Flashback: From the Trenches’ Exclusive to Michael Rivero’s Exclusive

Originally Posted August 12, 2013

On Friday Michael Rivero released an “Exclusive” article on What Really Happened, attempting to justify what he perceives as his righteous actions in threatening From the Trenches.  In doing so, he attempts to slander our fight here in the Trenches.  He ends his article in stating that it is his aim to head off a smear campaign, when in reality he knows he has tread upon that rattlesnake and the fangs are going in and the poison is going to pump.

Mikey puts forth the notion that we here at From the Trenches violate copyright law because we bring complete articles to the site for discussion, which is what makes From the Trenches unique and indeed powerful because we are not just warehousing information; we are disseminating it and working the problem.  

Here are the facts.  No one owns our living, unfolding history.  The news is an account of what is going on around us and no one can hold any exclusive thereon.  If I pick up a newspaper from a park bench, I can take that newspaper to my discussion group and let all there read it and discuss it.

As long as I am not putting my name on someone else’s work and attempting to fraudulently sell it as my own work, the 1st Article of our Bill of Rights guarantees we on From the Trenches the absolute right to bring forth anything written, published, and put forth to the public, and to discuss it as long as we identify the source.

Of course Michael Rivero, coming from the faggot, communist Hollywood crowd, would like to set a standard wherein every work written belongs to the writer who should be paid for chronicling their view of the world around us.

From the Trenches operates well within the infringements to the law and it is this slander to the contrary that you will answer for, Michael Rivero.

Michael Rivero is a socialist, existing on his rung on the socialist ladder.  He looks up to those he perceives as above him on the ladder and down on those he perceives as below.  He says he has helped From the Trenches in “allowing” us access to a larger audience and that is true.  But what is also true is that Michael Rivero has used From the Trenches as a tool for credibility.

Mikey does not even realize why I basically told him to shove his site up his ass.

You see, Wall Street On Parade is an elitist publication that claims it is there for citizen enlightenment.  But apparently, they found association with we here in the Trenches to be somehow degrading.  Like I said, they put their article out to the public by putting it on the internet and I can, by law, put it on From the Trenches so long as I acknowledge the source in writing.

When confronted with the situation Mikey looked up the ladder toward Wall Street on Parade and the elitism that he covets and aspires to.  Then he looked down the ladder at From the Trenches and those he considers to be beneath him.  He then addressed me from the wrung he considers himself to be standing on.

Like Alex Jones, Mike does not seek to empower the individual, but rather himself through an accumulation of a collective will, as in Rivero’s Rangers.  Mike is not from our world and he does not understand us to the smallest degree.  You see Mikey, in our world, if you want to assert yourself into the face of a man, we actually require that you be standing there, offering the opportunity to whip your ass if the disrespect coming out of your mouth requires it.  A real man prefers to stand toe to toe as it leaves no doubt that there is a pair of balls behind every statement.

Smear you?  No real need, but as you did not offer me the option of slapping your mouth shut, I will put forth some assertions that I have been holding back on in the belief that you were actually attempting to find the truth and become a true American national.

I have heard you encourage our young people, our best and brightest, to abandon our Republic in its most dire time of need since its inception, encouraging them to flee to one of the socialist countries you seem to so admire.

I have heard you say that the end result of our Revolution will be in becoming another Russia.  Again, something you have indicated might not be so bad.

You denied the fact that the American nationals have realized the situation and will take this country back by force as there is no other alternative.

You have advocated for a world socialist worker movement in lieu of our sovereign Republic.

You recite our Constitution and our precious Bill of Rights out of one side of your mouth while preaching Marxism out of the other.

You think us stupid in that we would believe that, unlike being pregnant, being a little bit communist is an actual possibility. But wait, you have declared that communism no longer exists.  That North Korea, Russia, and most especially Red China does not exist.

Smear?  You are a smear and I will no longer hold back in identifying you for the seditious piece of shit you are.

From the Trenches is strong because it is made up of individuals who follow our Bill of Rights and our own consciences.  Our people are our site, as From the Trenches would not exist without the people who post thereon.  We are having an effect because we are not just warehousing information to see it scattered to the four winds, taking our people with it.  We are centering the debate on the only site of its kind that will continue to exist as the only site of its kind, as long as individuals putting up sites continue to thrive through the perpetuation of the current state of what is passing as patriot communication.

I close this article with a message to Mike.  Anything I have said about you here I would happily say right to your fat little face.  We here at From the Trenches have declared ourselves and understand the risks in doing so.  We fight earnestly for the restitution of our Republic with our Bill of Rights as absolute and anyone who does not respect our intellect and our balls, in fact who is not supporting us in our sacrifice, by logic must have an alternative motive.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

118 thoughts on “Flashback: From the Trenches’ Exclusive to Michael Rivero’s Exclusive

  1. Wow,

    Both FTT and WRH are two of the best sites working against the NWO. Please guys, calm down, and stop attacking each other. These are tense times, and what set this battle off may be something entirely unrelated to the link stink, like someone was having a bad day and with poor judgement lashed out in anger on whatever crossed their path. This activist community needs to remain united because we are fighting a great monster, that would gain great advantage to have us bickering with each other. You both have valid points but is that worth anything compared to what we are up against. Stop the spat. Respect each other. We, your community are depending upon both of you for leadership. Let this tornado calm down. Please.

