Fight cancer with organic green shakes every day

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So many people make good health a complicated matter by polluting their bodies with processed foods, irradiated foods, genetically modified foods, gluten, bleached foods, hormone-laden meats and milk, and a host of other toxic products that punish the body instead of rewarding it for doing work for you. Your body wakes up in the morning and your organs want food. They do not want food that comes from laboratories or factories that cook it to death and plug in additives and cell-choking preservatives. Your body is a machine, and it needs clean oil, meaning organic fuel, to run smoothly.  

This is fairly simple. You take a handful of organic spinach, some organic rice milk or almond milk, half of an organic apple and a little ice (from non-fluoridated water), and you blend it up in a smoothie maker, a NutriBullet or even a good blender, although blenders don’t break up the greens so well (

The best green shakes contain kale, spinach, collard, chard or romaine. You should rotate your greens regularly. Other good mixes for these shakes include pears, bananas, mangos, pineapples and spring water. Top it off with organic lemon or lime juice! Almond milk and rice milk are always smart alternatives to using dairy. You can juice vegetables also and add the juice to smoothies; plus, you can always save the vegetable pulp and use it in a casserole, serve it on top of basmati rice or quinoa, use it as toppings for salads or even as compost in your garden. Also, drink plenty of organic carrot juice and organic beet juice and eat raw organic cruciferous vegetables consistently.

Arm yourself with organic weapons that destroy cancer cells!

1. Fight skin cancer with raw foods: Check out coconut oil, organic honey, organic cinnamon and organic garlic and your taste buds will thank you right before your body thanks you. (

2. Fight lung cancer and inflammation: RejuvenZyme and Barley Power are two superb enzyme supplements. Both of these products are highly endorsed to reduce swelling, inflammation and congestion in the lungs. The enzymes in RejuvenZyme will also help the immune system recognize cancer cells as cancer cells.

3. Fight breast cancer with kale salad: ( Who knew? They won’t say it on TV or the “Nightly News” or they’ll lose their sponsors. We all know what we’re talking about, though. Why is that? Are you afraid that food can’t cure your cell disorder because they don’t say it on TV or on organic food labels? That’s because the FDA outlaws it. There is a lot more money to be made off sick people than healthy ones, don’t you know? Why won’t organic herbs and tinctures come as a “prescription”? Hundreds of thousands of health enthusiasts know the answer to this question, but the tens of millions of average “Joes” have no clue. Bottom line: “Don’t eat cancer” and it won’t eat you. (

Did you know that six months of chemo can cost $50,000, and a five-week course of radiation can cost $60,000 or more? One single surgery to remove a tumor can set you back $40,000. It’s mostly a scam too, because all of these procedures can easily spread new cancers, but people are finding out via natural and alternative news.

Never doubt the power of organic food to heal

So then, what holds people back from putting the truth to work for themselves, as preventive medicine? What holds people back from dispelling the myths and digging up the cure, literally, from an organic garden, and putting it to use? The cure for this chemically driven cell disorder is growing in organic soil, and it comes from organic seeds, but you need to turn off the TV to hear it and set down the corporate ad-filled magazines to read it. When will the tens of millions of people living in the dark ages finally tune in with the hundreds of thousands (maybe tens of millions now) of Natural News enthusiasts and change their ways to healthy living?

Are you one of those people who think that organic is more expensive (because you don’t factor in the cost of healthcare as result of conventional toxic foods)? Have you considered starting your own organic garden, or making the one you have magnificent? Follow these simple steps to growing greens at home:

Great tips for permaculture gardening:

Excellent tips for organic gardening and organic pest control:

Alkalizing the body to prevent disease and sickness

By alkalizing your body with healthy organic greens, you are providing your cells with oxygen and beating back free radicals and other harmful carcinogens that can lead to cancer and so many other diseases. This is preventive “medicine,” though no product or distributor can ever say it on the label, for fear that the FDA will come shut them down.

Never underestimate the healing power of organic fruits and vegetables. Change your ways now. End the gluten nightmare. End the GMO nightmare. Stop eating processed foods, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Maintain perfect balance in your body, the temple of your soul. (

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11 thoughts on “Fight cancer with organic green shakes every day

  1. I do a mix of carrots,oranges,celery,apples,kale,and ginger every morning. I’ve noticed a difference since I started a month ago. I juice this stuff.

    1. bulldog and I started juicing about 2 weeks ago, we do carrots, kale, and spinach, then I add a beet to mine. We also do this in the morning for breakfast. I have not noticed a major difference yet, but it makes your energy go way up!!

      1. Good for you and Bulldog !! Ya know that when ya cook a lot of foods that it destroys a lot of its nutritional value. Juiceing is a very efficient way of useing your foods. I will be doing a lot of juiceing this year myself too. You do not have to eat all that much if you are eating a good nutritional diet 😉

        1. digger, exactly!! I have all of the books by Dr. Walker, he was the pioneer for juicing, from the 1930’s!!!! We saw that documentary, FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD, really opened our eyes!! Earlier today, I told you my coworker came over, she is the biggest health nut I have ever met! That is why she was here so long, we were talking about nutrition, she was giving me info and I was listening!! She is in her 60’s, looks like she is in her 30’s, NO PLASTIC SURGERY!! She does not even die her hair!! She is truly so good at how to be healthy, she taught me about being alkaline, not acidic, don’t eat fruit with other foods, etc. She is just wonderful, and next week her and I are going out of town together, I get to ride in her brand new Toyota Avalon!! I will for a couple of days feel like royalty! It will give me a break from my jeep 4 wheel drive bumpy vehicle that kills my back!! I will get to feel like a GIRL!!!!! 🙂 I might even wear nice clothes and makeup!!

          1. Hey Angel! We will be in Shreveport, it is close to Texas! Join us! I think Kathy said we will be staying at the Hampton Inn!

          2. Well GOOD FOR YOU MISSY dang it 😉 . Like Angel said @ 5:32, you deserve it. It is good to know that you are doing your studies on this subject, I wish more people would. 🙂 P S, you keep it up Missy and you will be feelin` like a teenager in no time, you and your hubby will be rockin` and rollin` again like you were teenagers again 🙂 Enjoy yourself it is worth it Missy

          3. Thank you digger! Anything to keep from the doctors!! I am just so excited I get to leave the house!! I feel like a princess!! Matter of fact, I will keep a journal to let you guys know how my outing went!! LOL! I am just kidding! It will be nice to get out of this town.

  2. Thanks, Missy
    Wish I could, Luv. I’m not in TX right now. Lot’s of issues to take care of. I’m back in NYC. BRRR & GRRR
    When I move back, I’ll be Angel-TX 😉
    Back when I was in High School, in the East Texas Bible Belt, Sheveport was called “Sin City”. LOL I always had fun there (maybe it was the people I was with) Just relax and and have a nice time. You Know who you are. 🙂

    1. sorry, if you were in Texas you could come!!! NYC a little far! Hope everything is okay, and please stay warm, you guys are getting hit every week with major snow storms.

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