‘Fireballs’ Light Up Skies From Virginia To Ohio To New York

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Image left is a live meteor detection chart for January 28th, 2013 around midnight. EST.

From Virginia to Ohio, people are reporting sightings of fireballs and meteors shooting across the sky Sunday night around 9:30 pm Eastern time. Hundreds of reports of spectacular fireballs have rushed into news stations across the Eastern half of the United States in many states while reports to the American meteor society are making many people wonder whether or not what they witnessed in the sky was a fireball or meteor afterall. From WSET in Virginia:

Dozens of viewers, nearing over 100 as of Sunday Night, report seeing a very bright “fireball” streak across the night sky.

Witnesses report a vivid tail of fire-like red particles extending from the fireball.

What has me even more interested are the reports coming in to the American Meteor Society all around the same time, 9:30 Eastern time Sunday night, January 27th, 2013 and this report to this GLP Forum.:

I just witnessed something crazy. I was outside kicking a butt when i looked up and seen what looked like a “I sh*t you not” a plane on fire. Ive seen shooting stars before and Ive seen meteor showers and this was nothing like either of them. Shooting stars and meteors go threw the sky really quick but i watched this flaming ball with a huge tail of light following it for about 45 seconds. Is there anyone else out there in the FB world that seen this too.

Dawn F. I saw something similar last night! What’s going on in our neighborhood? What I saw looked like a white/blue ball of flame.
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Rob G. I just saw about 20 emergency vehicles go down emmaus ave towards Bethlehem. Maybe a plane went down
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Jenelle C. I’m seeing major people talk about it… Haha they r freaking out too!!
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Jenelle C. A girl Tracey y… And she’s got a bunch of comments under her post… Everybody thinkin it’s a UFO and crazy stuff!!
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Jerome M. think this was it?’
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Jenelle C. Saying it was standing still in air, then moving… Then had a bunch if lights then just one?!!
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Joe N. Someone I know on fb an hour ago said he saw two stealth bombers flying low
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Anthony G. Something weird is going on.

Read more here:  http://beforeitsnews.com/space/2013/01/fireballs-light-up-skies-from-virginia-to-ohio-to-new-york-2453662.html

3 thoughts on “‘Fireballs’ Light Up Skies From Virginia To Ohio To New York

  1. we had some pretty good rain and ice that covered the state(ohio) from the ice storm that covered quite a bit of other states as well, how did anyone see anything with all of the rain and ice and snow.

  2. Most likely it was a larger-than-average meteoroid (or shooting star). I’ve seen some whoppers! One happened to be in Ohio, driving the turnpike east to west. It looked like a giant piece of brimstone falling to the ground – probably about 10 miles in front of me. Another was in the Detroit area, it looked like… a giant plane on fire and it lasted an amazing several minutes as it traveled through the sky toward the southeast as it appeared to travel up and away from the earth. A vast majority of meteoroids are only visible for a fraction of a second.

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