  2. If they’re unable to align and destroy from with in.
    They’ll attack out right, discrediting, maligning, and
    making every effort to divide and conquer those
    whom they fear that will expose them.
    Same old play book the haters of Freedom use.
    mr. rivero’s tactics are found in the little red book.
    That’s turned to the chapter alinski wrote.
    Many fabian socialists use, and read, this chapter.
    We see these tactics being used by the
    “Village Idiot” which resides at 1600.
    But what these maligners of Freedom don’t
    understand is this;
    Freedom is ingrained into our DNA.
    God Almighty, put it there.
    The only way that “maligners” can have any effect
    is when they can trick folks into giving up these
    natural, God given freedoms.
    As all socialists, progressives, marxists, and
    haters of Freedom in general aspire to achieve.
    We here IN the “Trenches” understand who and
    what these creatures are.
    We fight them every day.
    And will continue to Stand Up Against them for
    as long as it takes.
    Shining the light of “Truth” into all the dark and
    damp places where these creatures reside.
    Exposing them for what they Really are…..
    Creatures, who’d live off the host,
    as any parasite would.

  3. My comment is the same as Harold’s. We basically are on the same team and the last thing we need is fighting among ourselves. Both are excellent news sources, and should work together like right hand and left hand to keep us all informed and educated. Please guys, shake hands and make up.

  4. agreed… never would have heard of FTT if it wasn’t for WRH.. Mike has a valid point, if you didn’t write it then just link to it.. what’s the big deal

    1. What’s the big deal? That would be my 1st Article right, you son of a bitch. So long as I give credit to the source, I can put every goddamn bit of it up. And I will not change the way From the Trenches is run in order to be like everybody else. Otherwise I might as well go along with the other one million infringements on my rights.
      I will not abide by policies these communists who think they own the internet have enacted upon themselves and think they can enact upon me.
      Is that clear enough for you, communist?

      1. Henry,
        It appears their allies are here at work ……
        If we’re all on the same side, as they try to
        express. Then I pose this question:
        “Why do they bring forth this current attack.
        Trying to change “Trenches” format, that
        would silence “Trenches” at the same time ?”
        Stay the course Henry, “Trenchers” are dug
        in with you.

      2. I must side with Henry, we need more valuable sources of information such as FTT where important topics should be discussed but in many cases are left in the dark. It is a necessity to have a platform that allows individuals to read this info and state there opinion not only to better understand given topics from others input and experience but also to give attention and support to issues that threaten our true definition of liberty.There should be no reason to persuade one to go one way or another that is a red flag of a bad source of bs hint hint WRH. For as much crap that has come from riveros lips i think it would be fair to call those wrinkled pieces of skin on his face an anus.

    2. what’s the big deal?

      Some of us obviously value our rights more than others. Some of us are unwilling to compromise, or willfully surrender (what remains of) our rights.

  5. This is a very fine web site. I think what Henry is saying, to this FTT site, is give me my due, leave me alone when it comes to short changing my site and my readers, should you do that, I m going to give it right back to you;…
    Well Said Henry…..

  6. It wasn’t a colt45 ‘peacemaker’ that said it, but the real and true Peacemaker:
    “A house divided, (or country), will not stand”. You, who know the enemy inside the gate, better not fall for his deception.

      1. “enemy inside the gates” That is the ones you have to watch out for. Anyone who could ever dare say that a little bit of communism is ok or even worse, say to run to another country is not helping our plight. If the founders would have run we would be under the crown today. I am a Free American and will never abandon my country because of any fear of a fight or for a “easier” life in some shithole country that changes its form of government like its underwear. Anyone that preaches that type of attitude is no Patriot. Stand and fight the PTB or bow down.
        THE END!

  7. Go, Henry, go….excellent article, an important article, and a point well-made.

    I’ve often said that you can tell a Zionist shill more by what he doesn’t say than what he does, because they’re always trying to blend in with and gain credence among those they’re attacking (the subversion of a movement).

    Aside from Rivero’s career history working directly for the enemy, there’s a lot of important information that he’s completely refused to publish until it already became well-known through other avenues, and this has always caused me to be suspicious of his motives. (“gate-keeping”, as it’s called)

    He’s published a lot of articles that I’ve written, but he suppressed the most important of them, and he continues to ignore some of the most relevant ideas of our time, in what seems to me to be an effort to restrict the dissemination of too much truth. His attack against this site is only more proof of his phony allegiance to the truth.

    As I do have an old habit of skimming his site’s headlines everyday, I’ve noticed that the most important articles he linked brought everyone right to this site anyway, and I suspect that might be the reason for his attack.

    I say “screw Rivero”, because he’s no different than Alex Jones, and it’s very important to expose these shills for who they are because they’re in the business of taking people who want to be on our side, and leading them astray, or keeping them in the dark.

    Long-time visitors to Rivero’s site will also remember how he constantly promoted Alex Jones, right up until it became common knowledge that A.J. was a lying shill too, at which point he stopped linking to infowars in an effort to retain his own false credibility.

    The attack he’s now launching against this site is reminiscent of his attack on http://iamthewitness.com/, which like the Trenches, is another site that reveals the whole truth that Rivero works to suppress.

    Either you’re supporting truth, justice, and the American way (like Superman), or you’re not, and Rivero most definitely is NOT. Exposing half of the truth does us no good, because it gives people just enough information to confirm their suspicions about our government’s sinister motives, but never enough information to stage an effective defense against them.

    He gives people some of the information they’re looking for, but never all the information they need.

