18 thoughts on “From the Mountain, Good Morning, Trenchers

  1. Good Morning Henry & Laura!! Thank you for sharing this lovely photo! You and your family really live in a beautiful state. I love seeing these beautiful pictures.

  2. Just BEAUTIFUL Bro … Thankssssss;~)))

    NOW, get your butt back home and back to work … you’ve been Slackin Off long enough; Haaaaaaaaaaaaa;~)))

    I pray it all worked out GOOD for ya!

  3. haha Henry on above on what pic looking at . 🙂 What a beautiful picture!!! Ive never been to Ore, thank you for sharing photo, you guys have a great day!

  4. Morning Henry and Laura! What a lovely picture, thanks for sharing. There’s just one thing missing… lines in the sky! I call shenanigans! J/K. 🙂 at least you get to breathe today without choking. Have a great day!

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