Firearms Facts Episode 16: Flare Guns For Defense

Published on Feb 7, 2013 by Iraqveteran8888

In this episode, we showcase the Kennesaw Cannon Co. Sub-Caliber Device for the Geco Flare gun. Using this insert allows you to safely fire .45 LC and .410 shotshells from the gun. This insert is perfect for campers, hikers, boaters, or just an extra defensive option to have around the homestead. In Part 3 we will explore the accuracy potential of the Geco with the addition of iron sights.

Check out Kennesaw Cannon Company for more details on their Geco Sub-Caliber Device and more:

5 thoughts on “Firearms Facts Episode 16: Flare Guns For Defense

  1. I kind of like that flare gun converson. Even without converting it just useing this as a flare gun would easily stop someone at close range if needed. It surely would put someone in the hosp. if you gut shot a intruded/attacker.

  2. Here’s an idea? Make a spud gun, then; make projectiles loaded with home made napalm. Simply mix gasoline and Styrofoam until it turns into a paste. the mixture is then put into plastic “Easter egg” shells which are fired from the spud gun. After enough “Easter eggs” are delivered: fire one of those flares at the target in question! Your enemy WILL FIGHT DIRTY. remember “Waco” and “Big Bear”. Be the first in a standoff to “fight fire with fire”. The target will probably laugh his/her ass off when the “Easter eggs” start splattering their contents. Imagine the shock when the flare arrives! ROFL

      IED’s at their native best. Time to get a flare gun and shells! Easter is just around the corner, I wonder how many of those plastic eggs I can grab?

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