  8. I just read Miss Rivero’s “article” and comments, and yes, I do mean “Miss”. All I can say is, someone please get that guy a tampon! What a chicken shit little weasel! You can tell that guy just loves getting his lips brown kissing all the ass of his socialist masters. That’s another name to add to the list of free tickets for the deportation barges heading to Somalia!

  9. Let’s all work to make this site better-known, because it’s a site that is genuinely working to save this country, and it’s constitution.

    Forget WRH, because half of the truth is just another lie.

    1. Damned right J.R. Henry does us all a service and, from what I’ve been able to surmise, he’s not living “high off the hog” for his efforts. F@&k Mikey boy, he can go slither back under that rock he slithered out from.

  10. His greatest giveaway to me, his animosity towards my Creator and Savior.
    His religion is that of our enemy, and all the ‘shape-shifting’ and changing into ones
    star and stripes does not make you a patriot.

  11. Right on Henry! like i said a few days ago, meeho riviero is nothing but a gatekeeper. and he is not the only one on rbn radio. his show usually pisses me off in 15 to 20 minutes and i turn it off. my wife usually beats me to the off button!

    1. Mike’s personality does come off as arrogant and narcissistic. I wonder why anyone calls into his show when most assuredly, will be received with a boorish manner and then swept away with the invariable, “we’re gonna have to let you go”.

      That said, his website does contain an excellent cross-section of the most pertinent news, while avoiding “poison the well” shape changing lizard men.

      I value both sites and I respect both Henry and Mike for dedicating their lives to exposing the truth. For this mission, these are two of the best sites around (+zerohedge). I hope you two can brush this off and save the anger for the real enemy.

  12. If I wrote my own articles on my own site or blog I would be honored to see them appear on FTT. Besides doesn’t this mean your work is reaching a larger audience? Someone is crying because his article was probably viewed more times on FTT than his own site. Now he’s whining and complaining in a hopeless attempt to make this into a larger deal than it is. Henry and the rest of FTT readers keep up the great work, everyone else F#@K you!!!!!

        1. Millard,
          As noted at the top of the article this is a repost from August 2013, in response to a repost Rivero put up on What Really Happened today. And of course all the old comments came with it. 🙂

  13. I can see FTT participants are figuring out who the Patriots for Profit are. The Hoolywood turd crowd are good word-smiths, but have no concept of reality. Rivero’s Rangers??? I haven’t seen them in Portland, Seattle or Boise….did see one T-shirt behind the lines.

  14. I’d be mad as Hell if I went to the trouble to write an article to drive traffic to my website and it got hijacked by FTT to drive traffic there. IMHO, it’s common courtesy to post the first few paragraphs and link to the rest.

    1. You go ahead and get mad as hell, Rafael. If somebody doesn’t want their article published on FTT, all they have to do is put “do not republish” at the bottom of the article and I guarantee you will not find it here, as I do not want to publish anyone’s article who isn’t trying to spread the information as fast as possible to save our lives.
      Other than that, if anyone puts anything out to the public as in on the internet, it is open TO PUBLIC SCRUTINY, which means we have every right to bring it to From the Trenches in its complete content for open discussion. And you and the rest of the communists who have set up this little system which equates to just another clique, can shove your courtesy up your ass.

      1. You can hurl as many insults as you wish. The fact is you run ads to fund your site and promote your brand of patriotic agenda. If you publish entire content, you are not allowing the authors to fund THEIR efforts.

        1. You can piss around all want you about the ads on From the Trenches, I live beneath the poverty level. I live in the Trenches.
          On any article I put up for discussion, two links back to the source are provided. Bottom line, the writer gets more hits when I publish the article than when I do not. And like I said, if you do not want your goddamn article republished, just say so.
          I have written over a thousand articles since I started doing this. Many have been republished in their entirety and I am grateful to those who did so. I have had my articles show up with other people’s names on them. I would like to know how someone in this fight has the time to go out there in cyberspace to check on all their articles. I have never attacked another patriot site for republishing my articles. And in the instances where my work was stolen, I do not have the time to even confront them. In the end equation, at least the words are getting out there.
          It is this bullshit that you are spouting that has been harming our cause for too many years now.
          Again, if you do not want your articles republished on From the Trenches, all you have to do is say so….. but then you won’t do that, will you, because then you wouldn’t get read.
          From the Trenches was grown to its current level by participating in the open exchange of information without exception and the fact that we do not allow trolls.
          I know it is killing some of you out there that you cannot mimic From the Trenches to create profit. I’ll throw you a bone. There is one key element you must have right out the gate. It is called balls. But wait, that isn’t going to work for you because you must also be absolutely committed to the service for the Republic and you cannot compromise your core beliefs to climb up the ladder.
          From the Trenches has set a standard wherein any and all shills stick out and shine like a brand new penny and we will not change to the smallest degree to accommodate those out there wanting nothing more than to get “in on the action.” This isn’t a game. From the Trenches is not a business. It is a crusade for the restitution of the people’s Bill of Rights. So why don’t you just go somewhere else, we don’t need you here.

          1. I would also include, that I have never been redirected to an advertisement site on FTT, but if you go to WRH you must shut down JavaScript or you get bounced to all miley riveros advertisement. Thanks for keeping it real Henry..

        2. “…….your brand of patriotic agenda.”

          your BRAND??? WTF???

          Since you claim there is more than one kind of patriotism, PUT UP or SHUT UP.

