FEMA to Conduct Chemical Contamination Operation on Food Supply

Crimes Against Humanity

2014: HDIAC

We have barely entered into 2014 and we are already witnessing the largest chemical attack the world has never known.  The chemical war is being conducted in food, land, water, and even in the very air we breathe.

On February 26 FEMA will be conducting a virtual exercise that involves a chemical incident scenario that contaminates the food supply. Weeks before the exercise the government in partnership with the Resource & Resources in Food Protection will hold a Webinar on assessing the potential adverse effects of contamination of the drinking water distribution system.  

Not much is known about the chemical-food exercise outside the exercise design team and participants.  What we do know is that it part of a comprehensive 2014 exercise schedule that includes radiation, pandemic, wildfires, and environmental issues.

With each day, our risk increases for chemical contamination in the food supply.  After World War II drug manufacturers got a strong-hold into agriculture.  Foods that you know and love are being treated with a barrage of chemicals before they ever get to your dinner plate.  Not even food packaging or labeling is safe from chemicals seeping into and contaminating your food.

Tagging the Patriot


The Bayer Company may be sending Americans a cryptic message with their Patriot insecticide ear-tags containing a deadly chemical that is now being field tested by Allflex for the whole herd.

Bayer has a dark history of chemical experimenting on humans and animals.

The eartag contains an insecticidediazinon, that the EPA has been banned from residential and yet it is being used in food animals that we eat.

International treaty has established that all life is to be electronically identified. Provisions introduced through the Patient Affordability Act known as Obama-Care for biometric identification.  Proposals have been introduced through various agencies to amend Obama Care and it is reasonable to expect the international mandate for RFID electronic identification go forward.  With the emphasis on relieving the world from the ‘burden of disease’ we could possibly see similar RFID insecticide earrings introduced to humans to kill the pathogens that plague us (and the host) while tracking our every move.  With cunning marketing these chemical trackers could become trendy.

Whether or not this insecticide ear-tag makes it into the human herd is not a certainty but it is contaminating our meat supply with bio-accumulative chemicals.

One, if by air, and two, if by food

Agent Orange (2,4-D) 

Image:  Spray Unit, Condon, MT

Just as Paul Revere used a simple messaging system in the fight for liberty, we are witnessing a communication from policy-makers that they have opened up the chemical deluge.  The objective of chemical operations is to kill and disable as many people as possible before the action begins.


 2011-Heirloom Potatoes that fiddle-headed

The USDA/APHIS is proposing to deregulate certain genetically-modified seeds which are resistant to a component of the Vietnam-War herbicide, Agent Orange. The chemical is called 2,4-D and it is responsible to for deformity and death of crop plants.  The USDA wants to allow the chemical industry to regulate itself while regulating small farming into oblivion. The damage of by aerial application of 2, 4-D to a remote organic farm location is presented below.

2011-Heirloom Beans in a pristine organic environment until sprayed with 2,4-D

These fava and green beans withered and died

Non-resistant surface crops tend to fiddle-head and produce less.  Surface crops just wither away and die as seedlings. Herbicides including the infamous Agent Orange have been sprayed upon unsuspecting Americans since World War II testing the destructive power of this chemical.

The chemical compound of Agent Orange 2,4-D, is currently being aerial sprayed by unidentified aircraft.  It is used during wild-fire operations under a veil of smoke for secrecy to kill invasive weeds deemed illegal by international treaty.  2,4-D is  sprayed at a time when many people find themselves in respiratory distress from the acrid smoke that they are inhaling. The chemical-laden aerial spraying only compounds adverse health effects.

The herbicide 2,4-D is toxic to the eye, thyroid, kidney, adrenals, human reproductive organs, neurotoxicity study, skeletal abnormalities, and decreased weight gain, and other serious health complications and yet it is being sprayed over large swathes rural and urban land.

Why would Monsanto want to introduce and deregulate 2, 4-D resistant seed-stock if someone was not actively spraying 2,4-D?

Chemicals ate the flesh off this squash what is it doing to your body?  


2013 Winter Heirloom Hubbard Squash

 The skin was attacked, the flesh begins rotting away, and became an environment for opportunistic fungi and pathogens

The USDA is in the regulatory comment period regarding the deregulation of 2,4-D. This is one chemical that you can make your opposition heard.  The comment period closes Feb. 24.  APHIS is holding a virtual public meeting on January 29, 2014, from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST to receive comments on a draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for three petitions for non-regulated status.

A ‘Premise’ that Something is Wrong

The insecticide Imidacloprid is being fumigated into our flour, grains, cereals, vegetables and into animal feed. Imidacloprid goes by many names including Premise.  The reason that your flour and corn meal no longer gets weevils in them is because they are saturated with a lethal insecticide that kills the weevils.  Insects are very hardy creatures.  If the chemical kills insects, you can be assured it is bio-accumulating in your body and wreaking havoc.

According to the Extonet Toxicology report you find a variety of toxic effects, including tetragenic impacts and changes to your DNA and RNA.

