From Karen Silkwood to Michael Hastings, something is wrong

Image courtesy Canada Free PressNortheast Intelligence Network – by Douglas J. Hagmann

Just a few short years ago, I would have likely considered the death of Rolling Stone Reporter Michael Hastings an “open and shut” tragedy after a cursory review of the open source evidence associated with this event. Based on a number of things I’ve recently seen and certain information which I’ve been given over the last few years, I have my doubts. Serious doubts. Legitimate doubts.  

Offering my background is to simply provide you with a frame of reference regarding how and why I am going on record to say that I suspect that there is something very wrong taking place in America, and it is not new. It is, however, becoming more refined and deadly, and perhaps even more common than any of us can comprehend or might be willing to accept. After all, it’s extremely uncomfortable for us to believe that there is an unseen darkness or a hidden hand that exists in our world as we personally know it.I am not writing out of lack of experience and exposure to such events, as I’ve spent the last 28 years of my life as a career investigator. In the mid-to-late 1970′s, I spent several years as a “first responder,” long before that descriptive phrase was ever used. In many ways, my transition from responding to tragedies of all kinds to the investigation of such events was a natural evolution, and set the stage for my current overlapping roles as an investigative journalist and a talk show host with the only goal of identifying truth and exposing lies, wherever the journey might lead.

We all have enough drama in our own lives to keep us busy, so why should we seek out more? We are busy today putting food on our tables, working multiple jobs to keep a roof over our heads, and are dog-tired from dealing with the stress in our own lives just to survive. Or perhaps those stresses are behind you, and you are merely trying to enjoy your life in retirement. So why would any reasonably sane person, at whatever station they find themselves in their lives, go looking for conspiracies where none might exist? Why would we subject ourselves to the mocking and marginalization that comes with questioning the official accounts of various incidents?

The answer, I submit, is that many of us are inherently moral and just who resent lie after lie served to us by those we have elected to represent us. We expect and deserve the truth as citizens. We are not the subjects of royalty, despite the acceptance by some to be treated as such. We care about the condition of our country and the world we are leaving to our offspring, and would not sleep well knowing that we’ve done nothing to protect our children and grandchildren.

The very institution that had once forced transparency in our government, the media formerly populated by persistently inquisitive journalists has been infiltrated, compromised and is now acting as an agent of out-of-control leaders who have given themselves the power to terminate, at will and without due process, anyone they deem a threat to the safety and security of our nation. To many, that sounded reassuring while the embers of what once were the World Trade Center towers were still glowing white hot. Unspeakable carnage, we were told, caused by a nebulous foreign enemy with designs to keep attacking us into oblivion. Our rational thought was overcome by our emotional outrage, and those we placed in power exploited our grief and our concern to the point we find ourselves today.

So much has happened since then that it is difficult to recognize what we have done and allowed to be done to ourselves and our nation. Yet, there have been a number of hard-core, no nonsense, truth-seeking journalists who have seen through the fog of deception and dared to take on the people and institutions who are actively pursuing an agenda that is antithetical to everything we hold dear. The tyranny that has been forming for decades regard such truth-seeker as troublesome and uncultivated wildflowers that have taken root in an otherwise pristine lawn. The more aggressive the and uncultivated the wildflower, the more troublesome they become to the illusion of a well-planned landscape that serves as nothing more than eye candy to an ever-growing controlled populace. It is only reasonable that they should be cut down, uprooted and destroyed.

Could this be what we might be witnessing to the truth-seekers who dare take on the powers of the royalty who are in power? From the strange car “accident” that took the life of whistleblower Karen Silkwood in 1974 to the Michael Hastings wreck of 2013 and countless other conveniently coincidental deaths in between, could we be witnessing the deliberate purging of those who are desperately seeking the truth?

The fate of our nation, the world, and our offspring depends upon us to be asking questions and demanding answers. I ask that you look in the mirror and decide whether you can accept every official narrative you are being spoon fed by the powerbrokers and the elitists. The next time you see an errant wildflower pop up in an expanse of a finely trimmed lawn, think about those who have tried to warn us of the tyranny that is taking us over from within.

If we don’t unite and demand accountability despite the deliberate disparagement, marginalization and vilification as conspiracy theorists or tilting at windmills, then who will?

7 thoughts on “From Karen Silkwood to Michael Hastings, something is wrong

  1. The only thing any logical thinking person can expect any more from the traitors that have taken over the country and the owned media is more lies and deception. This country has been being lied to about every thing for many election cycles ,elections being an exercise in futility in its self.Several president have tried to warn us about the absolute out of control war machine and corrupt leaders that have taken over.Only a fool can think that this is a country for the people by the people any more.And now for the bad news,its going to get one hell of a lot worse very soon. Anyone that thinks that the corrupt courts or the rigged elections are going to turn this around should consider that the kool aid is tainted!

  2. No one calls me a “conspiracy theorist” anymore. They ask me what’s going to happen next.

    1. I have noticed that tendency….a lot of people are shaping themselves tin-foil hats these days…eh?


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  3. Look here
    Katherine Smith’s case was one of the many cases, which was never really disclosed to the US Nation, however she was connected with the early September 11th attack investigation of the FBI. In February 2002, some news papers reported, that Smith, who had been charged “in a scheme with five men to sell fraudulent licenses…died in a fiery car crash the day before her first court appearance, a crash the prosecutor called “most unusual and suspicious” Source:

    Katherine Smith sold IDs to five of the hijackers(1) was “smothered with gasoline and “firebombed” in her car one day before she was scheduled to testify. Source: Kansas City Star, 02/16/02

    FBI agent J. Suzanne Nash said authorities were trying to determine what caused the car to burn. The gas tank did not explode and the car was only slightly dented from the crash. “Her death was not the result of the crash itself,” said THP Capt. Jimmy Erwin. “Her death was by other means.” (March 6th 2002) Source :,1426,MCA_437_1016243,00.html

      1. That’s my question as well.

        From all which I’ve been able to glean from the ‘official records,’ nobody actually died in any of those flights, simply because no bodies were ever found.

        Now, with the WTC north and south towers, there would have been a valid reason for ‘no bodies found,’ inasmuch as there wasn’t much of anything at all left what with all the explosives used in that demolition.

        But not so at the Pentagon, nor in Shanksville.
        And who is Todd Beamer? Did he actually exist? Did anyone actually know him?

        And why did he remark to his mother over the cell phone (which wasn’t able to make contact with a ground station at altitude) “Hi, Mom. This is Todd Beamer. You believe me, don’t you?”

        What mother’s son would ever ask such a question?

        1. My firm belief is that those ‘planes’ that flew into the towers were nothing more than holograms.

          Hence, no ‘hijackers’ were actually there.

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