          Enlighten us, O Wise and All-Knowing Rafael.

          List ALL the different ‘brands’ of patriotism that you know of.

          Otherwise, STFU, as commenters on this site are expected to have at least a modicum of intelligence.

          1. Damn! You beat me to him, Henry.

            Guess that’s what I get for being so slow at typing. lol

        3. Then put “do not re-publish” caveat on the article & don’t publish on the internet. As for the ads, I don’t see FTT promoting a “Patrotic Agenda”. Never knew “Truth” to be an agenda. As for authors funding, write a book or revert to publishing for a subscription site.

          Insulting you isn’t worth the band width.

  15. I found FTT through WRH. I visit both sites regularly. Both provide a valuable service. I’m sorry that you are having a falling out. But what really offended me was FTTs “potty mouth”. That is not quality journalism.

    If I wanted “poo” with truth I can go to Cracked.com. At least they have style. Better than adolescent name calling.

    1. I’m glad I offend you, as it is politically correct sons of bitches like you that have stifled the public debate to the point of gagging.
      On From the Trenches you will find American nationals talking about war, death, and dying, about the soviet socialist invasion into our country, and it will not be sugar-coated to accommodate cowards so that they can continue to mealy mouth as Rome burns.
      In short, go to hell.

        1. “diggerdan” was my best friend. He was a regular poster on this site until his death last year. You coming in using his name is quite disturbing and I implore you to find a different screen name for this site if you would be so kind. Thanks. Millard

          1. Take it easy, Millard. Check the date of the comment. It was made by the one and Only diggerdan. 😉
            Take a look at Henry’s reply to you (today). He beat me to it at explaining that this was a reposting of a story from Aug. 2013 and all the old comments came with it.
            Here it is:
            “Henry Shivley says:
            March 6, 2015 at 11:39 am
            As noted at the top of the article this is a repost from August 2013, in response to a repost Rivero put up on What Really Happened today. And of course all the old comments came with it. 🙂 “

    2. You’ve offended me. I don’t come here for quality journalism; I come here for TRUTH. If TRUTH offends you, Doctor Zues has written some books you’d be interested in. I don’t see FTT as a Constitutional Free zone neither; something you appear to be espousing. Wake up…P/C is DEAD.

    3. Oh no your not comparing FTTWR to cracked.
      The validity of what you just said went right out the window.

      This is what I call “stirring the pot”

      I am not a perfect person, but I guarantee, when you are surrounded by people who take your wealth, harm your family, and break their oath your going to start cussing. How you deal with that is different for each person.

      About a year ago I had some idiot kid have a birthday and hella cars showed up, one blocked the access for our garage, when I went to tell them to move the car because if I touch it I could be arrested, they complained about my cussing, His mom was present, and no children, I said I am sorry for cussing, and I am f#@king sorry I ruined your birthday.. And you know what they shut up about cussing. The KID then stopped them from that dialog. He knew I was real.

  16. The solid frame work of FTTWR brings the sense of unity like I never experienced at any other site. In these dark times where uncertainty lingers around every corner I come here to find the truth. The comments bring different views and perspectives on the subjects which allow everyone to see things with a different light.
    The realistic push for true freedom is definitely found here. WRH cant even be compared to what is offered here. This is a whole new level of media. Its taught me a great deal about many things, helping make me the better patriot.
    I’ll be a Trencher for life.

  17. There is no more truthful site out there than FTT, imo, which is why I no longer post on other sites, except for an occasional comment on BIN, (and usually then only to slam a troll for an exceptionally stupid comment). I used to visit WRH about 4 – 5 years ago, (before FTT was even around, I believe), but I was still waking up at that time, and not even aware of the Zionist agenda yet.

    I’ve never read any articles Rivero’s written, so I can’t honestly comment on his politics or his ‘agenda’. But this I know. If he is attacking FTT for ANY reason, I can only conclude that he’s part of the problem, and not part of the solution. These are not the actions of a TRUE patriot, which relegates him to the status of either a paid Zionist/so-called ‘government’ shill, a la AJ, controlled opposition (basically the same thing), a COMMMUNIST, or an out and out LIAR. Naturally, he could conceivably qualify for more than one of these categories, quite possibly all of them.

    Bottom line? If you’re not WITH us, you’re AGAINST us, and will be treated and dealt with accordingly.

    By his actions and his own words, he has exposed himself as a POS TRAITOR, imo, and will be considered as such by myself, henceforth.

    Keep up the outstanding work, Henry, we’re all behind you 1000%.
    Your friend, always, # 1 NWO Hatr.

    1. Well said #1. Like I have also thought was that WRH should be congradgulating Henry and FTTWR for being a good solid honest truthful site.

  18. Rivero has been pretty good about posting articles I send him, even reading them on the air occasionally. I also never would even have heard of FTT were it not for WRH. Infighting is the last thing anybody in this sphere of broadcasting needs. I personally don’t care what anybody’s political, religious, or ethnic persuasion is as long as they name the Jew. Rivero is getting bolder about that every day from what I can see, therefore I will continue to support him.

    Don’t you think somebody raised their entire lives in the Jew MSM bubble would come into FTT and just get scared shyteless? That’s ultimately ineffective- they have to be treated just like somebody recovering from a cult, bit by bit. Rivero is more diplomatic and easier to take for newbies who are just starting to grasp the huge scope what’s going on- and that’s a good thing. Coming straight to FTT would make them curl up in a corner in the fetal position on complete brain freeze. You two guys should definitely cease fire.

