Firearms Equality Movement Gaining Momentum

Firearms Equality MovementAmmoLand – by Tred Law

New Jersey – -( The newly emerged Firearms Equality Movement is gaining more steam among manufactures and gun rights supporters alike.

The firearms industry, in reaction to the Governor of New York ramming through the NY SAFE Act which banned AR15 style rifles, has seen multiple manufactures revise their firearms sales polices to restrict LEO and Police Agencies from only buying the same level of firepower as is allowed for the average citizen of their state.

Thereby helping to make the citizens equal to police and law enforcement agencies with in the same state, and, in some part, making rouge politicians accountable for their actions trying to disarm the people.

It is important to note that the Movement is not asking industry to join a “conspiracy” but only to make their own sales policies support the right of the individual to keep and bear the same arms as all other classes of people in their respective states. The Firearms Movement is just that, a movement and not collusion, as some havesuggested. In the end each and every company is free to do business as they wish.

The List of Manufactures as complied by NC Gun Blog has continued to grow and at last count (2-27-2013)  included the following.

New York Boycott Participants:

  • LaRue Tactical 2-8-13
  • Olympic Arms 2-12-13
  • Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC (Per EFI, policy is several years old)
  • Templar Custom 2-13-13
  • York Arms 2-13-13
  • Cheaper Than Dirt 2-15-13
  • Bullwater Enterprises 2-16-13
  • West Fork Armory 2-16-13
  • Smith Enterprise 2-17-13
  • Alex Arms 2-17-13
  • Spike’s Tactical 2-18-13
  • Quality Arms Idaho 2-19-13
  • Liberty Suppressors 2-19-13
  • Doublestar Corp 2-19-13 (Includes J&T Distributing & Ace LTD)
  • American Spirit Arms 2-19-13 (complete with a video!)
  • Trident Armory 2-17-13 (reported to me 2-20-13)
  • Head Down Products 2-20-13
  • J&G Sales 2-20-13
  • Barrett Firearms 2-20-13
  • Exile Machine 2-20-13
  • Tier One Arms 2-15-13 (reported to me 2-20-13)
  • Bravo Company USA 2-20-13
  • Primary Weapons Systems 2-21-13 (read my blog post on PWS)
  • Crusader Weaponry 2-20-13
  • Top Gun Supply 2-21-13
  • Kiss Tactical 2-21-13
  • Clark Fork Tactical 2-21-13
  • OFA Tactical 2-17-13 (reported to me 2-21-13)
  • One Source Tactical 2-21-13 (Scroll down to shipping restrictions)
  • Templar Tactical Arms 2-12-13 (reported 2-21-13)
  • NEMO Arms 2-21-13 (check out their photo!)
  • Old Grouch’s Military Surplus 1-15-13 (NOT a typo!)
  • Big Horn Armory 2-22-13
  • Midway USA 2-22-13
  • CMMG Inc 2-22-13
  • Rocky Top Tactical 2-22-13
  • Badger Peak 2-22-13
  • Controlled Chaos Arms 2-22-13
  • SRT Arms 2-22-13
  • Norton Firearms 2-22-13
  • Umlaut Industries 2-22-13
  • Predator Intelligence 2-2-13 (Read comments)
  • Citizen Arms 2-23-13 (At the bottom of the page)
  • Evolution Weaponry 2-17-13
  • Chaos Arms 2-23-13
  • Warbirds Custom Guns 2-23-13 (Scroll to the bottom)
  • JBTAC 2-23-13
  • Stoner Arms 2-22-13
  • Ammoclip (Date of policy unknown)
  • 3 Rivers Precision 2-22-13
  • 2A Firearms 2-22-13
  • Lanco Tactical 2-22-13
  • Predator Tactical 2-23-13
  • Arrowhead Shooting Sports 2-23-13
  • Boise Tactical 2-23-13
  • Huntertown Arms 2-23-13
  • Lauer Custom Weaponry 2-22-13 (PDF) (Makers of DuraCoat)
  • 556 Tactical 2-23-13
  • Iron Goat Guns 2-16-13
  • Dead Bang Guns (Date of policy unknown)
  • Southern Appalachian Arms 2-15-13
  • Thunder Beast Arms (2-22-13)
  • Delmarva Shooting Supply 2-23-13
  • OJ’s Gun Shop 2-23-13
  • OCS Guns 2-23-13
  • Progressive Micro Devices (Special case, non gun manufacturer. Read my post)
  • Semper Fi Arms 2-22-13
  • Climags (date of policy unknown. Scroll down to “Why was my order cancelled?”)
  • Southwest Shooting Authority 2-8-13
  • Csspecs Magazines 2-24-13
  • MFIAP 2-25-13
  • Critical Survival 2-24-13
  • DogLeg Arms 2-25-13
  • Victory Defense Consulting 2-25-13
  • GWACS Armory 2-24-13
  • Allegiance Ammunition 2-22-13

As of yet we have not seen the big four manufactures, Glock, Sig Saur, Smith & Wesson and Ruger, that supply the majority of police contracts, make the same policy changes but I am still hopeful that they will move to support their biggest customer of all, the American people.

It is great to see manufactures banding together to protect the rights of their customers and hold politicians accountable for their acts disarming the American public.

As this movement evolves I would like to see this become an unsaid blanket policy that apply to all states, especially New Jersey, Maryland, California and anywhere else where honest law abiding citizens right to keep and bear arms of equal fire power as the state the live in.

For more info and an easy tools that you can use to write firearms manufactures encouraging them to make their own policy’s one that will hold the line for you and me, visit:


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  1. Proud Patriots stand up for their rights AGAINST government abuses. STAND TALL and loudly proclaim your liberty people, this IS the time, this is the hour. WE MUST NOT FAIL our fathers, brothers and children. Too much blood has been spilled gaining our liberties to neglect keeping them, resulting in our blood being spilled. Peaceful, united and resolved to retard these abuses by fascist overlords and tyrants. NOW, Today, ACT!

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