I have not had a job in over 2 years and look everyday.”

      I am in the same situation. There are others who have been out of work even longer than that. It’s a sad state of affairs to say the least. The only candidate making any sense whatsoever is Ron Paul. He wants to get the country back to a place where we can take care of ourselves and be free. All the other candidates keep preaching the status quo. If Perry or Romney win the nomination and either of them get “elected” or Obama gets re-elected, there is going to be a revolution, so keep your guns ready.

  4. In my opinion, which doesn’t mean much. The revolution is way over due.Take care were all in this together.

  5. I would like someone who is homeless, lost everything they worked for to write in their name on the ballot for 2012 elections for the Senate seats in the state of Minnesota. That means Klobuchar & Frankenstein. No one will nor wants to go up against Klobuchar. She seems to think she walks on water. She’s just another form of Michelle Bachomann. that’s not a typo. IT’S TIME TO GROW A SET OF B–L’S Congress people.

    Klobuchar & Frankenstein have done nothing for the long term unemployed. I have for two fricken years along with Obamer emailed these people. NO REPLY!

    Thank you for letting me vent my disgruntled life.

  6. Buzzy,
    I’ve been unemployed for 3 years as of last may. And like you I look every damn day and get the same bullshit results……….. Nothing!
    I’m already doing what you’re suggesting. I grow all my own stuff. Hunt and fish for meat. And in this economy the hunting seasons don’t apply. I’ll take it when I need it. But only what I need!

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