    1. “Infighting is the last thing anybody in this sphere of broadcasting needs.”
      “You two guys should definitely cease fire.”

      If you honestly believe that, then this comment is obviously on the wrong site.

      Rivero fired the first round, so………. what???
      Would we expect Henry to just sit there and take it?

      HELL NO!!!

  19. Like many here at FTT I came over from WRH too. I used to watch Mike religeously for about a year. He is a flip flopper – say one thing one week and another thing a week or two later. Plus his attitude stinks. He is nothing even close to FTTWR. Yes Henry, FTTWR easily beats out the others by far………. If Mike Rivero was a good and decent guy he would be congragulating you Henry instead of trying to start sh*t here……….. Great article as always Henry, keep up the great work. 🙂

    1. I agree Digger in that we all need to work together in this fight for Freedom. The powers that “shouldn’t” be are very good at dividing us and we don’t need any help with that from those who pat themselves on the back. They live here too and there is no division as far as I can see. We need all the able bodies we can get in this push back to keep ourselves and the coming generations Free from those who would suppress, oppress and enslave us.

      I would just ask Michael to look into his heart and ask himself which paradigm he really cares to live in.

      . . .

  20. I stand with you Henry. I have actually searched articles I know for certain were posted on FTT just to see where they fall in the search and more times than not, they ranked #1 in the search. So no on can tell me FTT isn’t having an affect in bringing forth the truth.

    Also, yes, Henry you are correct in that one can take any newspaper to a group of people and share a particular article they’ve read. It’s the same as saying, “look you guys! Look at this article I read by (author). Here it says ….”

    So there is no difference in that and posting here on FTT as long as the source is quoted. I’ve worked in the newspaper business all my working life, and yes, what Henry is doing is just fine. His website creates no harm.

    There is a big difference between being a script writer and the owner of researched and authored, copyrighted material. And Henry and Laura definitely know the difference. They are very good at reminding me about any article I may wish to share that is copyrighted that I may have missed. I get a courtesy notice telling me so and they then refuse to post the content. I appreciate that backup safety feature. It keeps ALL of us here at FTT out of hot water.

    Keep up the good work Laura and Henry … FTT is making a difference.
    . . .

  21. Obviously the copyright troll has never heard of Federal Law.I run this on everything I post:
    “In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107,material here is distributed without profit for research and educational purposes. ”
    It is also permissible to put a parody caption on a photo you didn’t take AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT CLAIMING OWNERSHIP OR MAKING MONEY AND I ALWAYS CREDIT MY SOURCE AND PROVIDE A LINK WHEN I CAN.
    Sounds like a typical brat yuppie scumbag to me….
    Have fun…

  22. Add me to the list, I FOUND you via WRH, I can’t believe COPYRIGHT is the tool being used to destroy. Just yesterday I posted shots of my garden, to try to kind of electronically let you know, I’m with ya, and now today I am hearing this crap.

    I was always under the impression, since DAY ONE, that you bring all forms of information in. I do it here, I quote Ticker-Guy, and several others all the time…I don’t see Karl raising hell. I pray that Mike sends forth a de-taunt, can’t ya all SHARE articles? It’s in BOTH of your interest, and everyone else out here flipping in the wind, so if we nuke WRH as a source, what then, Blacklisted news? Truth is I found WRH from BlacklistedNews posts, and FTTWR from WRH posts. Blacklisted news you have to really discern, the channeled people, from the reality in the field. WRH filtered most that crap out. FTTWR doesn’t have that crap at all. There’s a big difference between space alien bloodtype Blagh vs ChemTrails (redefined recently as SAG/SRM ops) which are a real threat, actually harming people out there.

    Please Mike at WRH, dis-arm this nonsense. Do the right thing, I especially liked recently how Feinstein has been exposed the DUAL-US/Israeli citizen.

    I beg you both to not nuke each other. (this is a message for Mike equally as for Henry) The people out here LOVE YOU BOTH… Please, figure out a treaty. Or just behave like neighbors. Neither of you need to dial 911. Copyright attack is very similar to dialling 911. Nothing Good can come from it cause the COPS who are conjured to appear (from such incoming complaint) are retards who break their oaths at every step and choreograph things into domestic terrorism.

    Or maybe common sense is out the door and it’s all over?

    1. Add to that … I’ve even caught AJ picking up FTT articles and reposting. We gotta stick together here.

      . . .

      1. I have to admit, I am hoping for the best here. But, when it gets right down to it the first shot was a COPYRIGHT shot. And I am going to ultimately defend those who received the first shot of BS..

        While I am with you in sticking together, it may be that this is impossible.

  23. Yeah, I’m kinda surprised at what Rivero did as well. You know, when he allows membership to post stuff he should expect members with blogs will want to post their own stuff, even if it was written by someone else and appeared on their blog (in fact folks with blogs are likely nearly all the members!) I have a blog as well and I posted two things on there…however, one of the posts disappeared a day later…Glad I bookmarked FTTWR…don’t need WRH to get these articles.

  24. Whatever the divergence in principles, the character and personality differences, the perceived virtues and dishonors, know this, before traveling any further down this road…

    ‘When two men fight over a coin, THE JEW GETS IT!’

      1. I’m fully aware that this is not about an actual coin as I believe you are not so unintelligent to have missed the metaphor in the proverb and can extrapolate the wisdom contained therein for your benefit.

