First the Gay Military, Now Gates to Head Gay Boy Scouts

robert-gates-gays-in-the-militaryLast Resistance – by Dave Jolly

Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been getting a lot of new coverage lately over his book that criticizes the leadership of his former boss, President Barack Obama.  The Obama administration has been trying to downplay the accusations made by Gates in his book, but that’s typical for the White House.

Gates was first appointed as Secretary of Defense by former President George W. Bush in December 2006.  When Barack Obama won the 2008 election and was sworn into office in January 2009, he kept Gates on as Defense Secretary.  He retired as Secretary of Defense on July 1, 2011, opening the way for Obama to appoint a spineless little weasel known as Leon Panetta.  

Under Obama’s leadership, Gates led the US military from a once proud and strong force into the realms of homosexuality and perverse liberalism.  In March 2010, Gates announced that the military was lifting the ban on ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ and that homosexuals would be allowed to openly serve in the military.  Gates said that allowing gays to serve just made common sense and common decency.  He also stated:

“The reality is that you don’t all agree with each other on your politics, you don’t agree with each other on your religion, you don’t agree with each other on a lot of things.  But you still serve together. And you work together. And you look out for each other. And that’s all that matters.”

Does it make common sense to place gay man in the same tight quarters with a very conservative normal man?  Not in my book.  It seems like he was trying to mix oil and water and we all know that they don’t mix well at all.  Gates and the military’s solution to the problem was to start enacting more and more policies to give gays extra protection and privileges while at the same time starting a series of restrictions against Christians exercising their religious faith.  Panetta took Gates lead and ran with it while he worked on emasculating and de-Christianizing the military after Gates retired.

Now, Robert Gates will be taking his same pro-gay agenda to the Boy Scouts of America as he becomes their new president in May of this year.  This follows the formal acceptance of gay scouts that took effect on January 1 of this year.

Gay activists and organizations are hailing Gates appointment to lead the Boy Scouts just like he led the military.  They are relying on him to extend many of the extra privileges and protections to gay scouts as those given to gay soldiers.

When I was a scout, every meeting opened and ended with prayer.  We were taught Christian principles not only because of their moral value but because the Boy Scouts, by and large, was a supposedly Christian organization.  It wouldn’t surprise me now to start seeing the Boy Scouts turn away from everything Christian that they have embraced in their 114 years of history.  Gays will object to prayer and any references to the Bible, God, Jesus or Christian and will whine and cry and file lawsuits to strip others of their rights.  I guess in that context, Robert Gates is probably the perfect man for the job.

8 thoughts on “First the Gay Military, Now Gates to Head Gay Boy Scouts

  1. Ya … the guy who lives in a glass rainbow house, who throws rocks in his new book b**chin’ about Obama? Give me a break … pedophile!
    . . .

  2. He probably wants to lead the Boy Scouts in their new gay-friendly agenda so he can get himself some young boy action, and recruit future congressmen from the queerest of the troop. He’ll videotape them earning their fellatio merit badges so they can be blackmailed when they’re in office.

    In the meantime, someone should start a new Boy Scouts for real boys, because in the old days it was an important learning opportunity for them, but I don’t think most parents want to send their sons on any queer camping trips with a gang of sodomites.

    “My son was well on his way to becoming a real man, but after a few summers at scout camp, now he only likes wearing his sister’s clothes.”

    1. Hi Jolly Roger,


      When this treasonous bag of slime, Gates, takes over,… his mandate will be to install the “Queer Agenda” as quickly, and broadly as possible,.. even if he has to persoanally,.. (drum roll please,…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuPP!),… ram it down their throats! (Ta-Daaaa!!!!! Horns Blaring!!!!,…… Queer Scout parents clapping!!!!,…… yes folks!,.. you just can’t make up this kind of physcotic and disgusting humor,.. it takes a REAL fag to “cum” in,.. and take charge in the complete and utter destruction of a childs pyschology and sexual identity!!!)

      I’m sure that, “earning their fellatio merit badges” will be just one of many new and fascinating “participation” activities Gates will be bring to the new and improved,..”Queer-Scouts”. (Cross dressing will certainly be another Badge….)

      JD – Are we appalled enough yet to start the process of taking this country back from the pyschos?,.. or do we really need to witness the complete destruction of our children first?

  3. My Fellow Patriots:

    Does nobody else see a problem here?

    Hhmmm,… lets see,…

    You have a magalomanic like Gates, that was in charge of one of the largest, and certainly most lethal military force in human history,.. A regular in national political affairs and in White House meetings,…was in the Propaganda press limelight untold numbers of times,… and part of the Military-Industrial-Complexe,… and is on how many corporate boards??

    But now he wants to head-up an organization based on keeping snot nose kids busy????

    Does anyone see the contradiction here??

    Well,.. actually,.. its no contradiction.

    This is exactly following the communist template on how to debase and destroy a country from within,… and in its advanced stages (as we are),.. you take control of the development process of the kids,.. and destroy any remaining potential sense of morality, of Patriotism and of simple Right & Wrong.

    Enter stage left,.. the vanguard leader now turning the, “Boy Scouts” into the indoctrination organization for: “Become A Fuk’n Queer Scout”.

    This little bag of treasonous filth, Robert Gates, fuk’d the young men and women of this country over by having them fight in what he KNEW are fabricated wars,… having them come home missing body parts, or their minds reduced to scrambled eggs because of their horrific experiences,… and in all to many cases,.. coming home in a zip lock bag for burial.

    Now this low-life treasonous bag of filth is gong to fuk over the CHILDREN of this country by deliberately exposing them to the wholly destructive and pyschotic indoctrination process of “queeritizing” them!!

    Any parent that let’s their child remain in the Queer-Scouts, is a low-life maggot, and unworthy of being a parent, as they are absolutely exposing their kids to complete and absolute intentional harm,… bar none.

    JD – US Marines – Another brick has been placed in the, “Road To Perdition” for this country.

  4. Yep,America has a gay president, queer olympians and now there is a faggot boy scout leader. I guess they will be teaching them new ways to pitch a tent. 😆 😎

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