5 thoughts on “Fireball & Loud Boom Rocks Homes in Arizona!

  1. We will see the heaviest barrage of asteroids in January 2014. You can see the comet Ison and it’s asteroid laden tail that resulted from it’s close encounter with the sun in the low eastern skies in the early morning hours before dawn. As Ison passes earth, it will leave in it’s dust a debris field of asteroids that the Earth’s orbit will take us through. So, if this close encounter with Ison between December 26th and December 28th doesn’t result in cataclysmic events, we will have January to look forward to. There’s a reason why every government telescope is shut down. Plenty of photos from private sources of the incoming celestial fireworks display on youtube. Oh, sorry Henry, I may have breached the “No conspiracy theories” rule but I can see this thing getting brighter with every morning I am able to see it. Or it is what it is, a conspiracy theory.

  2. I have been tripping out because for the last 3 days at exactly the same time early in the morning, I have walked out to the end of my driveway as my wife was driving off to work. I would go out to the street and look at the eastern horizon while still dark looking to see if I could see Comet Ison. I have not seen any signs of it, but each time I have looked for the last 3 days at the same time each day I have seen a shooting star traveling from the west to the east looking almost straight up. It’s pretty cool that I have seen it at the exact same time every day. Almost like it is a sign from God. My dog even sits there looking up at the sky too, when usually he is always sniffing around pissing on everything in the yard, hehe This here in Yuma, Az

    1. I haven’t seen anything here in Dallas, TX and it’s been clear skies for the past couple of days. Strange. Today, however is cloudy, so I can’t see a damn thing.

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