  25. I remember R. Reagan saying something to the effect …
    He didn’t care who got the credit, as long as the job was
    performed correctly.
    When it comes to those who’re worried about copyrights.
    It seems to me they’re more worried about themselves.
    Than the issues at hand.
    What does the MSM do ? They focus on the non issues.
    Totally ignoring the items that matter and that are important.
    “Trenches” has always put the issues of importance first
    and in the fore ground. As they should be.
    Even the congress and other agencies fight over topics
    such as queers feelings and totally stupid agendas.
    But no, they can’t conduct the business of solving problems.
    “Trenches” conducts the business of problem solving by
    bringing the topics of importance up front and discussing them.
    I am grateful to Henry for the opportunity to participate in these
    historic times.
    I am Proud to be a “Trencher”

  26. The best thing about WRH is that I found FTT, and the radio show!!!! You the man, Henry!! No God hating commies here.

  27. I found the FTT through a story posted through the patriotresistance.com site and showing my computer stupidy only heard of WRH today.Truth is truth and that is why i come here, as painful as the truth is to some people it’s still the truth and we always get it here.Keep up the good work Henry it must be a thorn in the side of the MSM or these kind of altercations wouldn’t arise.Oh and your dog is back.

    1. That damn dog is mighty fussy about the cigs he smokes. Henry was only giving him the cheap crap! He stopped by here and didn’t like my Pall Mall’s either. Rotten ingrate!! They were free.

      1. That’s the lay of the land here in the Trenches. We manufacture our own cigarettes.
        One of these days that dog is going to push me too far.

    1. Great, the son of a bitch is probably on his way back to rhumstruck’s now to grab some Pall Malls. Maybe he will come on back home with them and I can smoke a decent cigarette for a change.

        1. Bentspear, or anyone else, could you recommend a loose tobacco that is comparable in taste to original Bugler, Turkish and blended cig. tobacco from the website you posted? Paying over 5.00 for a .65oz pkg., would like to stretch the dollars.

          1. I buy bulk & blend my own for starters. Purchase smallest amts & make your choice. Kentucky Select Turk Black is said, by a friend, to come close to Bugler.

            I apologize for diverting from topic.

          2. Bentspear, appreciate the suggestion, and I’m glad you veered from the topic cuz I learned of a website.

  28. in regards to test pilot dummy and “his treaties”

    screw that!
    Henry can say what he must…and has to say………………regarding this fine site………and thats how the ball bounces………
    sometimes it comes right back on you doesn’t it WRH!
    when this moron on WRH shuts up………..
    Henry will shut up…….I’d bet and not until!

    just as it should be. One can not allow themselves to be trampled. Its get up and give um hell harry……..Damn Right…

    Same with all of us and this federal gov….thing, that has been going on for decades…….its time for us to get up and give um hell……….

    1. THANK YOU.
      i am actually with you. But please I beg that you don’t cut me down. If you keep CUTTING ME DOWN how can I support you?

  29. Gonna be an interesting show today???????
    I emailed an article to Henry last week, he replied with the following, “I cannot repost this one, it has an explicit copyright at the bottom.” So river0 is full of shit.
    Someone who flip flops around as much a river0 does is either in it for money or has an agenda. There are alot of sites out there that are there just for disinformation.(bought and paid for by the USgov.) There is an old saying, “if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it might just be a disinformation communist f-ing duck.

  30. The more comments I read the more it seems like Mr. Rivero is afraid of legit competition. If so, that’s really too bad. I thought he was better than that.

  31. Michel Rivero is a Sephardic jew by the way.
    He always calls them “money junkies” or
    “zionists” sometimes. But he doesn’t name
    the jew. Just remember “If they don’t name the
    message isn’t true.”

  32. BOTTOM LINE is these f#@kwads broke their oath of office. They held their oath breaking hands up and said in the noise of the US vs world politics, that they don’t give jack shit about us.

    THere is where you are going to PAY WITH YOUR F#@KING OATH BREAKING LIFE

    Did I mention the word F#@K ENOUGH for these retards with their barmidydsvas

  33. This is not good.

    This fight will have one loser:the people who have been woken up by both sites.

    Now you are calling people calling for reconciliation “sons of bitches”.

    Let it rest for a while,think it over,exchange e-mails,make up,don’t publish the inns and outs,and let’s get on with the real fight,like real man.

    the only thing this fight is causing is a hard-on for the Cabal,self inflicted divide and rule.

    Very saddening and worrying.