Young teenage girls were used as human guinea pigs by agencies desiring to learn about the toxicity levels of Imidacloprid.  The girls were told to go out and do gymnastics on a lawn sprayed Imidacloprid.  The experiment was entered into the Federal Register.  This entry has been removed for public viewing.

We have only touched briefly on the millions of chemicals that we encounter each day.  I once saw a quote in the 1990 from an R.N. concerned about environmental chemical contamination.  She claimed that just one popular fragrance on the market could contain up to 900 toxic chemicals.  Individually, toxic ingredients would be banned from sale, but when combined it was perfectly legal to manufacture and sell.

 Nanotechnology:  Medication of the Future

Caption: Scanning electron micrograph of silica beads (yellow) on the surface of a human fibroblast cell.
Source: Matthew Ware and Biana Godin Vilentchouk, Houston Methodist Research Institute, Texas

This photograph was just released from the National Institute of Health (NIH).  It graphically shows the horrors of biomedical research.  What you are seeing are yellow silica nano-particles.  These particles are being explored as the perfect medication delivery system.  The particles are so small that your body does not recognize them as foreign and so it does not mount an immune response to dispose of them.  This futuristic photograph was taken with an electron microscope.  It shows the ‘nanospheres’ being swallowed up into a human fibroblast cell.  The consequences of such technology is unknown.  Researcher and scientists consider this image, art.

 Geo-Engineering:  Piercing Heaven

 The physical and spiritual worlds of the seen and unseen have been woven together much as a weaver weaves together fibers.  Could weaving provide to key to unlock man’s attempt to rebuild the infamous Tower of Babel, where man unified in an attempt to reach heaven, and become as god?  Is man defiantly trying to pierce heaven?

Look up into the sky and you can see that our sky has been modified by utilizing simple weaving techniques.  Researchers, scientists, chemical companies and the government  are using a bombardment of woven chemical fibers as they ‘woof’ and ‘warp’  aluminum, strontium, barium, viruses, bacteria, crystals, and even blood in their attempt own our weather.  Once the chemical foundation is woven a sophisticated frequency array oscillates and stimulates the adulterating particles testing their strength, durability, and stressing biological creation to the brink of extinction.

 Ancient Weaving

Since ancient times man has engaged in weaving.  In weaving the term ‘woof’ is used for thread or yarn that that is drawn through a stationary fiber known as a ‘warp’ to create a cloth or fabric.  A ‘warp’ fiber is lengthwise or longitudinal, held in tension on a frame “that which is thrown across,” while the ‘woof’ or filler transverses the span to create the weave.  During the entire weaving process the ‘warp’ fiber must be strong because it is under high tension. The ‘warp’ yarn is usually a spun fiber.

The aerial fabric woven above our heads has some interesting characteristics a unique combination of thermal properties, conductivity, elasticity, resiliency, abrasion resistance, insulating, absorbent, waterproof, weather and UV resistant, as well as special applications such as electronic filtration, control of electrostatic discharge, disrupting electro-magnetic and radio-frequency field. 

Gelatinous drainage from the sinus   1999 chem-trail filament-Clifford Carnicom

Our body responds to these invasive substances, pathogens, and frequencies in a variety of ways from heart attack to memory loss.  We are experiencing significant oxygen deprivation.  Dimming of the sun from these particulates impacts our whole body including our mental disposition and our immune system.   

Weaving Out God

Heaven and earth are likened into two balls of threads used in the process of weaving the fabric of Creation.  At a basic level creation is a weave of earth, wind, fire, water and the ethereal substances of heaven.  Within the substance are the defining characteristics of space, time, quantity, and quality all uniting to symbolize “the Light” of Creation for an inclusive total of ten.  Within these ten, are tools or windows that the Creator uses to direct the world.  Man is only able to gain a faint perception of the heavenly realm.

The different levels of heaven are the filters, screens of protection, or barriers from physical and spiritual elements that have potential to harm humanity.  These barriers are what protect us from the desolation and darkness that was the chaos,in the beginning. In the beginning of time the earth swirled with primordial gasses that under-girded life on this planet.  Today our air, food, and water lash out at us with chemicals intended to snuff out the breath of life.

It is time to stop tolerating our sky being turned into armor.  An iron fist which harms rather than protects.  We need to return to a day when heaven has not been pierced.  A time when purity could be found on earth.

Geo-Engineering Powerpoint (notice the chem trail as the lemmings go off the cliff)


6 thoughts on “FEMA to Conduct Chemical Contamination Operation on Food Supply

  1. It sickens me to no end, how TPTB can use us a guinea pigs, no one is held accountable. Pure evil, and they do conduct these tests, you ever wonder why so much cancer, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and any other disease/sickness you can think of. If they contaminate our organic gardens we will have to build huge greenhouses to shield our food, but then the soil is contaminated. Just so very sad.

  2. Sounds like another how to report for crippling the US.

    All those terrible terrorists that the Gov says are willing to die to take out America are receiving so much advice on where & how to hit the US in the most effective ways have yet to do a thing. The only option left I can think of is for the Gov to do that for them.

  3. carnicom (spelling) has been studying chemtrails / morgellons, for a long time. this is nothing new. there is no way to avoid this stuff. what a shame. these demons are all around us.

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