16 thoughts on “Five Man Electrical Band – Signs (1971)

  1. Yes, thankyou lord for thinkn` about me `cause I am alive and doing fine So I say thank you you POS cops- I am alive and doin` fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so eat this !!!! use your imaginagtion!!

          1. LOL I could be wrong, but seem to remember teasing him about drinking Scarlet O’Hara (I’ve heard it called that in the South, though it’s known as a Cape Cod/Codder up East). 🙂
            Yummy stuff. 🙂

          2. I remember him saying something about red pea. I think i know what he was saying now. ha 🙂

        1. No Angel!!! I like ” junior JOHNSON family recipe”
          good old fashioned moon shine.
          need no mix smooth as can be and honest as a stills produce!!! And that is a fact. Honest as ya can get dang it. and on that note I am gonna take another slug off that quart jar of shine. Yea, no shit. 😆

          1. LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂
            Don’t remember who I was kidding then. Must be a touch of that “Old Timer’s Disease.” 😉

          2. 🙂 you two, I really gotta love ya`ll. yea that ole junior johnson shine keeps me to home and keeps me outa trouble to be sure.
            I do not even know what to say guys because Ya all are just too good for me to say anything my brothers and sisters. And I do not say that very much at all but you guys make me feel proud. Yes ya`ll do

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