  34. I am getting sick of everyone, but mikey is the worst. I have a dozen emails I sent him with documentation that his thoughts were on the wrong path. Time is a truth teller, and I have been correct 100% of the time and he has been WRONG 100% of the time..Then he pats himself on the back because he was right about the economy getting worse…DUH mikey!!.why dont you pat yourself on the back by fortune telling us its gonna rain in Oregon this winter….He also was a MAJOR supporter of Obama in 2008…Look up his archives, he not only supported obama, he sucked his weenee…and he denies chemtrails, calling us names and psychos, even tho the evidence is clear…Mike is NOT on the same side as FTT, he is a faggot idiot from hell..I quit talking about him because his audience is small, lucky to get 10,000 visits. I even quit my subscrition with RBN, and I told John Staedmiller why, its because I will not subscribe to RBN if mikey is part of it.
    I am glad Henry finally figured out that mikey is a fraud…It goes much deeper, why is he telling good hard working people to move to another country? What country? they all have central banks..Good people should stay here and fight..thanks mike, get all the good people out of the country and let you faggots take over…ya f#@k mike, you will be brought down.l..I am again going to RBN and let them know that I will bring them down to if they dont get rid of the atheist bastard fat f#@k…. thanks henry…sorry for being so angry here, but I lost my daughter about a month ago, my 17 year old baby is dead….and I dont give a shit anymore about anything. f#@k u mike rivero. f#@k you f#@k you. And AJ? at least he gives info that no one else gives, yes hes a d#@khead too, but at least he gives some good info. Seems the world is going crazy, everyone killing themselves, overdosing on heroin, in prison etc. You know what? you, yes YOU, f#@k all this stuff, keep healthy, find some spirituality in your life, grow some food if ya can, practice you firearms etc. NO, we probably cant beat them with firepower, but we can go out in glory instead of going out like a slave…f#@k it all..

    1. Henry Weinhard-I understand your loss, and have total empathy with you. We lost our only son at the age of 34 in a drowning accident here in Missouri on July 4, 2002. To lose a child is like NO OTHER pain on earth. And so my heart goes out to you, and I totally understand your anger at life in general. I have dedicated what time I have left here on earth to the fight to restore our REPUBLIC in part to give me something to keep me going. He left behind 2 sons, and I also fight for their future, if they are to have any. Please know that all though I do not know you, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    2. So sorry to of the death of your daughter, what an unimaginable burden added to these times that are trying men’s souls.
      You say we probably won’t win. I say, not only will we win, but we will do so overwhelmingly. Hard as it might be, do not let the enemy bring you down into apathy. We outnumber our enemies thousands to one but we all have to step up to fight to get this thing over with fast so that we can go back to living once again.
      Keep the faith, brother.

  35. Henry, I’ve been reading your site for a year now – I, like many others, found it from WRH – usually, I’d never even think of corresponding into rift such as this – and I’m pretty sure no one has asked for my advice – BUT, if someone (either you, or Mike) had, I’d have advised them: “read what you’ve written, in light of a future reader’s opinion”, BEFORE hitting that “Send” button. The issues here may be more important, your personal effect greater, and your audience larger, than would (or should) be discerned through some of those pejorative quips contained therein.
    On the positive side: The greatest compliment I can give you, is that: you remind me of Richard Quigley, friend of mine, Patriot, outspoken Freedom Fighter, RIP 1943-2007

  36. You know something, only in times such as these would a ignorant self centered POS call out something as petty as copyright issues. Why even pretend that your fighting for the cause when your real concerns are something that is so trivial that it matters for you to cry about it? Grab a tissue, cause this site isn’t for the faint hearted.
    Another troll sellout joining the parade that we are so against. What a loser for trying to divide any patriot when the greater fight is just over the horizon. Suck it up and get a f-ing grip.

    Stay focused Henry, obviously he seems threatened by what your about. Keep fighting the good fight!

  37. As I understand the situation, Rivero was threatened with a copyright infringement suit which he wasn’t guilty of but for some reason, instead of standing up to the copyright maggots and telling them to take a long step off a tall cliff he got scared, peed in his pants a little and chose to chastise Henry and try to tell him how to run his website.
    Now I’m fairly new here but from what I’ve read and seen on this site…nobody is going to tell Henry how to run his own website. If Henry allowed someone else to dictate to him how he should run his site…it wouldn’t be his site anymore.
    I like Rivero’s site because it links to a lot of other sites which is how I found From the Trenches which I really like. But Rivero should have backed Henry and stood firm and resolute. Now, Rivero has to do a ballcheck and figure out that his balls fell off and probably rolled into a volcano somewhere.
    Keep up the great work Henry. I enjoy visiting your site and reading the articles posted here and reading comments to see what others think and feel about retaking our Republic.

  38. Dammit Henry, I go to work for one day and miss out on all the fun. I can see you and the gang didn’t need my input to rip that weasly Mike Rivero a new one. I’m proud to be with you brother.

  39. I found FTT via wrh. It seemed that my favorite articles linked to FTT. I since have reduced my wrh visits to once a week unless it be a slow news day and only then i get to wrh and that rense thing.

    I spent a year ish only reading and not commenting. Then, after getting to “know” the regulars on here like paraclete and #1, cathleen, and digger(sorry to leave out so many greats) I felt that I had a home where people are smart and dont attack others for not knowing.

    I love that this article has brought some names I havnt seen in a while out of the wood work but I am shocked at the sheer number of names I have never seen. It sucks that it has p!ssed off Henry and others.

    I can count on one finger, or less, the number of times that I did not agree with you Henry. A REAL voice of truth in a game of fools.

    Within seconds of doing math in my head, the link to wrh will be “lost” from my nsa spy box. Maybe “tossed” would have a truer meaning. Not a loss for it would seem that half of the articles on that site I already have read by coming to my first and last site of the day.

    FTTWR and I share a very robust commonality. We shall both survive long past our legality.

    Keep up doing world class work Henry and company, for you are loved.

    PS 9+10 what a great idiot filter!

  40. I just wanted to voice my support & let you know that this is one of my favorite news sites. There’s a good vibe here; good people. Keep doing what you do and don’t let others get to you.

  41. This clown talks out both sides of his face. He has also posted articles that were self written by myself and other authors here, not just other people’s work outside of the site.

    Mike , you have posted over 50 to 60 of my self written articles on your site! Why are you shitting on us now? Some of those articles garnered thousands of hits, Jesus man, talking about stabbing Henry and his people in the back………..

    What the hell are you afraid of? You live on the beach in Hawaii in a goddamn fantasy land, come back to the mainland and fight the good fight, you might even save a couple bucks.

    1. Although you have written many more articles than I have you are 1000% right Mark. Rivero has done the same with mine. Between you, me, Henry and all the others that write for FTTWR we have a juicy class action lawsuit against the fat boy.
      Maybe by hauling Fat Jewcy to court we could put the fear of God into the jewish athiest. 🙂

      (Coming from the man that hates courts and lawyers more than the Puppet-in-Chief, thats saying something!)

      1. The articles did go to What Really Happened as we placed them there, and even if we had not, we have always encouraged others to take any of our work and spread it as far as possible. Hopefully they give us credit and they are supposed to, as we do.
        The bottom line is is that we are at war and anyone who hampers our effort in the smallest way is lending aid to our enemy.

        1. I re-read my comment. It didn’t have the right tone for the sarcasm intended to show through. Sorry bout that.

        2. I agree Henry. If I wanted notoriety or money for my work I would charge for it. 90% of my writing is instantly released into the public domain, I don’t care how it gets out there, so long as the information is disseminated far and wide!
          As for the possibility of plagiarism, big deal! I consider it the highest form of compliment that someone copies my work.
          If I copywrite something I use the simple method Vincent Fournier(Alice Cooper) taught me years ago! Vinnie has won several lawsuits using this method over the years. I date the document then mail it registered mail to myself. When it arrives it goes into a file cabinet UNOPENED. The courts recognize the USPS as a govt agency and as long as the envelope is unopened it serves as a poor mans copywrite.
          However, nothing submitted to FTTWR has even that, just Henry’s copywrite notice at the bottom of the page. So, in effect, everything I have written here has been “bequeathed” to Henry to do as he pleases with it.

  42. Wow,.I go fishing for a cpl days and a battle starts.

    I admit I do on occasion visit WRH….Hey even a broken clock is right twice a day.
    I like many here found Henry’s site thru WRH. I Have been coming here almost a year now and in that time Learned more and more truth about the Patriot movement and who our enemies are,..both within the movement and outside it.

    Christ taught us that ones enemies were in his own household, and that they were Wolves in Sheep clothing….speaking things to “tickle the ear” with damnable lies and heresies. And yes I know that this is not an incident over religion or Faith,…..however Truth is Truth anywhere its applied.
    I dont always agree with every comment thats made here,..I dont always agree with each word Henry speaks. No two people can or will agree 100% of the time on all topics…thats human nature, we are all different and all walk on different paths moving up the mountain so to speak .
    We must all be in One accord…the goal,..the finish line and how we get there is legion . Opinions are like Poop shoots…we all got one and they need to be aired to form a consensus ….thats how a Republic of the People works ….not “rule” by the masses as a democracy.
    When we attack our fellow workers in the field for their opinions or ways of doing things…we better check to see if we have a “splinter” in our own eyes before we proceed.

    I dont know enough about copy write laws to have an opinion on who is right and who is not. But I do know when somebody flip flops back and forth on important issues like riverO or even A.J. ……and then attacks those who “stay the course”, then they have outed their own self as that wolf.

    To sum it up in plain english…….I trust M.R. as much as I would trust a busted rubber in a New Orleans “ho” house.

      1. Ha! Diggerdan always got the last word. We used to argue a bit. RIP Dan. Rivero lead me ftt. I had to stop reading WRH…too liberal for me, kind of in the same way Brad Paisley is liberal.

  43. If you are still taking comments, I agree 100% with Henry, and I think mike rivero is one of the worst webmasters out there…His information has been so inaccurate that I dont even view his website anymore. I could write a two page list of my complaints with proof from past emails. If you professionally disagree with him he hangs up on you…If you say something he doesnt like on his comment section he bans you, even tho your information ends up correct.
    I could write a book…I stick with Henry and FTT, mike is a big baby who gives too much disinfo. And anyone to put down those who bring up chemtrails is a traitor in my book. This is not infighting, because mike is not “in” the true fight…

  44. I agree with Henry 100%. Your site is fantastic and articles beautifully written. Why compromise and you should be angry. Keep up the good work and I hope many more patriots like yourselves will show up and defend this country as they should. When someone tries to smear you, it seems logical to me that you would defend your position. It’s crazy how people perceive it as an attack.. Stand your ground, it makes all of us stronger.

    1. Hard to believe, isn’t it? I was in TX at the time (my Mother had passed away). I had no internet at the house and missed the whole thing. Can’t believe that it has been almost 2 years…

  45. Rivero has a website that posts good news stories. But – for the love of all that is holy – please stop quoting YOURSELF at the top of your web page, and PLEASE stop trying to sell us your wife´s stupid harp music. Just shut up and post good news stories. Oh yea – and quit trying to coat-tail and weasel your way into any type of job in the movie/production industry. It just looks sad, name dropping, and begging. Hope you read this Mike. Oh – and copyrights are complete shit. Not that anyone would steal your wife´s “music” anyway.

  46. Henry is 100% a true Patriot that knows that you can never give up an inch of ground to these commie bastards! We will have the fight for our lives soon. Anyone with a shred of commonsense can see it clearly. Thank you so much Henry!!

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